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A night of guilty pleasures [Tenzo | Private | NK] CnpczGZ

The sun drowned in the horizon, it's rays of light glimmering in the darkness of the clouds, boasting mystical colors as Twilight shadowed like a snake across the plains of the Mountainous peaks commonly known as Mt Ikkyu. As the sun made it's slow descent, it allowed it's forever fluorescent and luminous sister, the Moon to take it's residence in the vastness of the night Sky. Casting it's own rays down upon Kaminari no Kuni, it's endless light seemed to reflect off of every surface it touched, even simple flowers seemed to radiate with a peculiar white and blue glow. Numerous burning balls of gas, commonly known as stars shimmered their existence within the black void above, reflecting upon the infamous waterfall of Ikkyu's still waters creating an atmosphere of grace like no other. The night remained still as can be, as even the animals and critters of the night seemed at a loss for words, speechless at the wonders of nature. The only audible sounds was the rushing of the waterfall as it's never-ending cycle drowned out any noise made from the Hotel resort a few miles away that appeared overly-occupied with residents.

It was for that very reason Rue had decided against staying at the resort with the other tourists, she had become so adjusted to living away from the distractions of human interaction that living off the land and sleeping beneath the open and vastness of the luminous sky was more routine than ritual. Maybe Rue had just become too adjusted to her new way of life that she had forgotten the way she once lived within Iwagakure's walls. Like a Queen. It was not uncommon knowledge between her Iwa brethren of course, the Tenth Tsuchikage had treated her like royalty and even to this day after his death, the lump sum of Ryo he had left her after his passing was immense to say the least. By choice she chose to live the simple life but it didn't mean she didn't have her guilty pleasures that she indulged herself with and often she would splurge.



Silently the young Chunnin stalked her prey from a shadowed tree top, a small cluster of wild boar traversed around the small waterhole-like pond situated below the massive waterfall. A large amount of squealing and thudding echoed and vibrated through the area as Rue hooked, loosed and released two arrows, one after the other toward the family of boar. With shots that met their marks two boar flopped to the ground, an adult and a baby. The life left their bodies cold within seconds as the other boar raced away in fear being next. No, Rue had plenty of meat here and she wasn't sure if she'd be able to make instant killing shots again, they had been pure luck afterall. Hoisting her Dinner upon her back Rue followed the trail of glowing blue markers she had left herself and headed back toward the camp she had set up hours before. Five minutes by foot brought Rue to her camp situated just above the waterfall, her view a sight well worth the first hike she made to get that very spot.

She prepared the boars on a spit over a hot burning fire within her camp and she began preparing for a fun fulfilled night of relaxation. The camp itself seemed a little too grand to be considered camping. A Royal Blue tent stood massive between two oak tree's, it's size easily able to sleep atleast twelve people within, with four separate rooms. Scattered around the camp was an assortment of barrels and caskets, each stacked neatly and obviously freshly purchased from within the Village. At the camps center blazed the burning red fire, two succulent juicy boars roasting to perfection, the fire itself surrounded by two long logs meant for sitting. Between the two logs sat a small round table with three wine glasses, one already considerably full of rich red Kumo wine.

''This is the life.. The peaceful atmosphere, no interruptions, no annoying Uncle or Nanashi nagging me. Just me, my cooking boars, my finely textured barrels of wine and... the drifting clouds above.''

Rue let out of large sigh, relaxing her body as she swirled, sipped then swirled her wine constantly. The last time she had even been able to consider a night of pampering herself was two years ago back when she was still a married woman. While the Tenth Tsuchikage still played on her mind, she knew it was time to move on from it all, it been the exact reason why you came to watch the Chunnin exams within Kaminari no Kuni in the first place, to repair her ties with her Family Clan the Misora and to perhaps enjoy a little more of her freedom before she would have to return to her duties as a Kunoichi for the newly appointed Tsuchikage. A man she STILL had yet to meet disturbingly though she knew she had met him once before though under completely different circumstances and he went by another name.

''He who once reigned within Konohagakure no Sato now leading Iwagakure, what a massive turn of events that had become''

The blonde laughed to herself as she continued to sip her wine as she prodded the the two boar still roasting on the spit. The smell of their cooking flesh seemed to smother the camp and seduce Rue's nostrils with every flame that seemed to lick the beasts. Her only worry was some uninvited guest, human or animal deciding they'd take the smell of food as an invitations. If they did come she'd be ready to add another body to the spit and considering how far away from the resort she was, it wasn't very likely anyone would bother her this far out.

Word Count: 965
Company: Uchiha, Tenzo

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While being aware that most of time spent within this country was allocated within the vicinity of this particular towering and grandiose peak which was known as, Mountain Ikkyu, the silver-haired man finally reached the decision of renting a small cottage which was located at the outskirt of this location, since the prices were more affordable in that area. With those ebony and dull eyes gazing outside the window, this wandering soul beheld how the celestial sun chose to forsaken that slumbering moon which was now barely clinging upon that dank and eerie darkness, all alone and helpless. Up until now, Tenzō was presented with multiple occasions which ended up granting at least one acquaintance at the end of it; however, inside this particular vessel there was still a large field which contained and everlasting amount of sorrow and bitterness, a void that was created once that beloved sister of his was forced to leave this wretched world behind. There was no doubt that this particular Uchiha knew exactly how the moon felt on every night; especially, when not even those stars were there to keep a decent amount of company, it was a terrible thought.

No longer was the motivation present to keep the young man around the window, and perhaps, the most appropriate thing to do was to take up a walk between the nearby trees; those thoughts needed to be cleared, the war between them had to eventually cease. Without further ado, the Uchiha took on a jet-black shirt with long sleeves upon that chiseled chest before sliding each foot within a pair of skinny pants that were quite the same texture and color. These clothing were always present on the silver-haired man while being under ANBU duty; however, the man chose to leave behind the armor and mask so that he many not give away the position which was being held within the Hidden Leaf Village. Incision, the adored dagger which never missed from this particular individual was lingering on the nearby nightstand, not for long since those five fingers crawled their way towards it, grasping it tightly by that handle before placing it behind that spine.

