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Uchiha Tenzō

Uchiha Tenzō

With a really tight schedule formed, the days seemed to get shorter as each one passed by and the time which the Uchiha wished to allocate towards himself was being placed on a leash which slowly constricted the options which were available. Nonetheless, with the first stage of the Chūnin Selection Exams almost now being over, the silver-haired man had to make up time and visit those students of his in order to discuss the outcome of their own fight. The man had no intentions of critiquing them for their results, but more to give a slight boost of confidence and check upon their health; perhaps, the critique will follow up at some point, but this not really the time for it. Discovering their weakness to give out advice for them or to help out cover up those weak spots was one of the attributions that the man engaged himself with as a sensei. Unlike most teachers, the man did not prefer filling up their heads with too many theories; as such, simulations or missions which brought up experience and showed them how the true nature of people would work much better, at least that’s what the man thought.

At the sound of the alarm clock, the curtain which covered that pair of ebony and dull eyes had risen just so that Tenzō might gave it a quick slap to cease that irritating tone off. Busy was the night before which kept this particular man awoke, and the time that was allocated for sleep was no longer than five hours; perhaps, a vacation dedicated towards relaxation might follow up after this consuming event. Without wasting any more time in bed, the silver-haired figure slithered that sheet away from his own chiseled body before kissing the ground beneath with one foot at a time, letting those toes sink deeply inside the white and fluffy rug which was bestowed upon this bedroom. While standing at the edge of the bed, those rays of sunlight that were perturbing inside this room had assaulted those ebony eyes and forced this particular man to squint them. As such, the silver-haired man pushed himself away from the bed in order to head towards those windows and pull that grey curtain against them, making it harder for that sunlight to breach inside.

“Tsk...” the sound echoed between those two pale lips, acting as a presentation for the next words “Pesky sunlight.” that were muttered on a barely audible tone since no one was inside the room to hear those words to begin with. Once those windows were finally covered, the Uchiha began making his way towards the bathroom with a couple of heavy footsteps before stopping against the mirror to check if there were any more changes towards his own vessel. Apparently this was the pinnacle of the transformation, and the loss of the pigment color had stopped here; all of that skin was neatly pale as almost giving the impression that it was wax, whilst every strand of hair was turned into a silver color which shimmered brightly when faced against the sunlight. What followed after what a squeaky noise that emerged once that warm water was being turned on from the bathtub; everyday had to start with one, before and after the training which was being done on a daily basis.

Somewhere between ten to fifteen minutes had been allocated towards the bath, and after it was over the Uchiha emerged from the bathroom with a white towel wrapped along that thin waist. Every time the silver-haired man took a shower most of the water which was supposed to be inside the bathtub was lingering outside; with that being said, a mess was made every time. While keeping hat towel in its place, Tenzō relocated himself against his own wardrobe to pick up a couple of plain shorts before heading towards the kitchen to start working on that breakfast. A minute or two passed, but that white towel was now replaced by a pair of grey shorts in which the man could freely execute the training session which was about to follow after eating. With little to no more time wasted, the silver-haired man relocated himself against a medium-sized table from which a wooden chair was slithered across the ground, pulled back in order to be seated upon later.

With a couple of more steps, the silver-haired man walked towards the sink from which a bowl was picked up, one which was lingering alongside it and newly washed before placing it against the table upon which the breakfast was going to occur. The fridge was just inside, and the light from it illuminated against those ebony and dull eyes once the man opened it to take out some cold milk that was going to be poured inside the bowl, but not before picking up the cereals. With the mixture of both now done inside the bowl, the silver-haired man decided to sit at the table and start eating as quickly as he could, to make haste for this day was going to be crowded. The meal was rushed and the content was not really that much, since this particular jōnin wished to immediately start with the daily exercises afterwards, and doing that with a full stomach was going to be a pain.

As soon as the meal was finally over, the Uchiha picked up the bowl before shoving it inside the kitchen’s sink; there was no doubt, that the man was a bit too lazy to wash it now. Having those out of the way, the next thing which was going to occur was the training in which was going to be done inside the living room of this lodge. A small coffee table stood in the middle of this room, although it was quickly pushed aside by this tall figure who indented of training just within the center, and with that now out of the way the training shall commence, but not before a quick stretch. With both of those well-toned arms the young man began flapping them around to ease up those joints which released and cracking noise upon pressure. In an instant, that right leg of his had lunged forth whilst the other stood in the back, and with those scrawny and long fingers placed against the against the ground, the silver-haired man straightened up that back whilst applying pressure downwards.

This particular exercise forced the man to breath in whilst that right leg was being bent from the kneecap, and exhale while it was being straitened back; it was after all, one of the most simple exercises which Tenzō learned as a shinobi in that spare time of his. Nonetheless, after a few repetitions the silver-haired man had switched up the position of those legs in order to perform the exact exercise but with that left leg of his pointed forth instead of back. After five series or so, the silver-haired man arose from that awkward position before flapping around those arms and legs to ease up the tension on those muscles which started to contract from the physical exercise. Actually, a couple of quick footsteps relocated the Uchiha against the fridge in which the man opened quickly before extracting a bottle of cold water. While returning back into the main room, that cap was slightly twisted before those lips parted away slightly as the bottle was now standing against them; they were making way for the cold and refreshing liquid to perturb down inside the man’s throat.

Once that thirst was clenched, the cap was slowly twisted back before the man chose to place it upon the table that was pushed out of the way earlier; it was now time for the second type of exercise, and more specifically push-ups. Standing in all fours against the ground with that back straight as an arrow, the silver-haired man began lowering that chiseled chest of his against the floor, stopping at only two inches away from it before straightening up those arms once more. Somewhere between thirty to forty pushups were made to count as a series, and a total of five series shall be done before the man will take up another break so that the exercises might change once more. The sharp sound of those breaths reverberated as they left between those two pale lips, and with each push that screeching noise made itself noticed. Already was the man at the second stage of those five series, and small drops of sweet began colliding against the floor as they cascaded down the man’s forehead, since things were getting intense and the last two sets of pushups were going to be done with a hand behind the back.

With all of those five sets out of the way, Tenzō stood up and reached up for that white towel which was brought with him so that he may swipe away all of that sweat which began gathering upon that body of his. “I can’t believe how hot this day can be, and it’s still early.” were the mumbled words which escaped between those pale lips, whilst the man placed that white towel back against the table, next to that water bottle of his. Once more had the Uchiha placed himself in the middle of the room, standing in a statuesque posture whilst bringing both of those arms forth with the intention of keeping them there for the remaining exercise, as such, the man began crouching in a swift manner before standing back up. This particular type of exercise was known as squats and just like the others, a couple of sets were needed to be done so that it may keep up that well-toned body of his in shape, and increasing muscular size was something this particular man did not wish to happen.

