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1 Going on the road [Travel Iwa-Kumo] on Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:25 pm



Time to put the show on the road. Jet hummed to herself merrily as she received a notice via raven that her request to travel has been accepted. She would've gone either way but it wasn't safe for her to be outside the village and a nukenin at the same time. She was a bit late she knew but that wasn't going to stop her from doing her business. The green haired chuunin pulled her best friend into her bedroom "Hey Maki are you coming"

Maki tilted her head as she began to pick of the mess that Jet left in her bedroom "Coming to where?"

"We're heading to Kumo to spectate the exams"

"You do know that the first stage is already over"

"So, it's not like we could've watch that one. We have the next one"

"Aren't you on probabtion with the local police"

"Nope, that ended awhile ago"

"What about being tracked by those ANBU"

"Nanashi call them off. He's back to being captain remember?"

"Oh right...okay what about-"

"Maki we have the pass right here. We have permission to go so are you coming or not?"

A moment of silence passed by them before finally the blonde huffed and face her with her arms crossed over her chest "Jet, I know you're not really going there for the exams. What is the real reason you're heading there? Out of the village of all things after assassins have been sent after you!" Her voice raised in volume and she began to become more livid. Her eyes turned to slits and black aura began to form around her but it was gone as soon as it came once she snapped out it feeling a sudden drain on her from the seal on her body. Breathing deeply through her nostril she took a moment to sort herself then glared at Jet. "I will say this one more time. What are you going to kumo for and give me the real reason otherwise I'm not letting you out of this house"

Sighing Jet grabbed the last of her stuff and pulled the backpack over her shoulders while strapping her sword to her hip then slipped her boots on. "Alright you want the truth then? I have a contact in Kumo that I need to go and it's not negotiable. You always kept out of my private business and vice versa. I was hopping that our agreement wasn't going to change. It seems I was wrong" Jet rolled her eyes disinterestedly however she almost winced at the stab of regret in her heart as she gazed upon her best friend until she remember. . .they were never friends at least not to her. She was once an ally but now the betrayal she felt was too strong. The woman always had her cooped up or watch by one friend or an associate ever since the incident with the assassins. Rinshi, a one time sensei managed to dispatch them since she was a bit out of it and quickly brought her to the hospital over her wounds reopened. Seeing her, the daughter she never had, broke the uzumaki's heart and she stripped her of all her weapons and freedom while she recovered. That was weeks ago but the woman wouldn't let go. Jet hardly had time to go out and be alone without being watched. She remained updated however on all world events as she had renewed her lines of contacts awhile ago after being appointed as Nanashi's apprentice.

"Wait Jet you can't go-"

Jet put her hands in a seal and molded her chakra as she said "Goodbye" and disappeared in a shushin to meet up her contact.

Travel complete (600/600)

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