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1 Kaguya, Kiritou (Plot Mover) on Wed Aug 26, 2015 10:38 pm




Life Story:
Birth Arc: Kiritou was born just outside of kirigakure in a small village that housed only a couple families. His father very early on was not a very loving one and often abused his mother violently almost to the point he nearly killed her one day in a fit of rage. After this incident, his mother finally had enough and she walked out on both Kiritou as well as his father before Kiritou was even a year old.

Early Childhood: During his early childhood years Kiritou was still abused by his father from the point he could walk. His father was apart of the kaguya clan as well however did not inherit the clans kekkei genkai. His father very early on harshly trained him most of the sessions included savage beatings and near fatal damage at times. These beatings and sessions of martial arts training caused extensive and permanent nerve damage to the young boys body early on causing him to lose most of the feeling his body.

Retaliation arc: After ten or so years of harsh training and physical abuse from his dad, the day finally came when his bloodline would surface and would show that unlike his father he was an inheritor of his clans kekkei genkai. During the training session his father had attempted to savagery beat him once more and in a fit of rage multiple bone portrusions would erupt from his body skewering his dad fatally. His father would eventually succumb to his wounds and pass away. His bloodline came at a price though and he learned that due to the arrival of his inherited abilities he also contracted a bone disease that could one day kill him and after prolonged bouts of hard physical activities begins to weaken him.

Academy arc: After the death of his father and since his mother was long gone, he had no reason to stay in his home town and figured he would travel to the nearby village of kirigakure. After a few days travel he would arrive at his destination, the large village dwarfed the size of his hometown and at first he didn't really know what to make of it. Early on though he knew what it was he needed to do, he was going to join the ninja academy and put all those years of harsh training to at least some use. After enrolling in the academy, his sensei's and peers quickly noticed that Kiritou was not your average run of the mill shinobi wannabe. Kiritou had talent especially in the field of taijutsu. He demonstrated higher level taijutsu skill than someone of his age and experience should have. He also progressed rather quickly when it came to ninjutsu as well though not nearly as much as his taijutsu affinity. His genjutsu knowledge however was severely lacking though considering his opinion on that style of combat he didn't really care all that much. He spent most of his free time, rather at the academy or not, either training or studying heavily in order to better himself in any way possible. He learned quickly the history of his clan and often visited the Kaguya temple housed in kirigakure.

Genin Arc: He progressed through and graduated from the academy rather quickly becoming a genin in the process. After he was given said title, he disappeared for sometime, no one knew where he had gone or how long he would be gone. Kiritou had planned this since he joined the academy, he knew once he graduated he would need time on his own to travel and do some serious solo training. A few years past and many people from the academy who had known Kiritou believed him dead but a few years later when Kiritou was sixteen he returned. He was different than when he left, not only his physical appearance had changed but he had achieved much greater physical prowess as well. He trained extensively to hone his reflexes and also in the process developed a keen eye for detail. Now that he once again resides within Kirigakure, only time will tell where he shall end up next.



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Kiritou is a genin level shinobi of the Kaguya clan, he resides in Kirigakure, the village Hidden in the Mist. He doesn't trust easy and is a very quiet person most of the time. He was abandoned and abused early on in life and this has affected him every day since. He lives life with one goal, to be the strongest shinobi he can possibly be both physically and mentally.

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