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Like the title says! If Saga had an opening, what would the song be? What would the sequence be like? Which characters would be in your opening? I'm curios! Link the songs and stuff~


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I will edit my one but for me the opening must be this song

Rising Hope

The opening would have to show the five Kage first before showing a picture of the Chuunin Exams for a moment with all the participants doing random attacks.

The follow up would be a look at each village, with a zoom in on Konoha with Sousetsu in his Hokage outfit with a snake behind him with Binsu and Lamya on both sides of him and having Chisaki flying past with her water angel technique

Then go straight to the hidden Mist and show Ayakashi rising up from a lake as ice freezes everywhere before the seven swordsman start appearing with the Dangerous Dameon, the Great Gin, the Young Yuzu and Tenmei just pouting a distance from the lake since she hates water for some reason

After a while it goes into a few seven swordsman fight sequences followed by a quick turn to Kumogakure showing Sanosuke and a bunch of bikini girls followed by Gin appearing behind him and smashing his head into the ground with love. Then get mysterious showing Kenji Chikara casting genjutsu while the Ryuzoji's all gather in a pose like Charlie's Angels and have Bokuden appear as a huge head grinning with giant hands on both sides of them.

Then go to Suna and just watch the sand blow with Suzume looking lonely and Taede all confident before it shows an image of him being broken in the exams.

Then finally we get to Iwagakure where it goes into slowmo and shows Tame the Kage Slayer on the right side sitting and some unknown woman hidden behind a silhouette as the Tsuchikage looks all serious before getting a cocky Itachi style look on his face before revealing a byakugan as if he was Kira from Death Note as he takes a bite out of an apple.

Then have it end off with the participants of the chuunin exams all being shown fighting each other and throwing techniques everywhere before ending with Kaekio and Sero showing up to defeat all of them in a massacre sequence and then in blood the title

Naruto Saga....



Alright guys I got the PERFECT theme!


♪I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was....♪

It starts with a map of all the shinobi nations, then zooms in to an area of a meadow where N Tame is walking and looking all forlornly and lonely and then he looks into the camera and smiles mysteriously. Zoom out to the sky with logo, Naruto Saga, and Butterfree are flying through the sky.

♪To catch them is my real test, to train them is cause!♪

It switches to a night scene, Sousetsu and his Serperior are locked tense battle with Lamya and her Serviper. Serviper is about to attack with poison sting but then Chisaki's Shiftree jumps in using protect. Serperior jumps into the air, silhouetted by the moonlight, its tail glows as it uses leafblade to smash into Seviper

♪I will travel across the land, searching far and wide...♪

The scene changes again to a inside cave with a waterfall. The Raikage stands alone staring into the, then suddenly it freezes over. He turns to see the Ayakashi at the cave entrance with an Articuno flying above her. The three Regis step up beside Sano from inside the cave and Raikage smiles, transforming into an Umbreon, and charging ahead to shadow claw at the Legendary bird, which Aya commands to use ice beam.

♪Teach Pokemon to understand the power that's inside! Pokemon!♪

There is a scene of a ninja academy with a bunch of young Konoha Genin all taking care of their Pokemon. Tsu with a Bulbasaur, Sakumi with a Meowth, and I dunno Zinan with like a Spinarak and Asura with a Machop.  (Let's pretend they're all 12-13ish). Tsu sneezes and it causes her Bulbasaur to sneeze too, causing grey power to fill the entire room and everyone panics for a few moments before falling asleep.

♪Gotta catch 'em all~ It's you and me, I know it's my destiny! Pokemon! Oh you're my best friend In a world we must defend! ♪

The dust changes into sand and the land of Wind's desert appears with two shinobi, Marley Mari and Seiryū, swordfighting it out, neck and neck. Sei commands his Larvitar to use rockslide just as Mari's Growlithe avoids it with Flamewheel to go in for the attack. Daraku and a Volcarona acting all Sensei-like cheer on Mari from the sidelines. Sei looks back at them with a face like "Really?!" but is currently busy with Mari's kicking attacks. Razan laughs beside Daraku as he watches the fight with an Eevee on his shoulder.

