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1 Tomorrow never came (Open/NK) on Sat Oct 03, 2015 9:18 pm

Zetsume Zix


Air in the market place had a cool and relaxing breeze as many merchants and customers hustled around to obtain what they needed. It was quite an amazing thing to see people work in such a way, in unison. Every once in awhile you would hear of a customer being rude on the prices or vice versa. Nothing out of the ordinary however as Zetsume was walking through the village with his hands in his pockets. He had left shortly past noon to roam the village and hope to stretch his muscles. It had been quite some time since he had the time to roam the streets and converse with the people. That has never been his forte, conversing with people that is. They always seemed to speak of things that held little interest to him. Things such as rumors they had heard of others and asked Zetsume in an attempt to get information out of him. Giving out information like that is useless so Zetsume never gave thought to it. Even after the question he would soon forget the question because of its irrelevance. Some could point out he was a ninja, while even fewer knew he was a jounin. Unlike most shinobi, he kept his headband tied to Repede, his dog, who remained faithfully by his side always. It would be easy for one to tell he was a shinobi by the head band but only if they saw Repede walking with Zetsume. Since he did not really talk of his own life, people did not know he was a Jounin at that. At times however, he did not feel like a Jounin as time began to wear on his still heart. It had been still for far too long and walking through the market was only to get to the gate and leave the safety of the town and roam on the outskirts to train. That is where the two of them were headed.

Zetsume was trying to keep somewhat hidden. Each and every person that ran into him would only delay his training and ruin his day. Often times he would be rude to people but not in a direct way. He always bore the smile that somewhat was uneasy due to its nature. It did not help that Repede would often get distracted by whomever he could convince to pet him. Zetsume did not have to stop walking because he knew the dog would soon follow his masters trail and catch back up to him. Time and time again though he would find a pretty girl to try and attempt to get them to pet him. Zetsume was seriously worried for the dog as they began to swarm him with many hugs and talked about finding the dog something "Dashing" to wear but he looked like he was enjoying himself so Zetsume let the dog fight his own battle. Undoubtedly he would run the moment they tried anything fishy such as put them in an outfit. Letting out a small chuckle he couldnt help but to think how silly this dog would look like in an outfit. Alas, he was near the gate and soon had to call the dog back to his side with one loud whistle.

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