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1 Trouble with ninken (C-Rank/Repeatable) on Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:27 am

Hyuga Hiroyuki

Hyuga Hiroyuki

Mission name: Ninken Troubles
Mission rank: C-Rank
Objective: Walk 3 ninken around the village of Kumo for 2 hours.Must be brought home by at least 8:00 p.m.
Location: Kumogakura no Sato
Reward: 150 ryo
Mission description: Walk the most troublesome dogs in Kumogakure.The owner has given you a bit of food to share with every dog evenly as well as water to keep the things alive.Every single one should be returned in full health or slightly less to be given the full reward of the mission.
Mission details: Before the mission even starts Ryujin will eat all the food rations.While walking Hariken will chew off the multi-linked leash and run off with the others.The player will find Hariken chasing several small animals.After capturing him, the player will see Tsunami swimming in a dangerous river bed.Hariken will push the player into the water upon trying to save her and Tsunami will get out casually.The player will find the last ninken jumping through stores and causing trouble.If the player returns in the time limit they will be rewarded and thanked.If the player does not or harms the dogs in any way you will be threatened to never touch the woman's dogs again.

Hariken(The leader):

Name: Hariken (Hurricane)
Age: ?
General Appearance: Hariken is a sky blue dog and is still quite small even with his unknown age.He is an Alaskan Malamute and has a single back leg missing.
Personality: Hariken is quite a rude dog and often describes his teammates as idiotic mutts.But through all this he is a great leader and is the second smartest in the group.
Motivations: Tsunami is all the dog seems to care about.And will bite, bark, growl, and claw anything that messes with her.Including the player.He wants to be more than a simple leader to her but fails miserably.
Fears: Death of any teammate.Even though he hates Ryujin he can't live without him.No matter how many mistakes he made or how stupid.He loves his whole team.
Abilities: All academy jutsu, all Futon jutsu up to Wind Release: Air Bullets and all D-Rank Suiton.Not to mention his D-rank Taijutsu skills.And a great sense of smell.
Other: Hariken also has the rare ability to speak.

Tsunami(Medical ninken):

Name: Tsunami
Age: ?
General Appearance: Tsunami is a tall mutt of two unknown breeds.She usually wears a small green harness on her as it makes her feel 'safe' when her teammates aren't around.
Personality: Tsunami is mute yet her actions speak louder than her words.She is kind to her teammates and when asked a question will not hesitate to tell the truth.But when it comes to it she may do a half lie for the team.
Motivations: All Tsunami lives for is her owner.While she is still loyal to her team she loves her owner much more.She will fight for her owner and will even risk her life for the woman.
Fears: Ryujin is on Tsunami's fear list.He has outbursts that frighten her to points she doesn't even look directly at him for long periods of time.She also has a small fear of dogs which would include her of course.
Abilities: All medical ninjutsu up to C-Rank.And Water Release: Water Prison Technique.
Other: Tsunami is mute and, therefore, cannot even bark or growl.She is silent and makes it commonly hard to track her based on noises.

Ryujin (The fire breather):

Name: Ryujin (Dragon)
Age: ?
General Appearance: Ryujin is the tallest of the group and is identified as a Doberman Pinscher.He has several scars lining his face and a red collar.
Personality: Ryujin normally doesn't take orders from anybody.Not even his owner.Amazingly he is incredibly shy but uses a rude temper to ward away things that may hurt him.
Motivations: This dog lives for himself.You could throw his owner down a well and he'd just take care of himself.He craves independence and the adrenaline trouble gives him.
Fears: Ryujin fears his own death.He often joins fights but retreats if it gets a little too serious.Often using the term YOLO he just gets into more trouble.Which isn't life threatening.
Abilities: All Katon ninjutsu up to C-Rank.And C-Rank Taijutsu.
Other: Ryujin also has the ability to speak and use Katon ninjutsu.Making a great asset to the team.

*Hariken has all D-Rank stats except for strength, which is C-Rank.

*Tsunami has all E-Rank stats except for perception, which is C-Rank.

*Ryujin has all C-Rank stats except for strength, which is E-Rank.


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