♪Pokemon! A heart so true, Our courage will pull us through! You teach me and I'll teach you  Pokémon! (Gotta catch 'em) Gotta catch 'em Gotta catch 'em all!♪

On the mountainside, Dray/Zennyo looks out across a mountain range at the stars above as a flock of Dustox fly across the night sky. Other Kumo nin (uh Kaekio, Ryuusei, and Haruo...?)  stand beside him, around them various native rock types of the rocky mountains of Kumo, a pack of Mightyena and some Durant. The camera zooms into the Senju's eyes, which morph into different man's face. The camera zooms out to reveal Uchiha Tenzō, smirking at the moon, surrounding him are some members of the rebuilt Uchiha Clan (Maybe Soichi, Susumu and Yoichi....?) all looking Uchiha scary, along with various fire types atop the Hokage monument. He holds up a stone as he activates his sharingan, a charizard flies up the cliff and mega-evolves with a flash  of light. Tenzō jumps off the cliff and rides atop the Charizard into the night sky.

♪Every challenge along the way
With courage I will face...♪

At night in the desert, the camera pans and follows a Swellow through  the sleeping Suna until it lands at windowsill of the Kazekage's office. Suzume crossed her arms and looks down frowning at the papers, pictures of missing nin and top secret missions. She sighs and takes her Kazekage hat from her head and places it on the desk. The swellow leaves and flies up to a rooftop to land on the shoulders of the waiting Taede, who pets it gently with a shy smile. The Swellow affectionately nudges at Taede's ear before taking off into the sky of clouds...

♪I will battle everyday
To claim my rightful place! ♪

The camera follows Swellow into the clouds, which soon clear to reveal a foggy Iwagakure. The swellow glides down to the windowsill of the Tsuchikage. Akira stands away from his desk to look at the bird Pokemon with a playful smile, his white eyes for a moment revealing their doujutsu.  The door opens with a Ninetales poking its head through the crack, followed by a serious looking Nanashi who opens the door further. The Swellow flies away as the Tsuchikage turns at attention, his smile gone because now it's time to get down to business.

♪Come with me; the time is right!
There's no better team....♪

Actions shots of several gennin participating in the chuunin exams on the Genbu(Titan Size Torterra?). Especially those chuunin who  run into giant Pokemon, such as giant Ursaring, a giant Dodrio and giant Hippowdon. But many fight back with their partners as well as fight each other.

♪Arm in arm, we'll win the fight! It's always been our dream!♪

Round two of Chuunin exams fights action shots. Taede uses his Swellow and Miltank against Kikisu's Shuppet and Relincanth. Maigo and Braixen vs Elin and Kirlia. Sakumi and her Meowth are beaten badly by Fukai and Mienshao. Tsu and Bulbasaur panic against Riss' water clones and her Froslass' double team. The camera zooms out from the arena focuses on Mt. Ikkyu, where many ninja have gathered at the onset of the chunin exams, form those who came for a good time of festivities to those who found new rivals or enemies. Colorful fireworks shoot into the sky.

♪Pokémon! Gotta catch 'em all~ It's you and me. I know it's my destiny! Pokémon! Oh you're my best friend, In a world we must defend! ♪

The Kages are all in their robes are are lined up on spiraling mountain elite four + champion style, looking epic with backlighting and shadows, all with their signature pokemon (besides Sano who  transforms into one, his might just be Zoroark... He might just be a Zoroark).

♪Pokémon! Gotta catch 'em all! A heart so true, our courage will pull us through, You teach me and I'll teach you, Pokémon!♪

The rest would just be cameos or shots of everyone with their Pokemon or some funny shots. Including but not limited to

-Gin and Sano and Gin's Glameow that dresses like a  Croagunk.
-Inazuka Yui traveling alone through the desert with a Houndoom.
-Binsu sitting in jail with a medicham
-Dameon and Mega Gallade vs Gin and Mega Altaria
-Lamya... Plotting
-Mari + Harem
-Tsu being Tsu, Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur!
-Sakumi and Meowth training together

♪(Gotta catch 'em) Gotta catch 'em (Pokémon!)
It's you and me.
I know it's my destiny!
Oh you're my best friend
In a world we must defend!
A heart so true
Our courage will pull us through
You teach me and I'll teach you
(I'll catch you!)
(Gotta catch 'em) Gotta catch 'em Gotta catch 'em all!
Pokémon! ♪

The final shot would just be everyone together with their Pokemon, smiling and having a good old time as the saga family! <3

Okay disclaimer, people I don't know a lot of you and for most of these pokemon-partner matchups I just picked what was either aesthetically pleasing (yes including who got megas or legendaries)  or fit what I know/have heard about you. (I've only been here for about half a year so I don't really know everyone...!) And if I didnt include you,  don't worry! I still <3 you i just happened to not be able to fit you in. So it's not perfect that's for sure, however I just really, really love Pokemon and Saga and I hope you do too!


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AWW Mari your's is awesome!I love yours too Elin!Here I go!