After those series of squats would be finally over, two more types of exercises would follow up before the man would finally call this training over; therefore, without those out of the way, the silver-haired man would once more make his way towards the bathroom for a nice quick and warm shower. Whilst all that water kept cascading upon this wandering vessel, a couple of thoughts stormed throughout Tenzō’s mind which reminded him that this was the day in which the man would have to visit Joruri and talk about the results of the first stage, and perhaps there were other subjects that the young man wished to discuss. Unlike the visit towards Shinako, this particular one might be easier since between Tenzō and Shinako there was a relation which can be considered nothing less than complex, and the young man would most likely end up having a difficult time with her, not that it was going to be regretted. Nonetheless, this was probably not the best time to think about these problems since the man had to speed up things since this day was going to a busy one, and with that thought in the back of the head, the silver-haired man left the shower behind.

Preparations for the visit.

With everything done that could be considered the basics for a morning routine, the young Uchiha had nothing left to besides preparing himself for the visit towards the hospital, in order to seek out how Joruri was feeling after that first stage of the exam. As such, with that white towel wrapped along the waist after the second shower was taken, the silver-haired man waltz against the wardrobe to pull out a pair of skinny pants upon which the man slithered a first leg before joining in with the other, pulling them at the end swiftly upwards. To cover up that chiseled chest of his, the young man took a jet-black shirt which shared the same color as those pants, and both of those sleeves were long up to wrist despite the fact that it was quite warm outside. The reason which stood behind this eerie pick of clothing, was given by the fact that this particular Uchiha did not wished to reveal to everyone that there was an ANBU tattoo which stood upon that well-toned bicep of his.

Like always, the dagger which never was left behind by this particular man was taken from the nightstand before it was slithered behind the back, more specifically inside a silver obi which was added after those pants and shirt. After that simple garment was finally upon the tall vessel, there was nothing else to do but take a couple heavy footsteps, which eventually brought the Uchiha outside his own lodge from which he departed towards the hospital, a building which he did not enjoyed visiting that often. As such, after thirty minutes or so, the silver-haired man was now standing against the entrance of this personally despised building, gazing at these two glass doors which were shortly opened whilst the man took the first step inside. The smell which lingered inside beyond these doors was always recognizable, and at its presence something that resembled a strange feeling coiled inside that stomach; there are not enough words to describe how much the man hated this place.

Nonetheless, the silver-haired man pushed forth and went towards the reception to seek out Joruri’s room number since that information was unknown towards him, and behind that counter there was a woman which seemed to be around her thirties. “Good afternoon, dear lady. Do you mind telling me where I can find Kansen-Suru Joruri, he is one of the genin who participated in the Chūnin Selection Exams and a member of team three, and I am the sensei of that particular one.” the man requested on a calm and gentle tone, whilst darting that everlasting gaze towards the woman. Without further ado, the woman picked up what appeared to be dossier with the patients who were registered, and in just a couple of seconds, that dazzling woman gave the man coordinates and the room number at which Joruri was being held. As such, the jōnin thanked the woman with a quick nod shortly after before waltzing up those stairs with the thought of checking out on his student, the man was curious to check if there were any kind of serious injuries.

In just a couple of minutes, Tenzō relocated himself against Joruri’s door, delivering three knocks against that door right before that handle was clenched by those five scrawny things which the man used to open up the door. “Joruri, are you here?” the silver-haired man inquired while placing the first step inside that room, and hopefully, the student wouldn’t get startled too much since the Uchiha had an appearance which was not seen before by this particular individual. Not only that, but the sensei also brought a small box with him which was filled with warm noodles in case this particular lad was hungry; hospitals were known to have food which was not particularly that good. As such, on the way towards the hospital, this particular Uchiha stopped at a restaurant to pick up this meal which the man wished to drop by just in case.

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Before the exams had even begun the well muscled Kansen-Suru Joruri had arrived at the front gate of the Hidden Leaf Village late, the only thing that he had truly packed was his bag of Iron Sand, something that sapped his strength away at a minimal level due to the chakra he had to use in order to carry it, and he had placed it within a seal, rather than carry it the whole way to the Hidden Cloud Village. The other things he had packed such as clothes, the rest of his equipment and ninja tools, and food, basically anything else that hadn't been on his body at the time was also sealed in a fairly large bag. Despite his want to be a leading figure on this journey, to make the impression that he could keep them safe, make proper judgement calls, and to even go as far as to be favourable in the eyes of their sensei, an Uchiha no less.

Quite a few things happened on that trip, things that he was forced to re-visit in his time alone in the hospital bed, and no doubt on his journey back there. They travelled fairly quickly, every jump took them to a new tree, every step took them one foot closer to Kumogakure no Sato. Every single passing moment was one that would have the four Genin, Uzumaki Manami, Nara Shinako, Mitarashi Cho, and Kansen-Suru Joruri, their pale haired leader, guiding them towards the Land of Lightning. And yet, just as they were passing through the borders of the Land of Fire and the Land of Steam, they were set upon by what had appeared at the time as mere bandits, ninja who had taken on the art of robbery rather than loyally serving their own Village.

Multiple actions had been made on that day, he had signalled to one of the few Nara that he knew, the only one in fact, and after a moment they had acted simultaneously, after he had some words spill forth that didn't carry the best kind of message for him. Everything had gone off without a hitch, except when it all flipped upside down when the mere child in their group thought it was a good idea to jump into the mix as well. I didn't tell you to do anything. He remembered thinking at the time in irritation as he guided the kunai from the ebony haired woman and towards the ground at Joruri's feet. From there, the aforementioned situation being flipped upside down was when the black haired woman had been forced to spin around the red haired Manami, and throw up a fiery barrier that protected them both from any further attacks. In those instances, Joruri did nothing except wait and watch, not bothering to see if Shinako had succeeded in paralyzing the two henchman that were out of his peripheral vision and behind him, by the time the young blond headed girl that was in their group had backed off, Joruri had already picked up all of his weapons and was lining up before the puff of smoke that revealed itself to be Uchiha Tenzo.

Normally he would've been surprised, it was almost as if they were living their own original movie, and the sensei had been testing them. In those mere moments that he had to himself to think about it, he had thought about all of the information that had been gathered. The black haired woman on the bench, staring at me and the rest of them. He had been thinking in his hospital bed, she had had papers in his hand, watching them as if she were a predator who had her interests piqued with a potential meal. A meal in the shape of genin with no actual combat experience.

As a leader, he knew he should've paid enough attention to create the masterpiece that was the puzzle in his mind before they had been ambushed, but he had only thought of their sensei as a pretty dark haired woman who was reading the morning paper, and that was it. I should've at least thought of him as a transformed rogue, at the least... How those eyes were watching us... He knew he should've expected something.

His head rolled to the side a bit to the dresser that was less than a meter away from the bed. On the edge of it was a familiar sight, something that he was more used to holding in his hand rather than seeing it with his eyes. It was the kaminari charm that Shinako had purchased for him. Why she didn't buy two that would connect the both of them to each other was beyond him, or maybe he had forgotten the reasons, but there was a block in his mind for giving him an actual reason why he even kept it.