Only a couple of moments passed by, and the Uchiha was already locking the door with a quick turn by that agile wrist; indeed, that place was now left behind since the man already began venturing forth, deeper within the forest that separated this building from the mountain. The number of thoughts which arose like a thunderstorm inside that mind was astonishing, and each and every one of them kept Tenzō wandering further inside the forest without paying attention towards the surroundings, which eventually made the man drift away from the beaten path that was originally planned. It was a bit too late when the jōnin realized that people were no longer within sight, and a shivering feeling crumbled down all the way towards those toes at the simple thought that this place was awkwardly silent. Nonetheless, those dull eyes had arose from the ground just to witness that there was smoke coming out from afar; perhaps, something interesting was happening, at least interesting enough to drive away those hostile thoughts which roamed his mind.

Steadily, the pace at which the man walked was increased, almost at the point that it became a sprint just so that he may leave those terrifying thoughts behind; everything was better than the sheer amount of fear which quivered within. The fear, the one of being consumed and succumbed towards the most primal instincts that a person could feel, and with those thoughts in mind the distance between the royal tent and the silver-haired man grew shorter witch each passing footstep. At a distance of forty meters away from the campfire, the Uchiha halted in order to not alert anyone which may linger around, to slither like a snake, silently with the primary goal of keeping that presence hidden. The sizzling sound of flames cracking could be heard by Tenzō who moved silently like a venomous snake which kept waiting for the right moment to strike upon its prey.

Using one of the large trees which surrounded the camp as cover, allowed the silver-haired man to move in close enough to witness a young woman that was bestowed by the gods themselves with a hair that could easily be mistaken for gold. If there was any kind of threat, the nearby area could be used to lose up those trails, and with that thought in mind, Tenzō revealed himself by taking a few heavy footsteps towards the fire, making sure that his presence could easily be seen by those blue and ocean-like eyes; startling this person was the last thing which the man wished to do. “Interesting establishment. A fitting place for a woman with your kind of...” the Uchiha spoke on a teasing tone while letting those ebony eyes gaze at the boars only for a second, since they immediately darted those blue eyes with their well-known piercing look. The eerie pause which was left behind did not last for long since the last word “... appetite.” followed shortly after; what was considered the missing piece of that predictable puzzle was now revealed.

At a distance of six meters or so, the Uchiha stopped while having the fire between himself and the woman, whilst letting those arms fold against his own chiseled chest; those scrawny fingers moved as well, sinking themselves within those well-toned biceps that were being shaped by that jet-black shirt. “Please, do tell. How come a fair lady such as you, lingers without any kind of company between these eerie woods. All alone, but probably not defenseless.” were the last words which gushed out between those pale lips before they were transformed within a sly smirk. What followed after was a pause which was left behind so that Rue may express herself, is she so desired to. Hopefully, this silver-haired figure did not push too much with that tease, since the last thing he might have wanted within this particular night was to crumble underneath regret.

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A night of guilty pleasures [Tenzo | Private | NK] ZaG6bgw

The shadows seemed to creep as the night darkened, the moons ray still shone down upon the camp but with the surrounding tree's above it's ray barely visible. The only source of light was the camp fire Rue sat in front of. Rue couldn't help but feel a hint of sleep tug at her mind as she stared into the warmth of the fire, sipping on her wine as she did. The roasting boar was nearing its full potential when an unfamiliar presence made itself visible from the corner of Rue's eye. A smirk crossed her face as she sat atop the wooden log, shifting one leg to cross over the other as she began sipping the wine in her hand once more. Rue watched with catlike eyes as a silvered haired man revealed himself in the light of her bonfire. He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen, his silvered hair seemed to glow, much alike the golden locks that swayed atop her own ahead. His eyes, they seemed almost snakelike as he too surveyed her with curiosity more than anything. A silent sigh left her lips, her chest slightly lifting as she realized the man posed no murderous intent. Thankfully she felt the exact same, she was in no mood for a brawl and considering the demeanor of the man, she wouldn't hold her own against him. They were similar in age but her own skills barely reached up to her full potential. Fool. Even if he didn't mean to attack her, why hadn't she thought about a situation such as this? If anything she was lucky it was him and not some other person eagerly looking for something a little extra on a night like this one. Still... she couldn't exactly rule out this silver haired man as safe, she would still approach him with caution before inviting him to join her small barbecue. As if on cue the man spoke, sending a shiver down Rue's spine with each word, it wasn't fear. No. It was something else entirely but still unsure herself of what exactly it was. Taking her time she listened to what the man had just said. Rue scoffed, looking directly into his eyes with a passion. If he meant to provoke her, Tonight wasn't the night. Already her senses had become dulled after so much wine, snide comments wouldn't get to her. Instead she resorted to... flirting? It had to be a first for her after so many years.

''What do you know of Woman like me? Do the girls of your Village do as they please and not as their told? or like most cases are they born and bred to serve out their life in a kitchen with a broom in hand rather than a blade? Besides a woman like myself has to have her... guilty pleasures... I just happen to get them more often than most my age. ''

With the end of her sentence Rue gestured toward the two massive boars roasting on the spit and the seven barrels of wine situated around the camp, a playful smirk crossed her face once more. Rue watched as the man approached closer toward her, the obvious tones in his body visible beneath the shirts he wore as he drew closer. With a swig of her Wine she raised her glass to the silvered man and with a cat-like grace she stood from her position and signaled for the man to join her upon the log opposite her. He had already somewhat intruded upon on her festivity's, he might as well join her and enjoy them too. Besides, no one enjoyed partying alone, least of all Rue. A vicious laugh ripped from the young blondes throat as she waited for the man to finish his sentence.

