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1 Leaving Fire Behind [Open - No Kill] on Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:24 pm

Uzumaki Tenma


Countless days had passed since the last rain presented itself upon these lands, and this simple fact worked like a double-edge blade, it was a rather good weather to travel, although, an ungodly heat was going to pile up for the next couple of days. Nothing happened during these past days to hinder the journey of Uzumaki Tenma towards the Land of Lightning, and the supplies which were brought for this particular road were still more than enough to last for a couple of days. The image of what appeared to resemble a small village was now within sight, and with that hope beneath those eyes, the young woman began increasing up the pace towards it. The lavishing noise of music and people echoed from afar, and with each step that was taken the background noise became more and more clearer towards those ears, assaulting them with their musicality. Everything about this place screamed divine, and the closer she got to it, the more exciting this young woman turned out to become; perhaps, she was going to spend more time here than she had intended to.

The celestial sun had chose to forsaken those beneath by gifting them the cruel gift of an almost unbearable heat, and the clouds were nowhere in sight to at least hide the presence of a few radiating lights. Most of those who stood beneath its cruel gift were desperately walking down the streets to hide themselves beneath the shadows of a building or tree, and unfortunately, there were a few who had to work on this particular day; unfortunate were the souls had to suffer throughout this heat. Nonetheless, from a long day of traveling this poor and young woman had managed to find this place in which she could rest, and this village named Mountain Ikkyu was the first one upon which Tenma stumbled. Mostly by accident, since she did not possess a map with the geographical contents of this particular nation, and probably, this was the most appropriate time to search for one.

With the use of those fragile and female fingers, Uzumaki Tenma managed to hoist that scarf which was coiled around her neck like a vicious snake that stranglers upon its prey, just so that those pink and luscious lips of hers were no longer in sight. That scarf was bought from a local shop in the Land of Fire, at a relatively low cost since it wasn’t anything special, and the color which dominated it was a pale shade of blue. In the back of her head lurked that haunting thought of being recognized by those around kept lurking like a shadow, and because of this, the young lady developed a tick which ended up being represented by an extremely cautious behavior; perhaps, some of the eyes who passed by her might consider this wandering female a bit too weird, or that she might have something to hide. Most likely, no one would know a person such as her who was forbidden to interact with others; however, one could not be too careful, especially this young woman.

The Chūnin Selection Exams had just begun, and describing the agitation that was present here on daily basis would be too hard with just simple words, since basically, people from all around the country and from abroad chose to come towards this well-known event. Some were probably interested in participating within the exams, while the others were just here to watch how the events were going to unfold. Luckily, the streets were crowded enough that so that Tenma might ease up that stress for a bit, and with a couple of cat-like footsteps that dazzling figure was brought against what appeared to be a stand with normal and cosmetically fans. It was an outdoor shop and the prices did not seem that high, and least that was the impression which arose after taking a small glance towards it; hopefully, they were cheap enough for her to afford them, since money were quite an issue for this person.

On a gentle and almost quivering tone, Tenma inquired the old man who stood beneath the counter “Uhm... how much for that one?” whilst pointing out with the index finger towards it. The old man reached for that small and crimson object which had a dragon imprinted on that canvas, a black and godly reptile that was surrounded by towering peaks which almost reached and pierced the clouds  that stood above. “Fifty ryō, and it is going to be yours, young lady.” a rugged voice echoed from the old man which reached out to bring that fan beneath those lavender eyes. An innocent smile arose beneath the scarf, one which remained unknown for this particular merchant by one that displayed the pleasing thoughts of acquiring such a fan. With little thoughts given, the Uzumaki reached inside her pocket to take out the only few coins which she had; more than half were placed down against the counter, in exchange for that fan.

A pair of short and white pants could be seen below the edge of that thin waist, pants that were short enough to reveal those soft and round thighs. On the upper side of the body, there was a long sleeve and formal shirt which kept that chest hidden, and only revealed a slight portion of the collarbone since the upper part had an emerald necklace was hanging from that thin neck. Having all of those female curves hidden underneath thick clothing, Tenma did not dragged too much attention when she decided to lean upon a nearby bench that was lashed against a restaurant. The journey to here was exhausting and because of that reason alone, Uzumaki Tenma decided to enjoy the breeze which blew from a nearby draft, while flapping that fan furiously around to keep herself cool. With that very light shade of pink as her hair, the young woman could easily be mistaken for cotton candy by a youngling if one were to pass by, a friendly presence nonetheless.

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