On the day of the first stage of the Chunin Selection Exams, Joruri was one in many of the participants from the Hidden Leaf Village. The Leaf and Mist Villages had the most participants, the Genin expected either someone from the Land of Fire, or from the Land of Water to win the exams. He had encountered no one from the Mist, or anyone else from another village, not counting Fukai of course, an Iwagakure shinobi who had hair as pale as the mop that was on Joruri's head.

I wonder if he's still partaking in the Exams, the thought crossed his mind as he turned on his side towards the window and away from the door. He didn't want to see the pity filled eyes of the doctor's attendants as they passed by the door. He didn't need their pity, he was a ninja.

No matter how he had felt about that sentiment in the past, that feeling was gone now. Was it even worth it to continue on his path of being a shinobi after this failure? His mind was full of countless doubtful thoughts.

I've got nothing to live up to. Few if any famous ancestors. He looked out the window, but he didn't move beyond that as he imagined what the world outside was like.

Shinako has no doubt won by now. Her shadow technique is almost perfect. At least he'd be able to be glad in the fact that a member of the Leaf Village was one step closer to winning the Chunin Selection Games.

Throughout his fight with the apparent Kikisu Chikamitsu was it? The Sunagakure ninja had numerous puppets, and every puppet when controlled was practically another ninja in itself when it came to it's abilities and how to functioned. I was outnumbered from the beginning, he sulked to himself as he rolled onto his back this time. He heard steps approaching from down the hallway, but he paid them no heed, he wasn't going to look at the window opening in the doorway -- It was better to not try to attempt and make eye contact with anyone. He was too busy feeling bad for himself to wonder if anyone was going to visit him in his sorry state.

Dragging a hand across his chest, he felt the scarring of that ninja's symbol on his body, but it felt shallower than it actually was, it was probably due to the bandages that he was wrapped up in, from the scar on his face to the extremely exaggerated effort that was put into the scar on his chest.

His legs were beginning to be tucked in towards his body, and he reached downwards, copying his earlier motions of dragging his hand across the bandages and feeling the rapidly healing wounds that were there. He remembered that those had been the least damaging, but he stopped moving. He could imagine as any other patient he was warned to not move too much or else it'd slow down the process of his healing. Well, Joruri wasn't one to sit around all day...

Well, I am actually. Just on my own accord, he amended with a strained smile as he made himself more comfortable, and with pale eyes staring at the ceiling, the door opened.

I know that voice. He realized, pale eyes lazily rolling in his head and towards the oddly unfamiliar looking man with the familiar voice. "Sen-s-sei?" It hadn't been said like that in his mind, but he hadn't opened his mouth and spoken for quite some time, for a while his voice would seem a little broken. It had taken him a few moments to realize that it was indeed Uchiha Tenzo in his room. Gray, half-lidded tired looking eyes looked him up and down numerous times before he had even opened his mouth to question this man's existence. In order to keep their meeting light hearted, he did his best to summon forth his most joking tone of voice.

"You c-cooome here to tell me you c-copied my hair colour?" With every passing word it slowly got better, but it was still not to the best of it's former capabilities, what with his mouth feeling so stretched with the bandages concealing the scar that had formed.

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Uchiha Tenzō

Uchiha Tenzō

As soon as the silver-haired man entered inside this room, those ebony an dull eyes scoured the content within until they were capable of locating Joruri which appeared to be standing at the edge of that bed, with that vessel of his shrouded in all kind of medical bandages; hopefully, the wounds weren’t that deep. Within moments the young lad attempted to speak, and that voice of his which turned out to be a bit quivering went by unremarked by Tenzō, due to the simple fact that he was impressed that this young student, named Joruri, was already standing in a way, after such a short amount of time given towards that recovery. Nonetheless, the corners of those pale lips had ascended slightly to form themselves within a cheerful smile, while the thought that his own transformation stormed within that head of his since it might have been a factor which caused that shattering voice of Joruri.

With a couple of heavy footsteps, the tall figure entered further inside the room before heading towards the nightstand which lingered alongside the bed, in order to drop off the box with noodles that was purchased for Joruri. That smile did not stayed there for a long amount of time, since the student chose to make a joke which caused Tenzō to react by letting out a heartily chuck escape from those lips, whilst that right hand of his stopped against his own chiseled chest to attempt to lower it down, to contain it in other words. It was a laughter which appeared to be warm and not one that was anything close towards the ones which usually arose after mockery; perhaps, the best thing for now would be to leave behind the appearances and just discuss the results. “I have brought you something to eat, Joruri, that is in case you get hungry later. Oh, and yes, I am trying to keep my appearance in sync with the new trend.” were the next couple of words which escaped between those pale lips, and after they were over, the jōnin relocated himself towards the other side of the room where an empty chair was lingering.

A screeching sound echoed as the chair was slithered across the room, and eventually brought closer towards the bed before the tall figure decided to sit upon; that right leg of his was quickly hoisted afterwards before brought and placed upon the other one. “So, tell me Joruri. What are your thoughts regarding the squad, do you go along well with the rest of the members?” was the first question posed by this Uchiha on a friendly tone, whilst those arms were folded against his own chest. A pause was going to follow after, one in which Joruri could express those thoughts of his, in case he wished to answer this particular question. After a short amount of time, the silver-haired man would also inquire the young student about his own dreams and goals, since that was an interesting question beneath those ebony and dull eyes. Tenzō had the opportunity of asking this particular question towards the rest of his own students, and now it was time to pose it between himself and Joruri.

The first question was mostly asked to find out if there were any kind of problems or tensions between the members of his own squad, since keeping a clear mind on a mission was quite important; in spite of the fact that a good coordination was shown on their last simulation, the Uchiha still wished to see if there was something, or if anything had happened during that encounter. And, the second question was for another purpose of its own, since this particular man believed that one’s potential was as strong as his own resolve, as such, the stronger the dream or goal which one wished to accomplish which also lead towards an alarming rate when it came towards personal development. Nonetheless, there was no need to think about this things for the time being, since that attention of his was supposed to be dedicated entirely towards the answers that were about to be given by this young lad.

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Back when he had first heard his name being said, Joruri had already been rising to his feet, and at first he struggled to his feet, sliding out of the bed just as he had made his joke, and now at his full height, the Kansen-Suru was unsure as to where he was going to be going in his state. It wasn't as if he could just walk out of the hospital without 'checking out' so to speak, but his single goal in that moment was to get out and to find the one who had put him in that hospital room. The rational part of his mind knew that that wasn't going to end very well even if he did find his opponent. By that time he could've finished repairing his puppets, and since Joruri had barely landed a scratch on the Sunagakure ninja, there wasn't even a chance he could win.

