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1 A Relaxing Afternoon [OPEN, NK] on Mon Aug 24, 2015 2:43 pm



Zinan sighed and laid back on the ground, accompanied by the soft rustle of grass. Hands were together, behind his head, with his fingers interlaced, providing a slightly bony, but comfortable pillow. His feet were planted on the ground and his legs were bent at the knees. His left leg was folded and he rested its calf on his right knee. Slowly, the genin closed his eyes.

Normally, he was not this comfortable on the ground. However, today he decided to just enjoy his day off from training and missions. Earlier in the morning, he decided to visit the forest that was south of the village and enjoy the sights and smells. Though, most of the time, he enjoyed being up in the trees themselves, Zinan knew that it would be hard to fish from a tree branch. So, here he laid, with a fishing rod dug into the ground. It's fishing line was spooled out and hung slightly slack as the bobbing lure rolled this was and that way, a victim to the ride of the quaint pond that Zinan had found.

He smiled, the sounds of the water lapping at the shore, the wind rustling the leaves, the plod of a nearby deer's footfalls; they were peaceful and comforting, and much needed in the tumultuous times that the world lived in. The sounds, coupled with the earthy scent that was carried aloft by the wind, made Zinan think of home. The clan's compound, where his star pupil of a brother was probably shining in his training, working with his partnered spider. Zinan's mood soured and he grimaced, before shaking his head free of such irritating thoughts. No, he thought, I won't let him ruin my day today.

He opened his eyes slightly, as he thought he heard someone approaching. Not seeing anyone in the near vicinity, they slowly slid back shut, though he kept his ear out.

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