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1 Traveling for a Medic on Thu Sep 10, 2015 10:23 pm



wolfgang looked around, he had sent in his letter to the kage, stating that he had need of a better medic then this village could offer him, his arm was now ending in a stump at the mid forearm, so he was missing a bit of arm and a good deal of hand, that had happened in his fight with his apprentice from long ago, who was now on par with him in any aspect, toshiko had grown to be a good ninja, and had shown him when he had taken his arm clean off, he currently had his katar mounted on the end of his forearm, it wasnt facny or anything, but it at least allowed him to continue with the use of the arm.
He packed what he needed and got dressed, he wore a purple male kimono with a gold sash, the sleeves came past his hands as to hide his lack of limb, on his head he wore his mouth breather, it was made of a cheap metal but it could still serve some purpose, underneaqth his robe he still wore his anbu vest, in his bag he had some weapons and food and a change of clothes, as well he had a combat mask that he only wore for fights, since it hid all of his face, over the top of his head he wore a large straw hat, that covered the majority of his head.
He set out for the village, he traveled at a decent pace, going at a light jog for the most of the travel, he scanned his surroundings periodocially it was a habit that he had gained in teh anbu, he was always on guard in case someone was going to attack him, WIP


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