The results would be worse, he sighed to himself as he let himself sit his backside on the bed, slowly easing himself onto it and releasing a sigh of relief at being able to put his body at ease again. It was at around the same time that his sensei, Uchiha Tenzo had been placing the small container of the warm noodles on to the nightstand, and he turned his head ever so slightly to see what it was, raising his right arm, oddly uninjured as he rubbed where the nape of his neck had felt the sting of a kunai passing over it. It was almost as if a light bulb had come to life over his head as he realized something in his mind. He probably wanted to kill me from the beginning, but he wanted me to remember him for something. His hand rubbed over his neck before lowering into his lap as he sat on the edge of the bed.

In the beginning he didn't know what I could do, but now, he knows about my kekkei genkai.

Simply... Amusing.

I'll probably be hunted after this Exam, but I have to get to him first.

The only response from Joruri after Tenzo mentioning bringing food if he were to become hungry after and maintaining his appearance to keep up with the 'trend,' was a nod, more of an inclination of his head, and a hard to hear 'hmph,' with the slightest smile to follow it.

A moment later, Tenzo was crossing to the other side of the room and was bringing the chair that was in the corner closer towards the bed, no doubt so that he may talk easier to his pale haired student. The rest of the squad, huh? He supposed it was a important question. His shoulders were sent upwards, the universal action of being indecisive, and his cold gaze flickered to the window as if the world outside would be able to give him answers. "Shinako seems to be kind enough." There hadn't been a need for a specific answer, besides he didn't want to re-open the wound on his face with too many words, no matter how many he had to share floating around in his mind. "I-i think she's going to do something that she shouldn't one day." He didn't know what, the only evidence he had was the interactions they've had with each other and how she had given him that charm. 'To remember our adventures, hmph.' He didn't know how to take that in truth -- It was a true mystery. Then there was Manami, and to the thought of his red headed team mate, his shoulders rose upwards again. "Manami is... Secretive and rightfully so." He had managed to say. There was no reason to make assumptions right now. And to cover his tracks to hopefully deter any further questions on the matter, he said, "as shinobi we should be secretive of our true potential, I think." Something that he hadn't done in the first stage of the Chunin Selection Exams since he had seemingly been hard pressed to defend himself from the very beginning.

Then there was another, a following question.

Dreams and goals, huh? A pause ensued as he began to gather his thoughts. "I want my deeds in life to be remembered, long after I've died," he started. After long last, his gaze swung from the window and settled onto Tenzo's own ebony ones, his own gray ones almost thoughtless and blank in appearance. "Becoming Hokage couldn't be bad," he smirked a bit, but for the most part the bandages covered his mouth, leaving only a small portion of that laughing smile of his visible, but it was evident in his eyes. "When I become older and useless to the secretive world of shinobi, I plan on living the rest of my life as the average person."

"What are your goals, Sensei?" There was no hesitation in his speaking, he wanted to know what his teacher would have in life after his students would presumably go on in life and have their own squads... Or so Joruri hoped.

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Uchiha Tenzō

Uchiha Tenzō

Even though the young lad showed a bit of difficulties when that attempt to stand was formed, those ebony and dull eyes which gazed upon him still narrowed instantly as the Uchiha was amazed by the stubbornness to leave the hospital so early, it wasn’t a bad thing that he wanted to do so. And that gesture alone was only proof that there still was a flame burning inside which indicated that this student was eagerly expecting to get back on track. A couple of moments later, Tenzō managed to pick up at how that universal sign of uncertainty made its way inside the conversation, but then the next couple of words managed to reveal something which the silver-haired man did not anticipate, and more specifically the description about one of the students, Shinako. Manami might have hidden something which may turn out to be quite interesting and useful in the future, perhaps even more interesting then the Nara woman; however, that was still uncertain since Shinako did not wished to display that much about herself.

“Hmm...” was the sound which arose shortly after the first question was answered, a thoughtful and humming one which resonated from the young man; there was no doubt, that those words were being absorbed like a sponge. While Joruri talked, the Uchiha nodded a couple of times whilst paying attention to each and every word that came out; the earlier ones were kept at the back of that head, so that the ones which came out could be understood completely. When those grey eyes moved away from the window and back towards the tall figure, Tenzō was capable of catching a glimpse of the determination which glimmered within them. In that moment, those ebony eyes widen slightly from their previous narrowed state due to the astonishment left behind by those words when the young lad affirmed that he wished to become the Kage of the Hidden Leaf Village. A long term goal, which wasn’t really quite impossible to obtain, but the amount of people who probably aimed for that title was the real challenge which made this task hard.

Only a small portion of those lips visible and the smile couldn’t really be observed that clearly, but the motion was there since they had arose upwards a bit; the bandages made sure to leave some kind of mystery behind those words. Nonetheless, a question arose afterwards that was upon the last subject which the Uchiha chose for this particular conversation, and without further ado, the silver-haired man arose from that seated position of his before heading towards the nearby window. “My goals...”  he repeated on a low tone that was capable of reaching Joruri’s own pair of ears as those ebony and dull eyes shifted from the floor towards the landscape which stood beyond that window. A long time has passed since Tenzō had the opportunity of thinking about what he wanted, and besides the main one which was related with the Ouroboros clan back in Konohagakure, there wasn’t really something else that this particular man wished for the time being.

Without wasting anymore breaths, those pale lips parted in order to let out a couple of words “Over the passing years of my life, I have researched the history of my clan so that I may restore it one day. However, after speaking with a couple of them, not everyone shares the same opinions and views that I do.” that were spoken on a calm tone which had a bit of sorrow underneath. Indeed, those words were true, and the Uchiha clan was quite a hard one to tame and gather around, considering that most of the members were being driven by their own feelings instead of keeping their mind clear so that they may judge rational. Uncertainty was a cruel feeling which began just recently to haunt this particular silver-haired man; perhaps, restoring the clan wasn’t meant to be done with just good words, and the method which the man used to approached others to convince should probably change so that some progress may show up.

“I guess that’s all. Besides my own personal development and training up this squad, my goal is to restore the clan.” the silver-haired man uttered whilst turning away from the window before a couple of heavy footsteps took that body of his back towards the chair. Once the man had finally finished relocated himself against it, those scrawny fingers slithering towards the back of it before it was pulled an inch away so that the man may have enough space to arrange himself upon it. During the distance between the window and the chair, the Uchiha went through all of the things discussed up until now, and decided to bring back the subject which managed to pique that interest of his the most. Before asking the next couple of questions, a moment flashed beneath those ebony eyes which reminded the man that Shinako stood firmly for her believes; the woman was indeed, quite unpredictable.

“If you don’t mind, Joruri, can we switch back towards your assumption regarding Shinako? What is it based on, and why do you have a hunch that she may do something that she shouldn’t one day. Also, what’s that?” were the next couple of questions which bombarded the young student shortly after those ebony eyes had turned back to face those grey eyes. The tone on which he spoke was calm despite the fact that a lot of questions were thrown out in the open; however, the tall figure was interested in the future of his own students. Perhaps, asking afterwards on why Joruri wished to become a Hokage might end up having an interesting response as well, since the young student could desire that title to have more authority in order to protect the village, or just to brag. At least those were the two scenarios which stormed within that mind, and without further ado, that might be the next subject which may follow after this one.