I fell in love with a ghost

All of Kage's appear looking up at the night sky.Holding their hats and flinging them into the sky.Their placement of Kage on the outside of it.Suddenly all their past leaders (As ghosts) place a hand on their shoulders.

Oh, under the moonlight

All of the Uchiha clan stare down at the one youngest to them.Susumu pouts and lightly burns them with fire, Tenzo getting out the way ahead of time.Hao appears (Also a ghost) and rubs his son's hair proudly.Susumu's mother appears and hugs him tightly.All while it is midnight.

You took my hand and held me close

Nozomi and Kaekio hold each other tightly and start crying.Suddenly Kaekio kisses Nozomi and they the two hug tighter yet again.The sun begins to gently set.

For once I was alright

All of Suna punch the air and start chanting randomness.Suddenly everyone starts doing their specialty Jutsu and the screen is blocked out with large amounts of sand.When it is gone everyone but Suzume is gone.Suddenly everyone is up close to the camera and acting silly.It's bright and dry like usual.

I cried and the tears fell from my eyes

We suddenly review every chunin exams ever and show everyone who ever got beat in any of the rounds.Sakumi is seen being flung back by Fukai and everyone around her turns dark.She suddenly fades to black as every member of this year's competitors show up.Ending with the winner of the exams.

Like a waterfall

Every active ninja in Kiri appears in front of their Kage, with kunai in both hands.The scene turns and rotates around them.Everyone grabs their favorite weapon and begin flinging them at the screen.The swordman's appear and wave their swords in a 'hi', dismissing you from the village.The sky gray and stormy.

And I swear I could feel you in my arms

Every dead member of Saga hugs the one they preferred the most before disappearing completely.The loved ones stand up and they montage all the training they have made up until this far.They then view all the mistakes they've ever made and everyone stands with crossed arms.The sky red and looking like a sunset.

But there was no one there at all

Iwa shows up.Hiro bunny ears Akira as he tries to keep his calm and flash gang symbols.Everyone in Iwa follows and a picture is taken.Akira takes off his Kage hat and flings it off into the screen.Everyone is then shown taken a large group photo while trying to murder each other.Iwa is bright and calm.

You were my clarity, I swear
Alone in a daydream
Yeah there was magic in the air
And you were right here beside me

All of Konoha appears(Including a shadow of Hiro and Susumu) behind their Kage.All the ANBU with their masks to the side, revealing their faces.Everyone but those under 15 pulls out kunai and sebons.The ones under 15 grab scrolls and shurikens and pose for a picture.Kumo joins in and Sakumi is glomped before the picture is taken.While the whole of Kumo and Konoha take the picture Sakumi and Elin stared at each other happily.The two hug and accidently make lip contact.Sakumi mentally dies and faints as Elin screams for help.

A whisper on the air
Made my heart rate fall
When I heard you call
And I swear I could hear your voice in my ear
But there was no one there at all

Every village appears as they stare each other off.Some looking nervous and other not so nervous.The ronin and missing nin not around at all.They suddenly launch themselves at each other with fury and speed.Reiko is caught in a fight and Hiro attempts to save her.Hiro is nearly killed when Rippa arrives and finishes them.Sakumi and Elin find themselves fighting each other.But too scared to really hurt the other.Sakumi falls to the ground crying and is comforted by Elin.The screen switches to Akira and Ayakashi as ninja appear in front of the two friends.The two start fighting and Akira is backed up by Iwa and surprisingly Hiro.Lamya and Sero circle each other and attack.Swapping the screen to the moment everyone has been waiting for.Susumu appears and faces Sousetsu.The screen starts jumping to random characters and fights.Finally, it ends and Sakumi is holding Elin.Both are unknown of status and are swapped to a pair of bloody sandals.The screen finally has the Kage's appearing once again.The screen turns black and is ripped by the Kage's strongest attacks.Spelling out Saga in White.

If you were not mentioned I'm sorry...I'm sorry...I'll probably make another and I'll likely mention you then.


She talking to angels, she's counting the stars, making a wish on a passing car.




Personally Throne by Bring Me The Horizon came to mind. . .