''You say that like it's a bad thing, besides how do you know I'm truly alone here? I could be waiting for my Husband to return after nature called him away to relieve himself.''

The flash of an engagement ring displayed upon her finger again as she sipped once more on the bottomless wineglass. This was an interesting specimen to say the least. She decided she liked him right off the bat, he chose to ask the hard questions rather than trying to remain passive. Without a second glance Rue knew he had the heart of a warrior much like her own. A quality few had and fewer learnt existed.

''What of you sir? What brings you to wander aimlessly on this shadowed night that caused you to stumble upon my ''kingdom'' of pigs and wine. Exploring for secrets that Kumogakure tries so desperately to hide from it's enemies. Perhaps you're out searching for a brawl? That wouldn't surprise me in the slightest seeing as everyone man thinks themselves strong. No, maybe it's the touch of a woman OR man that has you sneaking through the night?''

Rue let loose another large laugh that caused her curvy chest to bounce and bustle with each intake of breath. Rue realized she shouldn't pry, nor should she try to stir the man. BUT what was one to do, she was starting to feel the wine heavy on her mind and body, causing her cheeks to appear flustered. In a quick motion Rue grabbed her Katana from behind her log and gutted the now succulent piece of meat before her. Rue took the largest chunk from the belly section she had just cut up and placed it upon two small plates. The meat was a bit of understatement to the word small but heh.. what did she care. Rue held out a plate, the smaller of the two for her guest with a light smirk upon her face.

Feeling more playful than ever Rue began to devour her feast whole, savoring every flavor and taste the beast served her tongue. The most unlady like thing about Rue was how she ate for when she was hungry and enjoying her food, no one mattered.

Word Count: 1005 / 1970
Company: Uchiha, Tenzo
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While remaining in a statuesque pose without moving even a single inch, those ebony and dull eyes were keeping the man at bay since they were charmed by the young and gracious lady which stood along the fire, and once those legs crossed the silver-haired man was caught within her spell. “No, the women in my village are not raised for any household chores, since they are equal to us.” Tenzō uttered on a calm tone before taking a few heavy footsteps forth, bringing himself closer towards the charming lady. Charming might have been the most appropriate word to use in this situation, and that playful smirk of hers seemed rather familiar, since this particular individual was also guilty of using such gestures, although, that smirk of his was a bit sly. “Guilty pleasure... more often, I wouldn’t doubt that, since your beauty is indeed... rare.” were the next couple of words that came out whilst the Uchiha halted at a meter or so distance from that log, and with the corners of his own lips the man formed a sly smirk.

Even with that dazzling and refined elegancy, the young woman could still act viciously; both of these qualities were quite hard to find, especially together, and this particular jōnin was indeed impressed. When those charcoal eyes managed to catch a glimpse of that engagement ring which she flashed freely, they had immediately turned within a pair of blazing embers; slowly, those three tomoes had started scouring the area around for any kind of chakra, and there was none within sight besides the woman which stood now beneath them. “Well, your husband isn’t around now and... I was taking a walk to clear up my mind, but now it’s quite dirty.” Tenzō replied on a calm tone which ended up being quite playfully at the end. There was no doubt that this young woman was more than just a pretty face, and being capable of living alone meant that she had a certain wit and intellectual mind, she was becoming more appealing with each passing second.

Without further ado, the Uchiha closed up the distance between the two and once more caught a glimpse of how the woman displayed that golden laughter, and those crimson eyes slowly turned against those breasts which moved rather chaotically in that moment. Another sly smirk was formed since the silver-haired man enjoyed the beautiful sight that stood beneath those crimson eyes, but at the same time, Tenzō did not wished to be rude and redirected those orbs against her cheeks which turned slightly red. Just when this jōnin thought that he couldn’t get more impressed, the woman was also a skilled with a sword since she sliced the boar as if it was nothing, just so that she may offer a plate to the man as well. While reaching for the plate, the man leaned forward and brought those lips closers against her left ear just so that he may leave a few whispering words which assault the woman.

“Wonder no more, because I prefer the gentle and soft touch of a woman; however, I’m not that gentle.” were the words which the man chose to whisper on a playful tone, letting the breath from each word collide either against her ear or neck. With those words left behind, Tenzō retreated a step or two before sitting on the log which she initially offered for the man while also taking that small plate with food, and so, the man started eating the boar without really minding how Rue was feasting on her piece. In reality, the man was more please by the fact that she did not fake a personality like most of the people did nowadays, the man preferred to linger amongst people who were themselves and not around those who pretended to be something else from what they truly are. The silver-haired man probably had an appetite for something else, since he only ate a small portion of the food before excusing himself with the reason that he was quite full.

Without further ado, the Uchiha placed the plate against the ground before performing a quick push in order to lift himself up from that seated position, and with a couple of footsteps the man began walking towards that majestic tent. “My Queen, do you mind me taking a peek inside your kingdom?” the man inquired on a playful tone while also taking the first step inside that blue and royal tent, entering in what appeared to be a room filled with pillows and silk; perhaps, this was the place in which she slept. The question which the man asked was most likely like a double-edge sword, since it had two meanings behind it, and most likely this bright woman would be capable of understanding both of its meanings. Because of the fire outside, there was a bit of light flickering inside this part of the tent, more than enough for the man to be capable of realizing the luxury which laid within.

A bit bold was the move which followed after, but the temptation was also a bit too high to be ignored, as such, the Uchiha leaped against those soft pillows just so that his body may sink freely within. “What do you say, would you bring some wine and join me? Since, this place seems rather relaxing, my fair lady.” Tenzō let out another question which was just playful as ever, whilst those eyes peeked from the inside of the tent towards Rue. That everlasting gaze of the man had a certain kind of lust within, but deep inside, this particular fellow was wondering if this young woman was capable of playing along, and hopefully, she wouldn’t chose to display the same kind of hospitality that she had for that boar. And so, without adding anything more, the silver-haired man awaited to see what kind of reaction would the young woman have from this bold and daring act.

