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Congratulations finalists and welcome to the final tourney of the Chuunin Exams. You have all undergone trials to test your ingenuity, intelligence, resilience, and natural aptitude for the life of a shinobi. The fact that you are here today means that you have overcome those trials up to this point. However, the kid gloves come off now.

Reconnaissance, stealth, and subterfuge are all key aspects of a shinobi’s skills. Weapons in their arsenal, so to speak. However, throughout the centuries that our way of life has existed, only one rule has remained constant in the shinobi world: At the end of the day, strength decides the winners and losers. You will face many situations in our line of work where combat is the only option. Since before the villages you all hail from existed, war was a constant reality that all who called themselves shinobi faced.

It is for that reason that the final tourney for the Chuunin exams is and always has been single combat. This should come as a surprise to none of you. There are a total of eight remaining participants. Each of you will face off in rounds of one on one combat, with the winner advancing onto the next round and the loser being eliminated from further participation. The participant which emerges victorious from the final tourney earns the right of an automatic promotion. Without further ado, here are the match ups for the Chuunin Exam Quarterfinals.

(1)Maigo vs (8)Elin

(2)Kikisu vs (7)Taede

(3)Riss vs (6)Tsuru

(4)Sakumi vs (5)Fukai

The matches for the final tourney will take place inside of the Tailed Beast Temple that resides on Genbu. Once used for hosts of tailed beasts from Kumogakure to attempt to tame the creatures imprisoned within them, the temple now stands as a monument of strength and determination in recognition of shinobi of the past. The ring that participants is a raised 30mx30m square with a completely flat floor and no obstructions. The ring is bordered by a lowered 5m wide area of soft dirt.

The objective is simple, defeat your opponent in single combat by either incapacitating them or knocking them out of the ring. If at any point either participant lands outside of the ring they will forfeit the match and any further participation in the exams. Good Luck.

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