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His backside was sat comfortably, or at least, as comfortably as it was going to get in his state as he stared out the window after pulling his gaze away from Uchiha Tenzo. After asking his sensei's own question to him, Joruri wondered what sort of answer he would get in turn. In truth, the young Kansen-Suru didn't know much about the Jounin. This was their first actual meeting, their first one apparently being when they had met on that fateful day in the Land of Hot Water, also known as the Land of Steam. Does he approve of my actions? Is he going to mention what I should do to improve my actions as a team leader in his answer? The pale haired Genin had so many questions that he wasn't sure whether they'd be able to go through all of them in one go. Of course there would no doubt be other times, perhaps on his last day before he was released, and all throughout that determining process in his mind he could only think of his time with the other members of the squad on that journey.

Failure. Was the silent whisper that his mind uttered to him when the puff of smoke occurred. It was a repeating interaction, one that got worse and worse in his eyes at every point possible. It started with him stepping off the road and past one tree before the smoke had exploded around him, forcing him to inhale and breath the smoke for the first few moments before he felt a couple weapons crashing into him. He remembered the wound that he had felt on the back of his shoulder. The faint sound of ding had been heard on that fateful evening as well, it was the sign that the second shuriken had collided with the Folded Windmill Shuriken that was located at the small of his back. He frowned.

There hadn't been many interactions with him and the Fuma Shuriken before the day of the first stage of the Chunin Selection Exams, but on the squad's journey that he led them on, his experience had been even less, it being one of the first times that he had actually equipped it to his person. It was weird to be thinking about now, but what else was there to do? Think about how he had been planning to surprise his family by going far in the Selection Exams? That was a dream that wasn't going to happen, and although it was going to be a sour affair when he finally returned home, he knew that by the time he returned home he wouldn't care anymore at what his parents thought of his failure. I'm assuming we're staying to the end of the Exams. It's best to support your Village, yes? He knew the answer already, but it was simply his own brain being... Weird.

In the back of his mind the odd sound of Tenzo Uchiha making a sound was heard. A Hm? That certainly wasn't the answer that he had been waiting for! But he knew that he had taken the Jounin at surprise by returning his own question to him. There were no doubt numerous things that his brain had to process and think about speaking of. Past goals, goals that he had already accomplished, what he intended for their current meeting, and his future goals with his squad and the entirety of the Hidden Leaf Village. In truth, Joruri had done relatively little in his time as a shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village, it was why it had been so easy for him to say the things that had come from his mouth. They had emerged enough times before and had been thought of thousands upon thousands of times more to the point that it was simply his brain and mouth's muscle memory and regurgitating the past words.

To be remembered... There wasn't much to it. Being a Hokage would have someone be remembered. In fact, their face would be printed on to Hokage Mountain and he'd join the list of ninja who were the Kage of the Land of Fire before him. He started to wonder about those other few ninja that he knew, curious to know if they had the same thoughts of him, of aspiring to become Hokage. But before he could come up with names or even a random face from someone back home, he heard the familiar noise that were words.

It was Tenzo speaking.

His clan? Huh, that wasn't one of the things that had occurred to the Kansen-Suru, but then again, he didn't know much about the man before him. He knew not of his aspirations in life as he grew up, and he wondered if he had been the last one in the squad to have been visited by their sensei, Uchiha Tenzo. Joruri sensed the underlying sadness in his words as he spoke of members he had already met, presumably from the Hidden Leaf in the Land of Fire had declined his own goals. For himself, the young man could only wonder as to what members of his own clan if he were to identify them as such would say to him if he were to make a similar proposition. Similar to the formerly dark headed ninja in front of him, the seated Joruri had done the same, going deep into libraries and those he thought who could potentially hold the knowledge of his clan. There was relatively little known about the Clan that was Kansen-Suru. For a member of the renowned Uchiha, he wondered how bad it could be, but he was certain that he had it worst. At least your ancestors come from here... The words had been on the edge of his lips, intending to strip the sorrow that had made a vessel of his sensei. I'm the one that's injured here. But he kept his more negative thoughts to himself, it was only on occasion that he revealed a nature of laziness, a characteristic that he wasn't currently showing voluntarily, or at all with his apparent want of moving away from that dreadful hospital bed.

The thoughts were pushed away under lock and key. It would be better to keep them to himself without a doubt.

I guess that's all. The words echoed in his mind. And then, he gave the answer that he had been expecting; wanting to help the squad advance, something that Joruri wasn't so sure about in his own mind, but he wouldn't make his opinions public knowledge. Simply speaking to the members of his squad, he knew that they were dangerous, and not in the way of jutsu or techniques. They were all something else entirely. Gray eyes watched the form of the Uchiha move back towards the chair from the window. He could only wonder as to what was going through the older figure's mind, he speculated that it wasn't about goals for the squad or finding additional Uchiha to help him with whatever else he was doing...

Then he brought his statement about Shinako back to life.

I knew I said too much. His mouth opened up, releasing the faintest exhalation in the form of a sigh that he could possibly manage. He hated going back to things in the past, what made it worse were the things that had been the most recent. It was why he had gone to meet the other members of the squad, because he wondered if it would help him grow as a person by overcoming something that he hated, this... More experienced Joruri wasn't sure as to what he had been thinking at the time, but he knew that it wasn't how amazing his time with his squad was going to be in Kumogakure no Sato. I don't like it here, but I'll stay until someone says something. It was one of his faults, a reason why he didn't think he'd be able to be a leader, let alone the Hokage of the Village. He kept most of his thoughts to himself, something that a leader shouldn't do when they weren't too sure of something.

He slowly rose up from his bed after the words from Tenzo had left those lips of his, he guided himself slowly to the dresser before grasping the kaminari charm that had been given to him by Nara Shinako, his older squad member, one that to him, didn't like children and had been clearly glad that the other members of their squad weren't as young as usual.

The porcelain charm didn't interest him, not that much anymore, but it had been a gift, and so he'd keep it. If only because it'd be rude to purposely lose it and claim it as an accident. He wasn't one to lie, but he wasn't against giving less than adequate information...

"On the second day of being in the Hidden Cloud Village, we went through the Village to the Durian Tree of Knowledge." It occurred to him that once he had opened his mouth, he wasn't that good at weaving words, like, at all. "On the way... She was distracted by this jewelry." He said the final word of his sentence as if it weren't that important. As if it were simply that, jewelry. "It was a gift I guess." He shrugged his shoulders. Even in his broken state he was able to space out his words normally, and keep his breathing proper.

Throughout the entire exchange Joruri had lifted the hand that held the kaminari charm, and in the event that it was reached for, his hand would've moved out of the way for a moment, before a hesitating wrist stopped the aforementioned retraction and handed it over. It was a childish thing to do if it did happen, but... It was his, and he wasn't really the type to share.