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Rue continued enjoying her endless amounts of wine as she keenly listened to the Silver-haired beauty's enticing voice, the words he spoke seemed to ring her ears like a melodic symphony. Even as his entrancing eye's appeared to engulf her own she could feel that the heat rushing through her blood wasn't just from the flames of the nearby fire. No. It was the physical and sexual attraction between the two that seemed to give off embers of it's own. Sweat glistened from her brow as she leaned in closer to her new dinner guest pretending to be more interested in his words.

''I'm Intrigued to say the least, if the woman of your village are so.. how you put it 'equal'? Why is it I find you here, in the presence of another woman of which you know very little about? You would think a man such as yourself would be tied down by the laws of marriage to a young beauty from that of your own Village. Unless like me you enjoy your guilty pleasures...''. The young Kunoichi refilled her glass once more before taking yet another swig of the delicacy she held between her palm. The smirk that snaked it's way across her lips became apparent once more as it mirrored his own. The compliment he gave her wasn't the first she had ever received nor would it be the last. Oh she liked him, but she was no easy woman. He would be have to work for whatever his intentions were, even if her own intentions lead to a similar outcome. The young Kunoichi liked to play, after becoming the Widow to the Tenth Tsuchikage her innocence seemed to evaporate into nothingness and while she was still true to herself her personality had gradually changed, for better or worse she was unsure of. The marriage to the Golden haired Kanestu brought her out of the shell that once smothered who she truly was and recently she'd decided she'd live her life the way she chose.

A soft cackle escaped her lips as she watched the tension form in the mans stance when she flashed her engagement ring. It was funny how easily a simple gesture could allow a woman to stir a person of the opposite sex. Another cackle escaped her lips as she watched him more closely. If only for a brief moment she could have sworn his eyes, once beautiful and angelic turned crimson red like that of demons as he surveyed the surrounding area. Rue would have mentioned it too if it weren't for her own drunkenness ''Stupid wine making me see things again'' she thought to herself. Returning her attention to him the young Kunoichi simply shrugged her shoulders ''Are you positive my husband isn't nearby? I could have sworn I heard... Oh I see..'' Rue was cut off by the last sentence he spoke. He was forward that was for sure and while he held himself with pride, his cockiness was all too apparent alongside it. If only for the laugh she decided she would hurt that pride of his or at the very least attempt to. ''They have Medicine for that you know? Dirty minds are a serious illness'' she said trying to hide a smug face and her amusement.

A deep sensual chuckle escaped the blonde beauties lips followed by a satisfied sigh as she finished the last of her roasted pork, savoring the orgasm of flavors that seemed to explode in her mouth as she suckled the remnants from her finger tips. The combination of red wine and pork seemed to unite into an ecstasy like no other. The heavenly crispness of the roasted animal's skin maintained by the succulent and tender texture of the finely roasted meat. The mouthwatering aftertaste from the extracts of fat and juices appealing even the smallest of the young kunoichi's taste spuds. To put it lightly, the young Kunoichi was in heaven on earth as she threw the plate into the fire and sat back with her wine glass again.

With a weary eye she watched the man as he gracefully got up and approached her sleeping quarters. ''My Queen Indeed''. Immediately she caught the meaning of his question, without thinking the smirk upon her face widened. The man had a quality most males lacked, he knew what he wanted and went for it. ''Oh he's good with his words this one, I've not heard a man capable of such honeyed-words since Kazu. Heh.. men are incredibly one-track minded, he even entered before I could give my approval''. The alcohol now thoroughly coursing through her blood seemed to be clouding her sense judgement, she would most likely regret the decision to follow him... but maybe not. With a simple nod she decided she would do what she pleased, and what pleased her at that moment was not meant for the eyes of the full grown moon.

Rue watched the man playfully before approaching the largest barrel of wine she could find, in an instant she lifted it over her shoulder with ease and entered inside the tent. Purposely she took her time to seat herself next to the man allowing a full view of her assets to bounce before she plopped herself among the assortment of silk cushions. Rue filled a glass with red wine and handed it gracefully to her new companion ''Before I continue I think it may be best to tell you my name before it becomes irrelevant. I go by Misora, Ruesaito but most call me Rue. It's a pleasure to meet a man with such fine... qualities such as yourself'' she spoke with a flirtatious tone. Without a second though Rue tilted the heavy barrel and brought it's lid to her lips, resting the barrel upon on her chest as she drunk her fill of wine. It was a funny sight to see nonetheless as the barrel seemed to dwarf the woman. With each gulp wine trickled down her front drenching her bosoms as her shirt stuck to her chest. With a loud thump Rue dropped the massive barrel in front of her and brought her attention back to the curious man who had yet to give her his name. Rue drew her blade before and studied it heavily, caressing it from hilt to blade ever so gently as she spoke ''You know... the reason I enjoy Kenjutsu and Swordsmanship above all else is because one doesn't require the largest blade, No, nor do they require the most... intricately designed of hilts. No matter it's size or appearance, the blade is only as good as it's wielder. In the end the only true testimony to a mans.....'' she paused for dramatic effect before continuing ''blade is the skill they possess to use it and the stamina that hones their skill further.'' Rue stopped the caressing of her blade before throwing it at the barrel in front of her, directly hitting the spot she had aimed for causing it to lodge into the wood. Like him her explanation held a double meaning and she knew all too well he would understand just what it was she was referring to.

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Company: Uchiha, Tenzo

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Luck was never a bad thing, and to consider this silver-haired man lucky for the fact that he did not had the opportunity of drinking alongside this beautiful and golden figure from the beginning was nothing more than a true statement. Even from the moment when he arrived at this place which resembled something as divine as the Garden of Eden, that young and feisty woman chose to not leave that wine alone for more than a minute or two. Without a doubt, this Uchiha enjoyed drinking his own fair share of wine as well; however, the fear of being placed underneath the table by this woman was indeed terrifying if you were to consider that. Nonetheless with that pair of ebony and dull eyes, Tenzō gazed from the inside of that tent at how the woman was making her way towards him, and apparently beauty and wit were not the only qualities which she had; strength stood equally with them as well, and not in a distasteful manner since she was quite playfully on her way.

