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1 at the shop (Wip mission) on Tue Aug 11, 2015 6:38 am



Kiksu looked down at his bench, there was random parts all over it, there was a wooden torso and limbs, he shook his head as he thought of what to do with them, he wanted a new puppet, he wanted something brand new, not the regular design, he wanted a new type of puppet for himself, the parts on the table just wouldnt do, not at all , these were normal wooden limbs and pieces, they were the ones that he would make his normal puppets out of, the ones that were in the shop window or in the parlor, he didnt want a run of the mill copy puppet like crow or ant, or his other many template brand of puppets, wooden just wouldnt do.

Kikisu decided, he emptied his table and put the limbs and torso back into their proper bins, he walked over to his casting table, and started making a mold, he cut half a torso out of Styrofoam, and a single long arm, he then took them over to his heated plastic, he covered the Styrofoam mold in the warm wax plasitc, and watched as it dried, he spryaed a mixture that prevented heat to be absorbed into the plastic, it only lasted an hour so he had to get going, he ran over to his forge and grabbed a few large silvery ingots, he then ran to teh secondary forge and filled it with hematite, a large set of black stones that melted at an incredible heat, but not an impossible one. after he filled his two forges with the ores he wanted he waited the proper amount of time, once they were in there hot liquid forms Kikisu put on a large leather apron and leather gloves, he went to the platinum metal, now looking a lot like mercury , he lifted it and brought it to its new casing , as well as the casing of a large 4 foot blade, pouring the hot metal into the casings, feeling the heat on his face, he finished and walked over and put the bucket down into the forge, quickly grabbing the hematite liquid, it was a much hotter temperate, it wasnt truly a liquid it was thick like overcooked gravy, but it would work perfectly, there was no way he was getting it anymore thin. 
he then brought the black liquid to two castings, he poured it into the arm casings, and then poured it into the complex face mold, it was recall 15 molds that fit together into a face, he replaced the pot and went to his weapon storage, he walked to the back of the room and found his high price items, he grabbed a bottle of his own mixture of sulfuric acid, a green bottle labeled with a skull, he threw it into his pouch and grabbed a one foot long segmented handle, throwing it into his belt he continued down, finding some tubes and a sprayer, he then found his launcher, a basic launcher that has been upgraded with a funnel system, causing the air to speed up in the small part of the funnel, shooting its projectiles with intense speed, what it shot was going to be brand new.

Kikisu grabbed two long syringes, and two metal tubes, he filed air holes into the sides of the tubes, he then made a handsign, sealing away a large quantity of air into the hole inside the tube near the needle, he then fletched the darts and sharpened the tips, knowing that they looked basic, but on contact the simple air seal on that dart would cause intense pain and damage, he smiled to himself, he finished and shined them as he walked over to his cooling metals.

He put the thick leather gloves back on and grabbed the still slightly hot blade, dipping it in his cold oil, cooling it and giving it a hard edge,  he put it back into the heat of the forge and cooled it 5 more time, hardening the edges of this blade. He brought the blade to his wheel and sharpened it so that someone could shave with it, after he polished the blade it was mirror like, the metal was so shiny and the light in the room wasnt that bright, he loved it , it was a fine metal indeed, he clicked the blade into the segmented handle of his, making a chain blade, the handle would extend 6 meters with enough force into the swing and the  large terrible blade on its end.

After that he walked over and cooled the rest of the metal and mineral, piecing the face plates together and making the face, he then attached some bright green hair onto the head, making it in the shape of a large mohawk, he ran three tubes into the mouth, two coming down in to a fork, and attached to the sprayer and acid, and the second attached to the dart loader which will be in the chest. The chest was made as well and he polished and carved it, the chest was shiny like a mirror as well, Kikisu clicked the head into the chest and he then attached the dart launcher into the chest that funneled into the mouth. The arm came out last, but it was simple, he just needed the arm to wield the blade, and the arm was quite hard, made of the hematite, the half puppet was in need of something, he walked over and grabbed a flowing black set of robes , with a billowed bottom, the illusion worked fine, it looked as if the puppet was full, and when it moved, since there was no legs the cloak billowed like a ghost, or even a phantom, kikisu smiled as he carved the words
''The Phantom Parasite''
and he branded his symbol underneath it, not the shops, this one was going to be his., he smiled to himself happily, this was one his new favorites, by far.
Puppet creation mission complete

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2 Re: at the shop (Wip mission) on Thu Aug 13, 2015 9:59 pm