*Music starts playing as shadows of people dead and living crawl out of the ground, reform from the ashes, glow in the ice, come out from hiding behind trees, stroll on valcanoes, sits on gravestones until a few stood out and touch the light and an explosion occurs. Some shy away from the light or avoid it completely, some fade in and out of existence or glow completely and white and resemble something more alive*

Remember the moment you left me alone and
Broke every promise you ever made

*Image of: Susumu being left beind by the ghost of his mother and Hao reaching out to them but they slip away in a azure flame becoming Sousetsu who glances disappointed towards the vehement Susumu and faces forwards passing by withered roses and walks through a door into a cell stepping on a Black ANBU mask as he faces a man in the dark who rises his head in a grim smile revealing to be Enaka and Sousetsu's eyes become dark as the convicted man twirls an Owl feather in his hand

I was an ocean, lost in the open
Nothing could take the pain away

*Image of: An irritated Sanosuke holding a bouquet of flowers as a gift for the mother of his village, Reika, smirks at the bandages on his body from his last run in with his Gin heads to the kage tower till all the alarms go off and the village is suddenly put into lock down. He freezes and sushins his way to the tower and runs inside, running by the dead bodies of ANBU and civilians alike in the bloody halls ways till he reaches the scene of the crime but the voices of the council fall on deaf ears till he processes what happened. The tattoo on his arms glows as he seethes with anger and smash the ground with all his might

So you can throw me to the wolves

*Image of: Brief flashes of each of the seven swordsmen including Ayakashi at their lowest point as their village burns not just once but twice. Some becoming exiled, leaders being killed, family ripped away from them, abandoned on the battlefield

Tomorrow I will come back

*Image of: Brief of each of the seven swordsmen including Ayakashi standing their ground, picking themselves up, awakening from comas, stabbing the ground with their blades, setting their foot down

Leader of the whole pack

*Image: Ice and blood lighting perturbs from the screen

Beat me black and blue
Every wound will shape me
Every scar will build my throne

*Image: Mind controlled Daimyo sending assassins after Aya whose loyal subjects stand by her as she leaves the battlefield heading to a new one with her kage robes fluttering in the wind

The sticks and the stones that
You used to throw have

*Image: A runaway hyuuga betrayed by his country flees with his aburame companion to a crime riddled Iwa where he takes his first steps into becoming another person

Built me an empire
So don't even try
To cry me a river

Image: Akira curing the city of crime to the best of his ability and sits atop his throne sipping bourbon in his bunker office overlooking reports and gazes at his village smirking at the sight of Diamond Heights University

Cause I forgive you
You are the reason I still fight

Image: suddenly a knock ripples through the air and Akira slowly turns in his chair to face the person whom entered, his eyes widening upon seeing those pearl eyes that reminded him so much of a woman he once loved. Azumi leans back and grins as a masked woman is dismissed along with her master flicking her green hair back and rolling her amber eyes

I'll leave you choking

*Image: Nanashi removes his mask and feels a fleeting sense of sympathy for the woman Jet, reaching out to her but she slaps in away and sushins to her house slamming the door as she heads to her underground lab, pulling a lab coat on as a picture frame of a small suna family falls off the shelf and onto the ground cracking

On every word you left unspoken

Image: Diving into the sandstorm in the photo, a populous city going through the village gates passing through the vibrant markets to the garden as puppeteers create new poisons then someone running to the training ground after they were dismissed from garden work and reaches the training ground only to witness several random fights. The camera switches back and forth till it turns to the sun but is blown away by a sudden sandstorm but once its over the peace is broken and most of the village is abandoned, hardly occupied or a slum with a missing Suzume who left only a dusty suit of armor

Rebuild all that you've broken
And now you know

*Image: Tadae and a few others including Daruku try to bring the village back to life, rebuilding areas and setting up trade with allies who came with them however a kunai glints int eh possession of a few and aims themselves at Tadae. Soon the village becomes a battleground.

Every wound will shape me
Every scar will build my throne

So you can throw me to the wolves

*Image: War between the nations break out with Kiri attacking the daimyo and Iwa attacking Suna

Tomorrow I will come back
Leader of the whole pack

*Image: Susumu returns his the Neo-Shizu and starts a war against Konoha, fighting Tenzo and Sousetsu

Beat me black and blue

*Image: Suna is losing as Kumo sends aid to Kiri and declares war against Iwa. Tadae tries to stand against them but is slain by Akarui whilst Bokuden shakes his head and leaves

Every wound will shape me

*Image: Konoha is in flames once more as Tame makes a reapperance and backs of Susumu. Enaka meanwhile is freed by Kurohime and Lamaya is no where to be found in the midst of this chaos

Every scar will build my throne

*Image: Everyone launches their final attacks and the screen is absorbed with light and out comes the words 'Naruto Saga'



Damn I am really impressed at the amount of thought that has gone into these, awesome Ideas. That being said, I'll take Tenzo and Nana grinding on each other to New Thang. Maybe Maigo tries to get in there but Tenzo slaps him away. The last chorus will be everyone in the club jammin out.


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If Saga had an Opening, what would it be like?  ENyT23u
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