Those pale lips parted from each other to let out a deep breath escape as the man never lost Rue from his sight, and with that everlasting gaze which the man bestowed upon this woman, Tenzō was quite capable of witnessing how that chest took life and moved around the place. “The medicine is probably not so far away.” he added on a playful tone, whilst those eyes had finished watching over those assets. Before she even had the chance of falling like a feather upon those soft pillows, the silver-haired man grabbed from around before placing it beneath that right arm of his whilst tilting that chiseled body against her. While standing sideways between all that silk, that left leg slowly began slithering against the fabrics which stood underneath as the man pulled it closer towards himself just so that those legs may be force wide open; that crotch was aggressively aimed at her. A satisfying nod was given in return once Rue poured wine in that empty glass, and with that left hand, the Uchiha accepted the glass whilst letting those fingers of his touch her own in the process.

The taste of that wine was not yet felt, since the young women spilled a couple of words, which forced this young man to repeat a couple of those words “My name? Irrelevant?” which turned out to be nothing more than playful and rhetorical questions, since the tone could not really be taken seriously. In the meanwhile, that thirst had once more appeared upon the golden figure which apparently decided that glasses were no longer a thing since that wine was being sucked out directly from the barrel. While gazing at how that wooden barrel was being pressed against her own couple of breasts, the Uchiha hoisted his own glass in order to taste its flavor with a small sip. With those pale lips parted slightly, Tenzō made room for that sweet liquid to fall freely inside his own throat, gulping the whole glass while observing how the Rue’s shirt began sticking itself against that curvy chest. There was no doubt that a lady who was lavished with a tent such as this, was refined at her core; however, the silver-haired man enjoyed the fact that she did not wish to hide in this night behind a cold and elegant facade.

The silver-haired man did not had the luxury of being bestowed with the chance of giving out his name yet, since the woman drew that blade of hers while letting a few words out that were quite open for interpretation, as those fingers crawled upon it. While those ebony eyes kept following those nails and with that keen and dirty mind, Tenzō was capable of understanding the hidden message which stood beneath that gesture, and the effect for which she aimed was indeed reached since the sexual arousal slowly began building up. While letting that empty glass down, a couple of words began to erect “I go by the name of ---“ in a suave manner before that blade penetrated the inside of that barrel. Those ebony eyes followed it more out of instinct, but they did not remain there for long as they have slowly shifted against those blue eyes of hers that were capable of putting even the celestial sky to shame.

Nonetheless, the words continued on “... Uchiha Tenzō, and yes, it’s pleasure to meet such a rare beauty, and witty at the same time. You’re right, I do enjoy my guilty pleasures, however, I do not...” the same tone which had that same amount of playfulness within before another pause took over at the end. “... toy with everything that walks...” he almost finished with an impenetrable calmness, but those pale and parted lips that were left behind gave the impression that this Uchiha still wished to add something. As such, before that pause had a chance to end, Tenzō extended that left hand of his so that it may lash those scrawny fingers against her own chest, more specifically in the middle area of the collarbone. Afterwards, that index finger slithered inside that fabric whilst grabbing the edge since the man decided to pull down until it reached the softness which stood between those firm breasts before letting go of those final words “... and you’re already getting wet, and might end up with just a cold.” along with that clothing of hers.

Just after that cocky gesture those lips were curled sideways within a sly smirk as the silver-haired man retracted back that arm to reach out for his own empty glass of wine, so that it may get passed back towards the woman as soon as it was hoisted from the ground. There was no shame in that pair of lustful eyes which traveled in that moment all over Rue’s own body, feasting on all of the that bare flesh which could be seen. “Do you mind? I enjoy being in the company of a graceful woman that knows how to behave, and in return I could warm you up. However, I doubt that a Queen like you can is capable of handling my blade.” Tenzō uttered as soon as that glass was placed beneath those blue eyes, and that tone of his was still teasingly despite that it got a bit more somber at the end. Even if, those words are the end might have been nothing more than simple taunt, the young man was still curious on what kind of reaction Rue might have from them; perhaps, she was bold enough to bite that obvious bait.

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It would appear that the night was beginning to ware thin, the tension within the luxuriously decorated confined space of silk, feathers and finely woven tapestries seemed to soar to unspeakable heights. Tension seemed to increase immensely with each passing minute. The divine blue pavilion appeared shrouded in lustful intent that was considerably evident, so too was the passion that seemed to emanate and counteract from the two who sought the company of the other on a night as dark as day is bright. Comprehensively oblivious, the silver and golden haired duo's concentration seemed less on their surroundings and more attentive to the matters before them, as if every move, every gesture and every word spoken by the pair seemed to draw them closer and closer to the fine edge's of sin. What seemed liked hours ago the two were seated out in the cold nights embrace conversing over a succulent slayed beast and lavish wine, where now they were spread snugly within touching distance awaiting the continuance of their night. Each and every touch sent a shiver coursing through the young females body, that reached to the peaks of her soul as their skin collided with skin. Far had they come from such humble beginnings that would eventually meet its end, at a single outcome and a mutual gain but how far would the two go?

Rue could not help but be hypnotized by the beautiful male specimen that lay sprawled before her, even now after looking into those deep sensual brown eyes for what seemed like a life time she found it hard to pull away her gaze as if entranced by his pull. The simplest of gestures caused her blood to further boil, a simple a nod, singular body movements, making even simply quenching ones thirst seem like an art form. Even as the wine began to affect Rue's senses still her concentration remained on the man before her while the world around them transitioned into to fuzzy blur, his words about his name being irrelevant barely registering with her current train of thought. His words possessed both hints of flirtation as well as cleverness, Rue felt she should feel somewhat appalled by her own as well as the silver haired mans behavior yet she couldn't help but feel a sense of appreciation and demand. The demand for something... more.