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Uchiha Tenzō

Uchiha Tenzō

Everlasting was the gaze placed upon Joruri, and with that gaze alone the silver-haired man had the opportunity of witnessing how a couple of footsteps located him against the dresser from where an item was taken, one that was not yet spotted by those ebony eyes. Curiously, the man wondered what kind of reason stood behind that action and what did the young student searched for inside; however, that curiosity was quenched once Joruri decided to come back towards the bed whilst holding an object of some sort. There was no doubt that inside that keen mind a questioned appeared in that moment, one which questioned what kind of object was so important to bring in within this discussion; nonetheless, that curiosity remained on the top of those pale lips since the man chose to await before asking anything further. Patience was a virtue and this particular Uchiha was capable of restraining himself towards a certain extent, since being calm was one of the attributes which grew upon him as a small child.

Carefully the man listened towards the next couple of words, whilst those ebony and dull eyes peered curiously at Joruri, and once the young man finished spewing out those words, the silver-haired man threw those eyes against that charm once that hand was extended. Because those eyes were quite keen, the silver-haired man didn’t had the need to grab on the item to read what was written on it, as such, those eyes were swiftly moved against it for a couple of seconds. The word written on it mentioned lightning, which could be related towards this large nation, and in that moment, the Uchiha wondered if there was a deeper meaning beneath this gift. Perhaps, it was just a reminder for them once they visited that tree which name was unknown towards Tenzō, although, Joruri did mentioned earlier that there was something which worried him about this occurrence.

Once those eyes and ears had the opportunity of witnessing and hearing the fact that Shinako chose to gave Joruri a gift, a reminder for this place, a slight amount of jealousy began to occur inside that wandering soul; however, the Uchiha was capable of hiding that feeling without letting even the slightest hint of that emotion out. Nonetheless, that feeling was buried deep inside so that the man may focus himself on the task of hand, which was to decipher the meaning which stood beneath that pendant. While letting those words sink in, the silver-haired man reminded that Shinako pretty much enjoyed freedom and it was something which she cherished quite much; however, the connection between that and the lightning symbol made no sense for the time being. As such, without adding anything more, Tenzō arose from that seated position before taking a few heavy and slow steps within the room, back and forth whilst raising those arms on the first couple of footsteps in order to fold them against that chiseled chest.

He knew only little about her, and perhaps, investing anymore thoughts within this matter without asking anymore questions would simply not work, as such, the Uchiha stopped against the window before throwing up those ebony eyes outside it. The alleys and streets were quite busy at this particular hour of the day, especially since the sun was shining brightly upon that blue and ocean-like horizon; perhaps, it was due to the Chūnin Selection Exams that people were this busy. Even though the Uchiha clan was known to have an affinity to fire, for some reason only known towards him, this particular man did not enjoyed that much standing out beneath that celestial sun. Nonetheless, this particular person was most likely not seeing anything which passed beneath those ebony eyes in that moment, since there was a turmoil of thoughts which rushes within that head of his.

A large and significant breath was inhaled before it was exhaled shortly after, and once it ended the man turned that whole body of his against Joruri once more. Thinking about what he said once more, the silver-haired man realized that he did not answerer from where the conclusion was originally drawn from, therefore, those ebony and dull eyes narrowed a bit while they fixated upon the young student. “I’m sorry Joruri, but you forgot to mention something about this. Why does that pendent indicate that something bad is going to happen, and more specifically, what is that thing?” were the next couple of words which gushed out from the man, on a stern tone which indicated that he was quite serious about this matter. Without letting a pause take place so that the young student may answer, Tenzō added a couple of more words “I think that you forgot to mention that, Joruri. I hope that you’re not trying to hide something from me, since we’re all part of the same squad.” that were spoken on the same tone before getting a bit more somber at the end.

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There was an extremely long silence in the time that had followed after he had given the most vague answer that he could summon. He wasn't at his best, and he certainly shouldn't have tried any of that. In fact, he shouldn't even have said the things that he had said, and even though he lived on the basis of not looking over one's shoulder to see what regrets they had for actions they had, it was simply on a verbal basis. In his own personal time he thought of things he had done wrong all the time, many of them he had thought about already in that bed that morning. He didn't want to revisit those thoughts again so he simply left it alone, not deigning to go further into those nightmares that he had experienced.

The kaminari charm was something that he didn't really know much about in itself, he didn't even want it in truth, but it was a gift, and again, he'd keep a gift if it was given to him by someone he considered to be a friend, which was exactly what he considered Shinako to be. They had become reconnected in the hospital in Konohagakure no Sato, and he didn't blame her for not coming to visit him here, in this hospital, it was no doubt due to the reason that her own father was already in the hospital and had his own pain. Pain that Joruri knew nothing about it simply because he didn't delve further into Shinako's personal grievances, it wasn't polite to do so unless the person themselves had given express permission or confided said information to you... Based on the fact that the ninja before him was both his and his Nara companion's sensei, he figured he knew that already. Whether through speaking to her or simply knowing due to the information he would receive from the Hokage was beyond his knowledge of knowing.

Then the ebony eyed Uchiha brought up the subject again, obviously not satisfied with the meagre information he had given him. I wouldn't be either, he shrugged his shoulders in response at first. "Because she said it's to remember the adventures we had here," in truth, whatever adventure they may have had was certainly not interesting enough to be remembered, other than the fact they had visited the Durian Tree of Knowledge but that had been a temporary thing, and since he had been left alone with his dark thoughts they simply manifested themselves again. Something that could be described as a hatred towards himself for his own actions, and misfortunes, always yearning to place the blame on another person.

All apart of the same squad, huh?

"I'm glad to hear you say that. Especially after ambushing this squad." The words were full of spite, mainly in response to the somber tone that his companion's words had been coated in. "It's good to see that it only took an injury for you to think it worth your time to speak to me," words that hadn't been expected to slip, spilled forth, but he didn't care at that point. He knew there was a hidden message in his words, almost as if it were a threat. It was as if Tenzo was trying to insult his proclaimed loyalty to the Leaf Village with his final words. A challenge that he wouldn't allow to go unmet.

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Uchiha Tenzō

Uchiha Tenzō

A charm to remember him about the place which was visited, quite a normal gesture unless it was a gift to remember her more than the place itself; however, this was probably a subject which should be discussed further on with Shinako herself. But then again, the young Uchiha would probably not mention the pendant since he was grateful enough for the fact that Joruri wished to relay such information towards him. The way those shoulders moved at first, could easily be interpreted that the student did not invest that much time to think about the significance behind the gift itself, and just a few seconds later an idea pierced the turmoil which was happening inside that mind. With a few more thoughts invested in this, the silver-haired man realized that Shinako herself gave something to him as well, and it wasn’t really an item per se, but more of a gesture which she imprinted like a scar upon that mind.