Kikisu sighed to himself, his pleasure time was done, he had some work to do for the shop now, since he had taken most of the day on this puppet, since it was somewhere late in the night, he had no windows in his basement workshop, since the dry stagnant air was better to dry his paints and oils when they were put on the puppets, the only air he had was a air compresser to suck in the air, so there wasnt so much saw dust in the air, since it got in kikisus eyes and made his breathing annoying some times, but only in the carving room, not in the drying rooms.
Kikisu walked over to a large box labled with a large red X he sighed inwardly, his job for the day was to fix as many as he could, or mix them together to make something decent out of them, he grabbed a crowbar and opened the box, grabbing the item on the top, since the box was filled to the brim, he walked over to the workbench with an armful of either broken or defective parts, the first that he sent his watchful eye upon was a puppet whole left arm by the looks of it, it had multiple cracks up the side of the arm, kikisu guessed that the weapon in the arm had been unable to take the pressure of what appeared to be the air cannon inside the wrist, kikisu noticed a symbol on the side of the arm, it was a carved black skull with a kunai in the top of the skull, the skull grinning, this was of the Reaper Puppet company, they made cheap puppets indeed, the air cannon was of standard make but the wood used for the arm couldnt take the pressure, he examined the wood and noticed that it was knotted and twisted, it wasnt fit to be put any on a puppet, unless you wanted to just use it as more Armour, even then it was still quite bad, it pried the air cannon out of the shitty arm and threw the arm to the floor, taking what appeared to be a perfect arm with a faulty kunai launcher, he took out the launcher and saw that all that was wrong was two things, the string was frayed, and the seal was misplaced, it was placed an inch to far to the right and he giggled, the kunai would load into the side of the forearm, and that could be terrible in a fight, so he took the kunai launcher out of the arm and then attached the air cannon into the good arm, testing the strength of the wood and adding a few wooden supports and two metal braces, near the sides, once he was happy with his work, he smiled as he fixed up the kunai launchers seal and added a new cord to it, one that wouldnt fray so much, he then decided to mount it onto the top of the arm, looking almost like a crossbow launcher, he sealed 3 kunai into the launcher for free, though it was going to be added onto the price, they were put cheaper if it was a fixing, he also stuck his air compressor tube into the air cannon, making the seal and sealing copious amounts of air into the cannon, kikisu was happy with this limb, he smiled as he started to cover it in a new coat of paint, painting it brown with a nice oil staining, the smell was one that he had grown to love, he smiled at a job well done, though the night was still young.
610WC here mission complete

3 Re: at the shop (Wip mission) on Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:08 am



Kikisu sat down once again looking over the many different broken parts that were inside his shop he had so much more to do he sighed inwardly , he turned his attention to a broken chest piece the steel was tarnished and ripped in multiple spots there was also a weird version of a blade mechanism that seemed to once shoots large scythe blade out of its front end, though the blade was no longer there and the mechanism was barbaric in his opinion so he started on his work. First he took a large wire brush and started grinding the red rust off the chest plate grinding it back down to a glossy silver. Then kikisu walked over to his weapon rack and looked over what he had to work with, he decided then to keep with the original concept of the puppet and picked up a large black iron scythe blade and took it to the grinder using the grind stone sharpening it to a razors edge seeing the glint of its edge in the light he then place the blade on his table and started on the mechanism he made a heavy spring loaded system that would reset itself with a flick of the users wrist He smiled at his handiwork and started putting the assembly together finishing the piece with a deep blue enamel coating made to harden the outside and make it look really good. Kikisu place the finished past on his table and looked down at the box of broken parts he still had so much to do he smiled as well he loved doing his job.

He grabbed a large broken sword, the blade was snapped at the haft and was jagged, he would put everything to use, he put a doctors mask onto his face and walked over to his metal grinder, he set the machine to high and grinded away the entire sword, making a fine steel metal dust, he bagged the metal and grabbed some glass, grinded that next and put it into the bag, he went to the back garden of the building and took 5 habenero peppers, putting them into the forges fire for a few moments before taking them out and slicing them finely,mixing them into the bag of metal and glass, he walked back to the bin of parts, he took out a shoddy arm and started to take off the unsuable sections, he replaced them with the other parts in the bin, making a nice new arm, he took a nozzle from the rack of shooters and nozzles, a small steel nozzle, he then attached a small hose to the nozzle and attached it to a section of sealed air and the bag of metal, glass and pepper juice and seeds, he set the weapon to activate on the movment of the left index finger, once activated it had roughly 10 seconds of ammo, it would burn blind and slice into whatever it was shot at, he envied not anyone caught in its way.
Kikisu smiled and continued his work, grabbing a head.
The head was male in appearance, with insect like undertones, there was useless antanee and mandable, Kikisu decided to put the mandables to use, he walked into his poison shop and looked over all of the scorpians and spiders, he smiled as he found the right animal, he found a bottle of fire ant poison, the poison would cause the blood of its target to feel like its burning, no fun at all, he walked back to the puppet and carved two tunnels into the insect mandable mouth, locking two small curved dagger like blades, he set the poison into the mouth so that on command it would release a small amount all over the blade, the bottle he put in it was probably filled with at least 20 uses, give or take.
600 mission complete