A slight red haze situated itself across Rue's cheeks as she reached again for wine, this time allowing herself to drink from the tip of a wine glass rather than the barrel. With each sip she could feel the effects of the alcoholic beverage creep upon her, it was strange that the wine she and her guest were drinking were made within this very country, unlike Iwagakure's wine it didn't possess the usual earthen texture. Instead it was replaced by a strange acidic taste, one that Rue swore she'd had the opportunity of tasting once before. Nevertheless she continued to enjoy the wine and the company bestowed upon her for this night of guilty pleasures and sin.

An eagerness built up as the young hunk before her teased her very existence with the words of his name, a shudder of a breath caught in her throat before he continued. Eventually the man lead to the answer of her question, his name. An Uchiha, a name she had heard on numerous occasions during the last few years, even with her brief dealings with Iwagakure, she knew all to well who and what this man was capable of. The renown of the infamous Uchiha clan was something of common knowledge, their powerful Kekkei Genkai, eyes of crimson color known as the Sharingan was a force to be reckoned with. Rue had seen the power that emanated from such eyes once before in the left eye of her Ex-Husband. While his was only a transplant that was situated in his left eye to replace the one he had lost, she watched first hand the power that single eye possessed. It was for this reason Rue felt her attraction to Tenzō increase immensely, her attraction to men of power was one of her biggest flaws, something that she considered a weakness. Even if she did enjoy such a weakness. As if by instinct the fair haired beauty placed her lust before her as she spoke ''A name that commands such power. I would say I'd be the envy and hate of every woman stretching from Kaminari no Kuni to Tsuchi no Kuni for being in the...'' a brief pause allowed the young woman to lightly flush her fingertips upon the muscled beasts arm beside her before continuing ''presence of a man with such a... high regarded name with power to match. You know what they say? Power and Pleasure are sometimes one and the same, those with power seek their pleasures where they can for with power comes the lack of freedom.'' The words that escaped the young woman's lips almost sounded like a purr as she continued. ''A man who knows what it is he wants is a hard individual to find, yet I noticed from the moment you appeared from the shadows it's a trait you flaunt more easily than most.''

She reached across the silvered hair man, placing the weight of her voluptuous chest upon him as she simulated her need to seize a second pillow for her to lay upon to support her 'neck' even with the large assortment already cluttering around the young female's body. In the slightest motion Rue removed her weight from upon the man and placed the pillow behind her head, allowing herself to lay on her back as she stared at the ceiling signalling for her company to join her, knowing all too well what exactly was needed to lighten the mood even further. Situated directly above Rue's head dangled a long brown rope connected to a mechanism upon the silk of the pavilions roof. With a sensual and overly gestured tug the roof slowly opened up into the shape of a square revealing the outside world and night sky above. The moons rays shone down high above in the lightest hue of blue, while millions of stars shimmered their existence high above. It was if even the tree's around them parted in order boast the beauty of the sky above. The sight was something from a painting created by the purest of artists. ''Beautiful isn't it?'' she said with be-wonder.

Before she could even consider her continuation of speaking, words were cut short as she felt the warm touch of fingers snaking their way to the center of her chest, skin contacting skin sending a flourish of heat, pulsating her down to her very core. A small shiver traveled from the young blondes chest, to her stomach then up her back as the hairs if her arms and neck stood up. The pressure of the tension in the air caused her to stir for but a brief moment ''I... I uhh... I. You're right, I do seem to be drenched, forgive me good sir I think I must freshen up slightly'' she said she made her way to a clothed off area within the tent. With a tight pull she tugged the curtain shut before changed the entirety of her attire to something a little more... befitting. Barely wasting a minute of precious time Rue drew back the curtain and gracefully made her way back toward Tenzo, wrapped in a blue ribbon was her golden locks of hair, sporting a color coded and beautifully handmade silk dress that seemed to barely cover her legs and thighs. The dress drew most attention to two area's, her chest and her legs. A large blue bow situated itself just above her rump and with each step she took, the bow swayed in tune with her hips as if it danced to some inaudible music. Long white gloves positioned themselves upon both the young kunoichi's arms as she reached down to take back her position next to Tenzo. As she plopped into place blue and white fishnet stockings flashed themselves for the man to clearly see. With a cocky look Rue smiled directly into Tenzo's eyes as she caught the last of his... question? gesture? ''I believe it is you who must.. worry for you see I think I may be contracting something... this new... attire does cause an even worse chill but... it was the only thing I had left in my closet. So do you mind?'' she said with another cocky smirk. ''As for your...'' the young females eyes lingered on a certain.. area before she brought her eyes back to his lips ''blade, I've not met a weapon I've not had the power to command. Yours may be no exception but there's no knowing unless we test out that theory yes?'' she said as one of her fingers slowly traced a line from Tenzo's foot as it slowly yet gently traveled up his legs, further and further it went.

Word Count: 1508 / 4679
Company: Uchiha, Tenzo

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“There is no hate, only joy

For you are beloved by the goddess

Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds

Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul

Pride is lost

Wings stripped away, the end is nigh.”

A night of guilty pleasures [Tenzo | Private | NK] Tenzo_nicechesttho_by_kyoxcore-d97ians


Perhaps, one should question himself if sin was such a bad thing to begin with, whilst also taking into consideration that this night alone was simply lavished with mere objects that were balancing between a blurred line of pleasure and sin. At first it was mistaken for the Garden of Eden, but that was nothing more than simple illusion which shrouded the true appearance of this place, thus, with the abundant amount of wine and food for these two souls, this place was nothing more than a Garden of Sinners. Honestly, who would have thought that this particular Uchiha would fall for temptations such as these, for a woman who treated him like no other did before. Not only this, but this particular fellow was quite vulnerable due to the whole events which had occurred over the passing years; however, this night alone will be the last drop of salt. However, the book was yet to be unfolded and the pages were not yet written; uncertainty was once more cruel with this silver-haired man.

