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1Kikisu vs Taede Empty Kikisu vs Taede on Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:29 pm



The matches for the final tourney will take place inside of the Tailed Beast Temple that resides on Genbu. Once used for hosts of tailed beasts from Kumogakure to attempt to tame the creatures imprisoned within them, the temple now stands as a monument of strength and determination in recognition of shinobi of the past. The ring that participants is a raised 30mx30m square with a completely flat floor and no obstructions. The ring is bordered by a lowered 5m wide area of soft dirt.

The objective is simple, defeat your opponent in single combat by either incapacitating them or knocking them out of the ring. If at any point either participant lands outside of the ring they will forfeit the match and any further participation in the exams. Good Luck.

First Post: Kikisu

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2Kikisu vs Taede Empty Re: Kikisu vs Taede on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:20 am



Kikisu walked onto the arena, it was a raised platform, he smiled to himself due to him actually making it this far, he had found the scroll and forded his way here, his sensei was proud but still wanted him tot rain hard when he was giving 2 weeks of preparation, kikisu grimaced at the notion of his training his fingers were bleeding by the end of the the day from so much puppet battling and his sensei hadn't even tired, he was as ready as he was ever going to be.
Kikisu stood there, thinking over the past few days, he had gained a few new jutsu during the two weeks of training that they had been giving, kikisu smirked to himself he couldnt wait to win this next round, he walked onto the large 30 by 30 square, flat arena, he knew that hiding and running wasn't going to be an option, this was a straight forward battle, kikisu eyed the environs silently putting them into his head to make sure he would end of going off the edge at any point, and to help get his opponant off the square. he had all of his puppets ready but he pulled out two puppets to start off, he started with Kawaii the pink haired beauty, and then tabok his original puppet he knew that kawaii was a faster and better puppet but his tabok had some good hidden tricks.

He kept Minos folded on his back, right beside infant demon, Spink was being kept inside one of his 3 scrolls, as was the crusher harisma, one scroll was kept free, he was working on a new jutsu with it. he stood at the ready waiting for the signal to go, keeping tabok in front of him with his dao at the ready, and keeping kawaii 5m to the left of him ready to strike at any moment, waiting for his opponent, some person named Taede, he hoped that they put up a good fight, his last fight had been glorious, this one would hopefully only prove harder, and more fun. Kikisu smiled despite himself, his sensei did not want failure, and he wasnt planning on showing it today.
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Chakra 130:
Name: Chakra Strings Technique (Chakura no Ito ~ チャクラの糸)
Canon/Custom: Cannon
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 50m
Specialty: Kugutsu(Puppetry)
Duration: Maintainale
Cooldown: 2(After ending the technique)
The jutsu Generates long fiberous malleable chakra strings from each of the user's fingers. The condensed chakra takes a blue hue, though colour often depends on the user, and colours may vary. This is generally used to control a puppet though the flexible chakra fibre can just as easily be atached to a weapon to generate a yoyo effect or similar fighting styles, and use on humans is restricted to only human puppets in your locker (you cannot control people). All chakra strings are able to be cut or severed by a single B rank or higher non katon jutsu or bukijutsu technique.

Three types of strings:
Multiple control (-5 chakra per turn):
The chakra strings at this rank are more tailored to controlling the base functions of many puppets as opposed to putting an astounding amount of effort into the control of few. Using this technique depending on the user's rank they are able to control up to 10 puppets, though the trade off is each of them operate at -1 of the users base speed and reaction time (meaning jutsu, item and SC buffs/ +1's are not included, clan negatives or positives however are.)
D rank = 2 puppets
C rank = 4
B rank = 6
A rank = 8
S rank = 9
SS rank = 10

Balanced Control (-5 chakra per turn):
Using more focused control on the puppets the user wields they are able to focus more into their puppets movement and therefore they no longer receive the negative influence to their speed that the mass control strings had(still recieve -1 to reaction times), but less puppets are able to operate at this capacity per rank.
D-C rank = Max of 2 puppets
B-A rank 4
S-SS rank = 5

Focused control (-5 chakra per turn):
The user with these strings are able to literally control their puppets with such mastery as if they were basically human themselves. Though the concentration at this level requires they dedicate themselves into only one or two puppets, but they operate without any negatives what so ever, and move at the user's base speed and reaction times.
C-B rank = 1 Puppet max
A rank and up can use 2.

Name: Invisible Chakra Strings
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C-A
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: Range of the Puppet Technique.
Duration: Until the Puppet Technique ends.
Cooldown: Duration +2 posts
Description: This technique has a single purpose: it makes the strings from the Puppet Technique, or a similar maintainable jutsu that creates chakra threads, invisible to all those with Perception of tier-3 or lower (of this jutsu's rank). This technique requires no maintenance, as it is easy to keep the effect going as long as the affected jutsu is active and maintained. Chakra strings that are broken and reattached are no longer under the influence of this technique.
C rank ussage
*Using Balanced Control And Invisible Strings

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3Kikisu vs Taede Empty Re: Kikisu vs Taede on Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:56 am



This was a sad day.

