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1 Speed determines the winner. (Private} on Tue Sep 29, 2015 3:42 pm



{ Yay, more speed training. How are we going to do this Jion? }

Jiongami was still very upset with how slow he was, and knew that he would have problems should he get into a dangerous situation. Needing additional speed, he set out for a week’s worth of training. He wanted to prove to his mother and his mother’s side of the family that he too could hold the family tradition of being the fastest in his class and would do whatever it took to master the art of speed at his current rank. He packed enough provisions to keep himself fed and hydrated for the long endeavor, as well as some supplies to sleep out in the wilderness with. Locking up his parent’s home he set off for the jungles of Kumogakure. Walking through the town with his heavy pack was a dull affair, and utterly painful to say the least. He was once again faced with the fact that there were very few ninja in the village, seeing as though the Chūnin exams was about to come to an end. The village defenses would still be great even with very few shinobi present, seeing as though that their Raikage is as strong as people claims he is.  He knew that the Raikage was guarding the village and though that was some comfort a single ninja can only do so much.  However this week’s worth of training could not be helped; he needed this time to grow stronger. And he exited the village and entered into the jungle. He than began to jog.

This would be his... third day of training, second only when it came to his speed.  It would be grueling, but it was time to cover up some of his weakness with his strength.  The jogging was fairly basic work, but it was the purpose of the day.  This would give him his solid base to which he would build on for the entire week.  The forest floor passed slowly beneath his feet as step after step led him deeper in.  Birds and other animals watched as he came and went.  The heat from the jungle had made a small sweat break out on his forehead, but it was a good and accomplished feeling.  His muscles were stretching nicely, and the jogging was doing the trick for the day.  Even though he grew weary, he continued to jog for around 2 hours.  Though by the end it might be more of a shuffle.  His pack was weighing heavily on his body, and Jiongami decided it was time to have a little break.  During his break, he had a small snack of a sandwich he had prepared, and sat there on the quiet grass, motioning his eyes and head upward, looking at the sky for a little while. It was a very beautiful day outside, although it still presumed the usual weather which it was cloudy, somewhat very cloudy today. He wondered if it was going to storm today. He hadn’t mind the rain at all, especially when it comes to his training. A small stretch of his arms and legs and hearing a few bone cracks would help him get off his feet for the rest of the day, at least.  After his break had concluded, the gēnin stood up and continued on with his jogging session.  

Not many events happened during this time, but one notable event did occur. While jogging, Jiongami had spotted a panther getting ready to eat a small pig.  Normally, Jiongami believed in letting nature take its course, and Jiongami couldn’t be there for the smaller creatures at all times, and after all animals needed to eat, but for some reason, Jiongami felt compelled to intervene. Setting up a small trap, Jiongami had made a whistling sound as the Panther left the pig’s attention and now focused itself on Jiongami. The panther lunged forward toward Jiongami. Suddenly it found itself trapped inside a ditch that was buried by leaves in the middle.  Walking up to where the panther stood, Jiongami looked down at the panther and sighed, “Some kitties should just stick with cat nip instead...” However, probably not the best idea for the day.  Picking up the frightened pig, he noticed that it was terribly scared, so much so it had its eyes closed and wouldn’t open them. Carrying the little scared pig, Jiongami began to look for its family. Jogging through the jungle with the pig, it took several hours to find them. This time was productive, as sprinting at full speed with a squirming piglet was pretty good training, since the pig only weighed about 30 to 40 pounds already. Eventually, he found some wild boar that matched the skin color of the piglet he was holding.  

Setting the pig down, he noticed it still hadn’t opened its eyes.  Feeling a bit embarrassed, Jiongami made some pig sounds hoping to coax the pig awake.  This didn’t work at first, but it did lure the other boar over. This wasn’t necessarily a good thing, as apparently they thought he was trying to harm the pig. When set upon by three adult wild boar, even a ninja knows it is probably best to just run. Utilizing the tiger hand seal with one hand, Jiongami instantly appeared on a tree branch with the use of an escape jutsu. Escaping immediate danger, Jiongami continued his jogging through the trees by leaping from branch to branch to help him catch the momentum to go even faster. The pack was still heavy so each jump put extra strain on his legs. Surely this would help increase the strength in his legs which would translate into speed probably. At least he thought so. Counting the trees, Jiongami had leaped through 50 before he decided to take another break. Though he didn’t have a way to figure out what time it was, he was sure it was near dinner time. Because of that, Jion decided to set up camp. Leaping a couple more trees, Jiongami found a small clearing that would probably do well for camp. The sun was setting and it made the small gēnin very peaceful to look at the sunset. It was closed off from the elements enough to prevent a cold wind, and the sky was clear promising a warm night with no rain.

Forming up camp took around 25 minutes. Once the fire was started, he cooked the remainder of his second day provisions. Stretching out his legs, Jiongami knew that the second day was like the first day, a successive day.  It wasn’t a big day of training so it was worth it. Getting inside his tent, Jiongami looked at the roof of his tent. He knew the next 5 days was going to be rough, as this was only the beginning to the ultimate training week. By the end of the week, Jiongami hoped to be at least as fast as a quick chuunin or a slow jounin or better if possible. Sunrise came and he figured he might as well go back to the village and call it a day since he could not sleep in the forest.

Setting everything back to the way it was when he first started camp, Jiongami took his speed to the trees to avoid further trouble from the wildlife. After a minimum of at least 2 hours, he then arrived back at the village and walked along the streets of Kumogakure before he got into his hotel room and settled in for the night. He was not doing that again.

{ Am I really becoming faster? I hope so. I just want to make mother proud since father is never around… }

Training Speed: D-0 to D-3
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