4 Re: at the shop (Wip mission) on Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:40 pm



Kikisu sat down, he mulled over what else he could do with this crate of junk, he looked through the large shipping crate, grabbing a large torso piece made out of thick wood, it had cracks on the surface due to improper water sealing. it made him sigh to himself, he took it over to the metal shop and melted down some steel, letting it cool into large steel bands. After they cooled enough to use, he had them grafted to the torso, acting like the bands of metal on a booze barrel, adding structure and defense, as well as covering the cracks up, makign sure that they wouldnt cause any trobule.
After that he took the chest and hung it up. He took his grey spray paint and gave the torso a thick coating, letting it dry he walked back to the crate of limbs.
He took out an arm and noticed that the only real problem was that it had nothing in the way of weapons, and was missing a elbow socket. He fixed it a socket and then went over to his weapon bin, he took a long straight blade out and gave it a look over, feeling the edge with his hand and making sure that everything was up to scuff.

He then went back to his forge and took some silver and mercury, melting them together and creating an alloy after hours of work, he added some zinc for hardness, and dipped the blade in it, though only the edge, coating the edge of the long swords blade in a bluish white metal. After sharpening it to a razors edge , he did the same with two more of the same swords, the fine eedge being made of mecury, to make the wounds it causes to fester and the target to become ill, due to the poisoness nature of Quicksilver; Then fashioning them fine leather scabbards to match. Once he got back he took the puppet arm and started to fashion a stronger grip system on the hand, adding steel wires and plates to certain spots to make the puppet nearly un-disarmable, he then added thick steel plates to the forearm of the wooden arm, making it a heavy and strong defensive part of the puppet.

He attached the arm with a normal socket, enhanced with a locking steel wire system to add more defensive measures. He then grafted the swords to the puppets back, for use when one is broken or thrown. He walked over to his crate and found a few iron legs, pretty much knight greaves. He walked over to his elemental scrolls and found 4 lightning scrolls and brought them back, he fashioned them to the inside of the leg, attached to a large pressure plate he fashioned on the shin of the legs, so on contact with the leg the target would be shocked with lethal amounts of electricity.

After he attached the legs to the torso with a welder, as to make sure they would not fall off, he went over to get the last arm, finding a basic arm and deciding to make it to be used in conjuction with the sword arm, he added a launcher to the palm, and sealing a large barbed serrated javelin to the launchers barrel, to be activated with a twitch of the wrist, on contact the javelin would catch flesh and would come back with an automated reel system, an attempt to make the target fly back towards the puppet, within range of the sword blades.

He fashioned his own head for the puppet, taking a crusader style helmet with a large yellow cross on the face plate, He put two small barrell like jets into the eye sockets of the helmet, leading to a large tank of napalm like liquid fire, that could be shot from the puppets eyes like a beam of liquid fire, with an effective range of 25m, which would more then function for most fights.

With the last touch added to this puppet he signed his signature on the back of the helmet, the scorpion and the clan symbol, with a little K inside the Scorpion to show who did it, he then went over it with another coat of paint, and then applying varnish to the wooden parts, and a sealer on the paint, so that minor damage would not remove it, similar to rubber paint.
610 - Mission Complete
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Kikisu sat back down on his desk, he looked at the clock and noticed that it was 3 in the aftenoon, he had been making puppets for roughly 2 days straight and just now noticed how tired he was, he hadnt slept in two days. He put his head on his desk and fell asleep for a while he woke up some 12 hours later and yawned deeply he felt a great deal better, kikisu was never one to have that much sleep, he belived those who slept less had more time to study and train.
He went upstairs and found the kitchen, for the staff. he sat down and ate some dumplings with ginger dipping suace, he deeply enjoyed them, since after all he handt managed to eat in 2 days either, he hadnt even noticed until now, that was what happned when he worked, he got so deeply involved that noone else and anything around him mattered. After he ate three helpings of the dumplings he grabbed a jug of water, taking a deep drink and exhaling happily, he took it with him when he went back downstairs.
he sat down for a while, taking a well deserveed break, after a few mintues he heard a knock upon his door, he walked slowly upstairs as he put his hair into a bun, holding it with a long piece of bamboo.
He opened the door to a short stocky man with a bag, it was the mail, he took the stack that was for the store and signed off for it, he thanked the man and closed the door, when he turned he suddenly saw his sensei, he gasped and asked her,
Jesus, do you know how to knock sensei? or at least make a little noise so you dont give me a heart attack She smiled somewhat, though her body didnt really let her smile that well, due to it being made of wood, but it was very well made and covered in a rubber that allowed her to look as human as he did.
I could, but i wont, what are doing just wkaing at this hour?

