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Everything around him was nothing more than a blur. Trees, vegetation, the surrounding scenery merging and mixing with one another as Nanashi transverse the landscape quickly; with each step and leap being executed almost perfectly with the barest audible sound and displacement of the touchdown area. Within his arms, being carried bridal style, and shielded from the rapid winds, was Inuzuka Yui. The woman who he had encountered moments ago, and ending up indulging himself with sins of the flesh. The aftermath of said activities having once been evident on their bodies had long since been wiped off by the winds hitting them during their travels to the hotel. Every now and then Nanashi looked back, eyes searching for Sekkiea, Yui's partner, making sure the canine was keeping up with him, before pressing onward.

He didn't bother in making small talk with the woman, believing such trivial things weren't necessary at the time. She was most likely tired not only from the transformation and the subsequential fight that followed but also from what happened afterwards. Of course, he could be severely underestimating her stamina, she was the former Kazekage after all, but the thought only tickled his mind for a moment before being dismissed. Even though she was the leader of Sunagakure no Sato,  there were rumors of her declined in power, that for whatever reason, she had become complacent with her current level, at the time, and didn't bother in furthering it - ultimately leading to her decline. While she still had a lot of political pull within the village, being the former Kage and now current Sannin, it meant little in the field were might prove who is right in the end. There was a chance the rumors about her declining strength could be a fabricated lie to get the other nations to lower their guard, but till something supporting such thoughts were brought to the forefront, he would, partially, believe these rumors.

Exiting the forest, Nanashi didn't pause in moving into a nearby alleyway void of people. Moving through said area, and slipping into some of the backstreets, having stumbled on them some time ago, and headed towards his hotel. With it still being relatively early in the morning, there weren't many people out and bout, therefore, no curious glances were thrown Nanashi's way when he had to walk in one of the open streets, though did, he made sure Yui was properly covered and her partner was following him. Reaching the room, Nanashi made a single shadow clone that fished out a key from its creator's pocket, opening the door and dispersing, afterward.

Once Sekkiea had entered into his temporary home, Nanashi closed the door behind him with a nudge of his foot. There wasn't anything special regarding his apartment, it had all the essential one comes to expect it to have; living room, dinning room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The furniture and other decoration(s) had a more modern twist to them, instead of the typical traditional look one might have expected.

Taking a glance around the spacious area, Nanashi noted nothing was amiss, everything was left just the way he had left as. Making his way towards the center of the room, followed closely by Sekkiea, Nanashi placed the Inuzuka woman on the black sectional sofa, shaped in a 'U', before making himself comfortable beside her.

Silence descended upon the occupants seated within the living room, Nanashi was not bothering in turning on the television that sought a ways from him. His thoughts were busy thinking about the events that had transpired some time ago. He had told the woman, that she was the best he ever had. The statement in itself wasn't entirely true, he had better, however, it had been quite some time. She was unquestionably better than any he had recently.

He wondered briefly if she expected anything else out from the romp they had within the forest. She didn't seem like the type of female to instantly fall for a guy after being thoroughly fucked by them. He had dealt with his share of those particular type of women and didn't want to deal with anymore for the time being. No, from the few moments of conversation, he gathered she was anything but that. However, one could never be too sure, of the masks others wear. "You are not expecting me to carry you to the bath, right? For, if I did, we might not leave for anytime soon,", words slicing through the silence like a hot knife through butter. Standing up, Nanashi looked at Yui, eyes drinking in her exposed flesh, "The bath is down the hall to the right. My room is to the left of it. While you take your bath, I'm going to find you something to wear, unless, of course, you want to remain naked. I wouldn't mind that.", the latter being spoken as he disappeared down the hallway and into his room - leaving the woman to her own device.

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