Nonetheless, the next couple of words which came from Joruri were meant to hit like a train, due to that poisonous meaning which stood behind them; hopefully, the next couple of words are capable of reaching him, since the impression which he made was not entirely true. As such, at the hearing of those words, the silver-haired man released those narrowed eyes that were kept against him while also letting a deep breath escape between those pale lips of his. Those hands of his were once more ascending to become neatly folded against his own chiseled chest, and the Uchiha was a bit disappointed that the words which he said were interpreted in a way such as this. Therefore, the subject concerning Shinako was going to be dropped for the time being, since there was the need of explaining the actions which happened up until now; there was no doubt, that this particular man did not wished to be misunderstood.

Another couple of footsteps followed after, whilst the young man thought about the most appropriate words to use to explain those accusations which were brought towards him, as such, after a small pause the man stopped before throwing those ebony and dull eyes back at Joruri. “I should probably begin with the first.” were the first couple of words which came out on a calm tone, as the man slowly began tapping those well-toned biceps with the tips of his own fingers. “One of the reasons which stood behind that ambush, was to evaluate how you all work as a team, and with that information I can use it to improve the teamwork. A simulation was the best to achieve those results, since you might have acted differently, if I would have informed you about this. As a shinobi, theory isn’t enough and sometimes you need experience, and that is what I wanted to give you.” the Uchiha spoke coherently on the same calm and adjusted tone.

Right after those words were finished, the Uchiha relocated himself against the window once more whilst leaving a pause behind so that Joruri could think about those words that were just said, and as soon as those ebony and dull eyes were gazing outside that window, the silver-haired man began thinking of the next accusations. “You’re accusing me of not visiting you earlier, Joruri. However, you haven’t considered that I might have my time occupied, to train you all daily or visit. I’m doing the best that I can, and now you’re telling me this. There are other jōnin in Konohagakure, although, they don’t even bother picking up students, nor training them. I did, and this is what I get in return, spite.” the Uchiha uttered on a calm tone at first which shortly began going back towards its somber state, but only on the last word; however, those eyes gazed all the time outside the window, and once those words were finished the man peered towards Joruri with that head of his slightly tilted against him. “Could you please look at the problem from multiple points of view, before saying anything like that?” Tenzō inquired with his normal and calm tone.

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Joruri’s words were unkind, and yet he didn’t care as to what Uchiha Tenzo thought of him. Certainly there were plenty of Jounin who didn’t bother taking on a squad and teaching them, he could imagine numerous reasons as to why. Before they had left for Konohagakure it had been said that the Hokage hadn’t been seen by the public for quite some time, and whether that meant he was busy beyond humanly possible, or simply ignoring his duties was far beyond the Kansen-Suru’s knowledge, but he still knew that if one didn’t think themselves capable of being a Jounin Team Leader, their results of successful ninja would be poor. In the past few weeks he was beginning to think that he himself certainly wasn’t prepared for being in a leadership position, at least, not for a long time, and if he was to be forced into one then he didn’t know what he would do.

Fail most likely.

The look on his face was sullen as his thoughts took up the space between the words of his sensei. He couldn’t find a reason to speak yet, and he felt as if there was going to be more from the words of his teacher. And within a few moments after Tenzo’s first words explaining his reasoning behind the ambush, he had then continued to the second verbal jab that Joruri had sent at him in irritation and anger. It may have been unfounded, but he couldn’t see anywhere to direct all of it. His talkative self had been suppressed in the time that he had been in Kumogakure no Sato, and even more so whilst he was forced to stay in this hospital ward. It’s for the best they’ll no doubt say. It had been what had been said to him when he had first been put there a few days ago when he was in much worse shape.

In his own time and the time that he had spent with either member of his squad, he couldn't remember which female it was, but he knew that he had gone over the reasons as to why they had been submitted to that apparent simulation. The one that the white haired man before him said was one that he had most definitely thought of numerous times. Maybe too many times for it to actually be true. So to respond to both statements he started in a way similar as to how Tenzo had, by starting with the first one.

"You wanted to test the skills of a group of people that had never worked together before? I'm not sure if you could tell or not, but I'm certain that simulation has only bred mistrust between us." He harumphed at the end of that, but he wasn't done. "Now, none of us have faith in each others abilities. I'm certain that Manami will ignore whatever I have to say," for other reasons undoubtedly. His teeth rubbed upon each other, to the point that it was no doubt even audible for the Uchiha to hear and see if he deigned to look upon the hospitalized Genin. "It would've just been better to test us when we'd have actually had a chance to learn about each other." He wasn't entirely sure if he wanted to learn about any of the others in his squad anymore. His last few words were said with an almost resigned tone, as if he were giving up this whole dispute.

But then he recalled the last words from Tenzo and with a renewed heat he spoke again, this time his tone significantly calmer but the undertone of the fury that his words carried was evident. "Don't. Do. Not, mention other Jounin." His jaw clenched in a way that looked as if he were trying to crush his own teeth into dust upon each other. "Maybe they don't want to risk the future ninjas of the Hidden Leaf. Did you think it was possible that they don't consider themselves capable of leading an actual team? What if their teachings had gotten their squad killed because they believed in them so wholeheartedly?" A pause. "Could you handle that if that Team Three? After months of bonding, the three of us die due to your teachings?" Joruri knew that he himself couldn't, and so no other way out of such horrible feelings other than killing oneself or through deserting the village, something that he wasn't entirely certain he could do.

"And what could you possibly be doing in a foreign village that has you so busy? Oh, and don't act like you're hurt. We both know you're better than that." His words were more of an after thought.

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Uchiha Tenzō

Uchiha Tenzō

As soon as Joruri began to spoke, the Uchiha began questioning himself deep inside to find out why was he even bothering with an explication in the first place; this should not be misunderstood with the fact that the student did not deserve one, but it mostly owned towards the simple reason that this information wouldn’t really influence them that much. Not only that, but apparently the young lad wished to seek out reasons to prove himself right, even by specifying hypothetical cases which had not yet happened; even the sound of teeth grinding against each other were a sign that this conversation was going on a unpleasant path. When it came to feelings and solving emotional problems, Tenzō should be the last person to even attempt resolving a problem such as this, since the silver-haired man was barely capable of keeping himself emotionally stable. Even with these low qualities, giving up was not really an option as of now, and with that thought in mind there was going to be another attempt of explaining those earlier words, and hopefully these two will be capable of reaching a similar conclusion.

“Mistrust?” the Uchiha repeated on a curious tone whilst turning completely towards the student, since this was a word not mentioned before and beneath those ebony and dull eyes it did represent a problem; however, the reason for it was not probably from the simulation itself, but more from the personality of each student. Eliminating this unfortunate problem would most likely be quite hard, and probably the most appropriate way of making this team work could be done with rationality; an explanation of how important it was for them to work together. Of course, shinobi usually showed the best results when they place their trust in each other, since that way there was no room for hesitations, but, perhaps this time itself could work with mutual agreements, which implied a false sense of trust. With a few thoughts invested within this matter, and with the knowledge the silver-haired man gained while scavenging the libraries for knowledge related towards his own clan, Tenzō was capable of remembering that there were once three great Sannin known as Jiraya, Tsunade and Orochimaru; outstanding shinobi which probably lacked trust between themselves as well.