Kikisu sighed and ran his hand through his hair, aaccdiently letting out his bun, and sending the bamboo to the ground, he laughed to himself and gave his explanation,
I was making puppets for the shop, i had been up for 2 days now so i decided it was time for a nap, though my time schedule is a bit messed up, i have to sleep you know unlike some people He smiled warmly and his sensei gave a small chuckle,
fair enough, Kikisu i have a mission for you in a weeks time im just here to tell you that i will be here in a weeks time to pick you up, ill explain more then but just be ready, an i think the shop has some orders for you to finish it seems.
Kikisu looked down at the letters and nodded, that was what most of the letters to the shop were for, either that or letters concerning how to use certain parts that they couldn't quite understand.
He looked back up and saw that his sensei was gone, she did this very often, she made nearly no sound so it was incredibly hard to hear her move, he sighed and went to the shop in the basement, pulling the top letter out, seeing that it was an order, with half the payment in the letter itself.
he broke the seal and read the letter a few times, it seemed that this person wanted a different puppet, it was unique, that made him very happy, there was only so many puppets that you could repeat making with different names.
The note said that he wanted something poisoned, with chemical weapons and a good deal of liquid weapons to team with his own suiton jutsus.
He walked over to his metal torsos that were hanging in the same fashion that you hang meat,  he took one that was barely more then a large metal sphere, around an inch thick, about 2 feet in diameter, he took it and brought over to his work table, he also grabbed a scroll of sealed water, he put the water into the sphere, making the water so incredibly pressured that if he had put it in something  even half an inch thinner it would explode. He then took a vial of contact poison, it was incredibly rare and cost a pretty penny, kikisu had to get it himself, and to get it he had to catch a sand dune scorpion and extract the poison from it and then find a Sand toad, and takes its skin and soak it in the scorpion poison, which acts as a catalyst , and decomposes the skin so the poison nature of the skin can be used in a liquid form.
He put the whole vial into the water, making sure that it was well mixed in, smiling to himself for crafting such a terrible poison.
He went over to his bin of launchers and took out a pressure cannon, it was made to shoot water so hard that it could cut through steel, but was also able to loosen itself, to the pressure of a fire hose, and since the water was poison to the touch , it would be effective on either setting to be lethal.
He then started carving out a bug like head, with nice looking mandibles, he set a hole in the front of the mouth, large enough for a baseball, he then fashioned a few canisters in the shape of baseballs, with pressure mist release valves so that after the canister reached a certain speed, the valves were opened and the contents were spewed out as a gas.
He filled the canisters with a sleeping inhalant, so once the gas was inhaled they would get dozy nearly instantly and fall asleep within 10 seconds, it was a gas made from a crushed form of deadly nightshade that in its amount will knock people unconscious, though if they inhaled it for too long they would end up dying due to nightshade overdose.
He attached the head on a 360 degree socket that would allow the head to spin fully around. He collected 5 syringes from his weapons bin, he socketed them onto a metal hand, and running tubes down into a tank that was held inside his forearm, mounted into metal tanks, the poison here was a diluted blister bug poison, once inserted into the blood of its target, it irritated the skin and flesh, causing intense itching and blisters, due to a chemical reaction with the flesh. he had all five needle hold a certain amount and upon stabbing they would refill themselves. He socketed a generic gas launcher onto the other arm, which was filled with bargain bin poison, he needed a basic limb after all, he socketed and welded normal legs onto the  puppet, but added a senbon sealed launcher that were covered in spider venon.
He polished the finished product and smiled to himself, he welded his symbol onto the back end.

1000 towards mission C rank Puppet creation and the other
200 towards next posts mission (same mission)


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