“The best way to get rid of temptation is to simply give in, and seize it.”

Dull and jet-black eyes were moving across the room, right before they had stopped against those luscious lips which chose to switch back towards the glass instead of that whole barrel. The heath of those cheeks were the ones who stole the attention afterwards, every gesture that she made was worthy of that everlasting gaze; perhaps, there was an invisible remote between those hands, one upon which she kept pressing the right buttons. Unavoidable was the attraction which urged the man to push further, to linger and cross beyond the border; to step inside the garden, to fall at its will and bend like a puppet would do once the right strings were pulled. No escape, once that first step inside that royal tent had taken place, the silver-haired man already began walking on a straight and narrow path, one which was supposed to guide the man towards his own downfall.


That gaze had slowly departed from those lips, as it was now guided against those fingers which crawled against that pale skin; softly and quite pleasant was the touch whilst those words assaulted that pair of ears. Every word spoken by Rue ended up being quite melodic, and the Uchiha enjoyed listening to her; quite surprisingly, since men were known for not really paying attention in general, and the only thing that most of them were good at, was to leave behind a couple of nods to give away the impression of carrying. “Hmm...” was the humming sound released by the silver-haired man in the most cocky way possible once her description of power was placed between them. “There are many...” were the few words which escaped between those pale lips, since the man was pleasantly interrupted for mere moments as the young woman reached out for a pillow. Those warmness which radiated from her own chest almost stole a breath from Tenzō since those lips remained parted, letting out in the end just a deep breath instead of more words.

Keeping himself at bay in that moment was quite challenging, but the silver-haired man managed to pull it out, despite how much he might have wanted to do some things, sinful things in that moment. As soon as those large assets were removed from his own chest, the Uchiha continued on with the idea that was earlier forged within that mind of his, adding “... interpretations of the word power, some even say that knowledge is power. However, that doesn’t make them right, nor wrong.” on the same calm tone upon which the first words were spoken. There was no doubt that the man himself had an opinion on what power truly was, especially when the opportunity of witnessing it happened beneath those ebony and dull eyes. Orochi Risu, was the most strongest person that this particular man had the pleasure of meeting, and strength in this case had more meaning then just your simple display of power.

Perhaps, the belief about power shall be continued a bit further on, since the mechanism which allowed those shimmering and pale rays to perturb this sanctuary were celestial enough to crave for the Uchiha’s attention. At her calling, Tenzō arose slightly from that lingering position in order to approach the woman and let those eyes which were darker than the sky to gaze upwards. “Indeed, tis beautiful. Although, that beauty is nothing more than pale when compared to yours, Rue.” the silver-haired man uttered faintly, it was more than enough to hear him since the distance between the two was rather close. Those words were spoken whilst gazing at that sky, and honestly, the silver-haired man didn’t really cared if Rue might have heard him or not. For the first time, the jōnin did not wished to throw words around as compliments, since leaving behind the impression that lust was the only thing fueling him was something which he did not wished to do, nor was it true.

Right after those stuttering words were over, the graceful woman made her way towards another compartment of this royal tent, and those ebony and dull eyes were following her every step, up until the moment she forbidden them from gazing with a quick tug of that curtain. What probably started as a shallow attraction between the two, with nothing more than a simple glance and a play of words was now taking the form of something else; the old flame was being kindled. While Rue was away, the silver-haired man opened up that long sleeve shirt to let his own chiseled chest breath more properly, it wasn’t really that warm, but the whole situation was getting a bit too lively. With little time given towards his own disposal, those ebony and dull eyes turned within a pair of lustful ones once Rue returned within her new garment, and even within something like that, the woman did not lose even the slightest amount of grace, of the royalty which she displayed with each footstep taken.

Shameless, Tenzō was basically feasting with those eyes on the woman, gazing upon that golden hair which was neatly kept in place with a blue ribbon, and all the way down towards her toes. In that specific moment, those eyes had simply surrendered towards her beauty since they did not let Rue out of sight even for a slight moment, they were tracking down every movement which guided her outstanding grace and vessel near the silver-haired man. How the Uchiha felt was a bit too hard to describe, the whole dank and eerie night seemed surreal and it was just overwhelming to think that the holy grail was now at his side, and within that reach of his. An appetite arose in that moment, one which was almost uncontrollable, especially in the moment that those round thighs found themselves standing beneath that lustful gaze. One may consider this being nothing less than a physical attraction, and perhaps, Rue did not felt anything more than that as well; however, this wandering soul felt something a bit odd, a shivering followed quickly by a warmth which did not showed its presence that often.


The corners of those unmistakable pair of pale lips were slightly curving upwards, showing what appeared to be a natural and honest smile, nothing alike to what the man displayed occasionally from politeness. Unfortunate was the loss of his own beloved sister, and from that moment on, Tenzō never imagined that happiness could ever be restored to make its way back towards him, and this thought which now lingered on the back of his head, was sickening. Faster, the heart began throbbing and that pure and cursed Uchiha blood which ran inside those veins had started boiling up; slowly, but surely, instinct was about to take over. “No... I don’t mind.” were the words which came as a response for that tease, whilst those eyes slowly crawled that appealing body before they managed to fixate on the smirk which she just displayed, only for a mere second as they were indicated to gaze elsewhere.

With the guidance given by those ocean-like eyes which were capable of placing even the sky to shame, their counterparts, those ebony and lustful eyes quickly shifted down to witness if the arousal was really that obvious, even if it might have been, the silver-haired man wouldn’t bother hiding it. Having that attention of his dedicated towards the woman at the same time, the next couple of words, in this situation were a bit irritating; however, that mild display of arrogance wasn’t really enough to anger this man. On the contrary, in this particular case, Tenzō did enjoy seeing acts of pride and superiority in a woman, especially when they were hidden underneath this grace and beauty. Those words at the end managed to save her wit, and that finger was carefully kept in sight once it started slithering across them man’s leg, heading towards the most obvious place whilst leaving behind a tingling and pleasant sensation with each inch covered.