With those thoughts in mind, the jōnin began to speak once more “I don’t think that mistrust was because of my simulation, since you and Shinako managed to cooperate quite well, and you know that. Also, you have stated that Manami has her own fair share of secrets, however, trusting can happen in more than one way, and with that being said, you only need to trust yourself when you’re on a mission. Konohagakure is a military village, a place to train soldiers and not one to build bonds or friendships. Perhaps, you have heard of the three great Sannin, known as Jiraya, Tsunade and Orochimaru. I don’t think that all of them were that close, and the progress which they showed was nothing less than exceptional.” on a calm tone since there was no reason to fuel up the tension which had roamed freely within this room. But then again, these subjects needed to place to a rest since the need for them in future was not really desired.

“You’re saying that my methods of testing are not good, and you’re already implying what I should have done. Honestly, you should try thinking a bit more before speaking, you’re arrogant and it won’t take you far.” the silver-haired man spoke on the same tone, while those ebony and dull eyes were locked upon the ones which were bestowed to Joruri. Those words were not meant as a stab or anything alike, since the Uchiha just wished to point out the cold truth, arrogance was indeed a nasty trait which could lead towards someone’s death. As soon as those words were finished, the young man leaned with that back against the wall which was located just next to the window, having that spine of his lashed against the cold concrete. Even though that gesture might leave behind the impression that Tenzō was quite tiered, the truth was that the man was mentally exhausted, and not from this visit alone, but from all of the events which had occurred over their arrival at this country. All of these students were unique and difficult at the same time, and there was no doubt that all of them shared different kind of opinions on the squad.

“You’re saying that I shouldn’t mention other jōnin, and I do know quite a few of them. I know the truth can be hard to swallow sometimes, but that is the reality of the world we live in. I did not had a squad when I was your age, nor later on, and what you just said earlier are just scenarios because you don’t wish to accept the reality, and running away from it won’t get you anywhere.” the man uttered calmly, even though those words were a bit cold at their core; however, honesty was preferred by the man and in his own mind it was much better than throwing out some warm lies. “We’re shinobi Joruri, and our lives are full of risks, and we should also be grateful that we are not in times of war, since I’m not sure how many of us can handle that. And as an answer for your question, I don’t know how I will react if the unfortunate time comes which will mark the loss of a student.” he added while letting those eyes rest across the ground, since this wasn’t the most pleasant question and the subject didn’t seem to be one that he was fond of.

“Oh, you mentioned previously that Manami would ignore whatever you have to say, why do you think that?” was the last inquiry which left between those pale lips. As such, with those last words now spoken, the silver-haired man would let a pause take over in order to let Joruri add something if he so desired to, and if he did not wished to, then the a deep and formal bow would follow after. While bowing, Tenzō would apologies for not being the best the teacher that they were hopefully looking for, and right after those words the man would also state that his time was up and that the needed to depart elsewhere. Knowing certain things and having the ability to pass them on towards others were two different things entirely, and this young man had no doubt that he wasn’t the most appropriate person who could deal with such questions, filled with emotions. As such, once the formalities would finally be over, a couple of heavy footsteps would take the Uchiha outside the room and eventually out of the hospital as well, for the time being; a break from all of this was needed, and some time to clear those thoughts.

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Joruri didn't see how there could be any more thoughts that could further stimulate his brain to cause him to bring more thoughts to the front of his mind. The only thing that he could possibly think of was why he was still in that hospital, and when he placed a hand on that chest of his, he soon realized as to why he was still there. There was the faintest glimmers of pain still in that body of his, echoes of the screaming pain that he had experienced so recently in the first stage of the Chunin Selection Exams. It certainly wasn't an experience that he wanted to go through again, the Exams, and the pain that he went through. In his mind he was already going through multiple contingencies in where it would be possible to continue being a ninja without having to experience what he had.

Raising a slow, tentative hand, he brushed that hand through that long almost shaggy seeming hair of his. On the journey to Kumogakure no Sato, during his stay, and throughout his time in the hospital it hadn't been cut. The Kansen Suru had made sure to keep anything that was capable of doing so away from that head of his. I won't need to wear a mask... He had decided that he didn't want a physical material to cover the scar that had been left on his face, but there weren't many other options. Growing his hair out beyond his earlobe was the furthest his hair had ever gone in his life time. Any further made him feel as if he'd have feminine features.

Not too long...

He was dragged out of his own thoughts by the word of Uchiha Tenzo. Mistrust. There was no nod of agreement, or a word to even show that he had acknowledged the words of his sensei. When he had heard that word, it had simply reminded him of all the things that had happened throughout this whole trip, and he slowly pushed himself back into his bed and laid on his back, replacing his head on that surprisingly fluffy pillow of his.

The last thing he had expected to hear was a lecture on the true purpose of what the Hidden Leaf Village was. For the most part in the Academy it wasn't described as such a thing. It was a place that they lived, it was their home, and although he knew what it was actually for, he listened to the words that his sensei spoke, allowing his reference to the three great Sannin to continue. He was curious at that point, he wanted to see where he'd go with it. Was he trying to say the three great Sannin, Orochimaru, Lady Tsunade, and Jiraiya that Toad Sage weren't close? If he was still upright, maybe he would've shrugged. There was little reason to think otherwise. There was a reason that they had been named Sannin, and it was because they were individually strong in their own way, and for them to have survived for as long as they did they would've had to of worked together, and granted, worked together exceptionally well. Of course, he didn't bother saying that. He was laying down at that point, almost a silent message for that other white haired man that he could leave.

The next words he spoke fell on deaf ears. Joruri was arrogant, but he wasn't going to listen to someone, no, anyone slander him only because they didn't like what he had said to them. The Kansen-Suru in his opinion was right in every way, and with that response from his sensei, it only gave him further reason to believe in his own 'apparent' statement of his simulation being faulty. There was hardly any reason for Joruri to think otherwise, he had given his reason of their current Squad Three of not knowing each other that well, but he made no mention of the obvious factor that was Mitarashi Cho who had singlehandedly brought the entire simulation to an end in the space of time that it took someone to gather chakra and to jump in the air. We were a new team, and he instead decided to attack us. There was no sound from him in response, he may as well have been a corpse at that point, but they both knew he was still alive and quite clearly conscious. He felt those ebony eyes of the Uchiha watching him...

His sensei spoke as if everything he said was fact, blinded by the possibility of their being other factors in how people acted. Acting in such a way was in itself the epitome of arrogance. Soon enough, he went back around to the sentiment that he had made earlier about Manami not listening to what he said, and of course, he continued to maintain that brick wall imitation and said nothing. By the time the man had begun bowing, Joruri had long since closed his eyes and allowed himself to sink into a dreamworld. One where everything was as it should be and he was remembered for eternity...


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