The young man....he called himself Koizumi Taede.

The village....they called themselves Suna-gakure no Sato.

These spectators....they called themselves ninja.

But what do any of those things mean?

Such a thought was unfit to be had so nearing this event's start, at least the start for him. From the ring of lookers-on, he and his opponent, one Kikisu, were called to the ring. His stride was neither unnatural nor rushed; he walked as if he wasn't a shinobi, some sort of mistaken civilian that was pushed into a competition of ninja. His face held neither confidence nor dread; what was adorned with a forlorn expression, was his countenance. He could only count on the fact that he would be forced to fight here and now....

He was right to think that, as the proctor had the two of them walk to opposite sides of this square ring. The thing that was odd here, however, was that there was so much more room here. Whether defeat or victory loomed in his future due to this expansive battlefield....he wouldn't be able to tell., they just had to put Suna versus Suna. Well, nothing we can do about it now. Best luck. What went through his head now was only means after means to triumph. He leaned on his back foot to stabilize himself; he wasn't obsessed with winning here. He supposed that autonomy his body had separate from his mind was obeying his superiors rather than himself. From the shelf in his room, he had taken his hitai-ate, wrapped 'round his left arm this time. In addition, his left hand held a Pumpkin; a rarity in the deserts of Suna, the Wind Country Diamond. A hard fruit if there ever was one. Once they had gotten to their respective corners, he set it down, in the fashion he seemed to do everything: so gently. In the same way, a bird fluttered down from above, landing on his shoulder as he managed a weak smile.

His opponent...or opponents, rather....were amply ready to begin, here; all set, twenty meters from him. They each had an ample five meters behind them until the ring dropped out. It was rather sad that he wouldn't be able to exchange proper greetings with Kikisu before their match. He supposed that he'd have to try and befriend the puppeteer after the bout. That is, he knew that these weren't human. At least one of them, anyhow. Minotaurs didn't exist.

Did they?

Unwilling to involve his mind in an internal debate about how people are so closed-minded as to dismiss and yet so firmly cling to the past.....He widened his legs a bit, just over shoulder-width, and awaited an attack. Anything that a Genin could throw at him....yes, almost anything he could take.


One Pumpkin and Dhalsim are present in this thread, as well as all my Natural Armor and Hitai-Ate.


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Suddenly the words rang through kikisus head, as the proctor raised his hand and dropped it saying
Kikisu flung his hands forwards, opening the jaw of tabok and shooting a small grey orb at the enemy, exploding in a cloud of smoke hoping to catch this enemy flat footed, there was no time for pleasantries, even if he was from the same village. as the smoke bomb detonated, he had Kawaii lauched towards the enemy ninja, flinging her hair directly at the kids throat, aiming for a nice quickl and easy kill shot, teh pink hair tossling in a wave of metal as it flung towards the kid. He had tabok stand ready, the moment that he saw the kid exit the smoke he would lauch his three kunai at him from his forearm, aiming for the face and neck as well, staggering the attacks somewhat to try and get him while he dodged. He would have Kawaii going into flanking posistion as well, whipping her long pink weapon at the ninja rapidily, aiming for the eyes and throat , Kikisu wasnt going to waste any time with this fight he wanted it over as fast as possible, so he could move on to the next fight, he planned on winning this.
Kikisu was keeping a close watch on this kid, he wasnt too sure what kind of technique he was going to use, but he was hoping to at least start this off with a bang.
Sorry for short post
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5Kikisu vs Taede Empty Re: Kikisu vs Taede on Sat Sep 12, 2015 2:27 am



I assume since its been 8days i win? (Sorry Tae, gave it a another 5 days but i can only wait so long man , unless you have the post ready)
Kikisu saw the smoke go off, and his puppet fly forwards the hair slicing into not the throat but the chest of his enemy, at the same time the three kunai thudded into the chest of this ninja. They werent leathel blows, they would hurt like mad, they also sent the ninja flying backwards, apparently he had attacked slightly to furious to bring in a good fight, after the proctor called the win Kikisu ran to his fallen enemy and propped him on his shoudler walking him over to the medical ninjas, passing them over with a smile,
Fight me again sometime, well have a real go at it back at the village sometime Kikisu smiled as they started to patch him up, he re wrapped his puppets onto his back with a few twitches of his hand, he walked over to the viewing area, where his jounin was waiting him, she was transformed to look older, she was still somewhat pretty looking but she was somewhere nerra 40 years old instead of her 18 yerars.
Good go Kikisu! Quick on the draw eh?
Kikisu shook his head, not liking that comment,
I caught him flat footed nothing more, next fight i will be able to show my full prowess sensei

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