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It was early in the morning when Shunsui awoke, sitting up in an instant, gritting his teeth and growling before he looked around and relaxed, falling back into his bed. Shunsui placed his hand on his forehead, letting out a light sigh as he whispered to himself, "It was just a dream, just a dream..." He slowly sat up, placing his legs over the side of the bed, getting up. He held is arms out, stretching, performing several types of stretches. He sighed, looking to his left, at the dark grey training Gi he hanged on the cupboard the night before, knowing that today he would be making his way up Mt Ikkyu and his first steps to becoming a real Shinobi, through training, like one of true power, just like his cousin, and like Shiro, the man who trained Shunsui for the past few years. Shunsui hung his legs off the side of his bed, stepping off and getting up from his bed. He looked around, the room seeming dizzy at first due to him getting up too fast, "Wha..." He spoke quietly to himself before tapping his forehead lightly with the palm of his hand as he fell back down on the bed. He stood up and yawned, stretching his arms and legs, cracking his neck before throwing a few punches at the air. Shunsui moved his feet onto the cold floor, the cool feel, running through his body, waking him up as he looked around, slowly taking steps to the bathroom where he washed himself off, cleaning his hair, teeth, and his body.

He looked in the mirror, staring into his own eyes as he remembered the past few months, the hard work of those jobs, having to earn some money so he could finally afford his own place, this little cabin, two rooms, made of wood but still, very cosy, and not too far away from the main parts of the village too. Shunsui walked out of his bathroom, back into the main room where he found his black training Gi, wearing the Symbol of 龍, meaning Dragon on the back. A thought crossed his mind as he put on his sleeveless Gi, running his belt through the side before finally putting on his arm band, made with the headband plate, his way of showing his Shinobi status before he finally put on his pink flower patterned kimono, over his training Gi.

The front door to his house opened with Shunsui stepping out onto the porch, a slight smile on his face as he looked into the sky. Shunsui closed the door behind him, a gentle breeze flowing by, gently moving his long brown and his black Gi. He slowly closed his grey eyes and took a breath of the cool air in, feeling the thrill of a new day course through his blood. Shunsui's eyes slowly opened again, his eyes almost glittering in the sun, "Ah, this is going to be a fun day, perhaps I'll meet a lovely lady today." He spoke quietly to himself, his low voice sounding as he walked forward, the wood making a clunk underneath his boots. He stepped forward onto the dirt, making his way into the village, leaving a trail of footprints from his huge boots. Shunsui kept his head down as he walked past the several homes between his and the market, hearing the villagers talk as he passed by, hearing them chatter about what happened to his mother and his brother, hearing the odd remark about him being an Uchiha, and even the odd saying about him not being from here, but Shunsui just smiled and kept walking, letting the words pass, leaving him.

Word Count: 619


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