That white and silky glove was just an inch away from touching and reaching that crotch, and just before it had a chance of making contact, Tenzō’s own hand which was resting on that left kneecap went for Rue’s wrist, just as a snake would lunge towards its prey. Swift, but gentle at the same time, those five fingers clutched around that fragile wrist whilst those ebony and lustful eyes went against those blue orbs. “The power to command?” the silver-haired man repeated on a hollow tone, one which did not inspired any kind of feelings, even though those words were a bit teasingly at their core. A sly smirk formed upon those pale lips, just to open up slightly and let the Uchiha bare his own fangs against that golden figure, a gesture which could be interpreted a bit aggressive, but the smile which was formed said otherwise.

Slowly, Tenzō hoisted that hand of hers whilst those pale lisp had parted in order to let out a couple of words “Tell me, Rue. How can you command something with power, when you don’t even know the true meaning of it?” that were uttered on a playful tone. As those words were spoken, the silver-haired man guided one of those legs of his in order to position himself above the golden figure while also caging those revealing and appealing thighs of hers between his own, before eventually pinning that hand of hers against the ground as well. After seeking out the only free hand of this Queen, the Uchiha reached out for it in order to give it the same treatment as the other; surprisingly, those pale lips were closing in to leave behind the impression that they were heading for her own. Just when the man was close enough to exchange a couple of breaths with this woman, those pale lips scurried their way alongside the left part of Rue’s face, stopping only at an inch away from that earlobe.

What followed after was nothing more than a simple press of those slightly parted lips against the earlobe, just to bring the attention as the silver-haired man began whispering quietly “Power... is just power, nothing more. nor less. And right now, you and your Kingdom, are mine for the taken. Do you mind that, my lady?” right against that ear, letting each warm breath collide against it. While those words were being poured, that right hand of his let go of the woman’s wrist, just so that it may slither down her own with just the index finger leaving behind a tingling sensation upon that white and silky glove, and beyond. Once that question had finished making its appearance, that index finger was already located against Rue’s neck, where those golden strands of hair were removed just so that those pale lips may move there to leave behind two soft smooches. One may thing that that scrawny finger stopped there, but it did not, since it slowly went further down, slithering across the path which marked the collarbone.

Unlike last time this attempt took place, the Uchiha did no longer chose to use only one finger, as such, four had now creped beneath that refined silk to pull it down and closer towards the waist so that it may expose those round and firm assets of hers. Without letting them bath in the chill for long, Tenzō grasped one of them tightly whilst letting a couple of words out “I want to know, Rue. What do you cherish the most?” that were spoken once that head slowly risen against hers; however, there was a visible change in those eyes. Thus, what was once a pair of charcoal eyes, had been swiftly replaced with a pair of blazing embers that hoisted three comma-like dots around the pupil; gloating were those shimmering eyes in the pale light of the moon. Without leaving even a second pass from that early inquiry, a curtain was bestowed upon those eyes for a short amount of time since those pale lips pushed themselves forth in order to steal a prolonged kiss from the woman.

With a slow movement, the silver-haired man retracted himself like a snake from its prey, whilst opening up those embers to gaze upon the woman which stood beneath, leaving her a bit of time to perhaps, answer that question if she wished to do so. In the meanwhile, the silver-haired man released the other wrist before straightening up that back of his in order to reach out for Rue’s glass of wine, so that he may gulp swiftly the remaining content to quench that thirst, up till the very last drop. A small and muffled thud echoed inside the tent, once that empty glass of wine was thrown on the other side of this compartment, gentle upon some pillows so that it may not break upon contact. Once both of those hands were free, Tenzō would lower them upon Rue’s own thin waist in order to guide the young woman for the next act that was going to happen.

Leaning a bit forward allowed the Uchiha to slip one hand behind the back in order to pull the woman closer towards him, to diminish that gap before letting out a couple of words “Turn around, for I shall now seize your Kingdom.” that were spoken on a playful tone. Right after that, those scrawny hands lashed themselves against the lower part of those fishnet stockings, and slowly they went up just so that they may raise up that white curtain against her spine to reveal the grail which the man sought. “Now that we’re testing out your theory, Rue. What do you desire the most?” Tenzō inquired whilst resting that left hand on her waist, just so that the other may grab the fabric which stood underneath the curtain, so that they may be pulled all the way down until they almost touched the floor beneath. With a sly smirk forming on those pale lips, the sword was pulled out  from its sheath so that it may be used in the process of parting those soft lips from one side to another.

From that moment on, there wasn’t that much to do and thus, Tenzō pushed himself onward to invade the privacy of that Kingdom, following up with a struggle that was not too fast, nor too slow. In the process of doing so, the silver-haired man extended that right hand to pull the women from the blue ribbon which held those golden strands of hair in place.  And so, from that moment on the eerie and dank night no longer had the attention it once did, and time passed on so fast that it was going to make way for dusk; and what this interesting pair had to share afterwards was a question that only time was capable of providing the answer to it. Wretched was this place, filled with sins and temptations; a bait which the Uchiha could not resist pulling himself away from, not even in the last moment. Cursed thoughts arose in that night, due to the fact that happiness was found in such a small Kingdom and every thought alone was dragging the man to remain here, in an everlasting slumber; but, as happiness grows, so does guilt as the oath was not yet fulfilled.

“I do wonder...

... is this truly your Kingdom, Healer of souls?

For I, shall not take part of it.”

~ 2853/6014 of Total Words ~

~ Exit Thread ~

~ Training Endurance from S0 to S3 | 6014 - 6000 = 14 WC Remaining ~

~ Total of 6 EP ~



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