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I... Lost...

The thought had stayed in the girl's mind since she had fallen out of the arena of those fateful chuunin exams. Now, what was she to do since she had lost? She couldn't very well mope about it too long. She hadn't been injured too much, so she hadn't even stayed in the hospital too long. The girl now simply was wandering around the tourist spot of Mt. Ikkyu with little to think about or talk about other than simply wandering around.

She didn't keep a sad demeanor about her, she didn't like the idea of letting the loss get her down. If anything it just meant that she needed to grow stronger, and with that she just needed to work harder. It was her dream to one day be like her father, a strong shinobi of the Senju Clan, so revered he was always away on top secret and uber important missions. It had been a few months since Tsu had even seen him, she didn't even have a chance to tell him about the exam. She was sure however that when she did get back home and he would come back,  they would have lots to talk about! She smiled to herself at the thought of seeing her father again, he would be so proud to hear that she even got into the chuunin exams despite only being a Genin for half a year! She wasn't a super genius prodigy like he was, she couldn't remember but he was probably already a Jounin by her age. It would have seemed unfortunate that the girl hadn't inherited the same intuition as her father, but she didn't dwell upon that fact either. She just wanted to be strong like him, she knew that she had to work hard to do so.

For now, she just wanted to get a few breaths of fresh air from the mountain side. Kumogakure no Sato was indeed very different from the girl's home village, the rocky terrain and mountainous stretches were beautiful scenery Tsu had never witnessed before. The girl was glad she had come to kumo, it was an opportunity she wouldn't just have everyday, to visit another village! The day was partially cloudy and cool, the clouds casting islands of shadows on the ground. She was currently walking through a little open air market, not too busy but not necessarily without too little people. Many were probably still witnessing the events of the chuunin exams, thought the girl doubted anyone would really recognize her.

She swung her arms back forth, skipping while humming a tuneless melody. Her green braids trailed behind her as she walked with a carefree smile on her face. She wore her konoha forehead protector around her neck like a loose Necklace, the same way her father wore his. Just another way of showing how much she wanted to be like him. She would have to show that to him too when they did end up reuniting. Her bangs that framed her face swung gently in a light breeze, some strands of hair getting into her green eyes. Her bangs were indeed getting longer and longer, perhaps it would soon be time for her to style her hair into three braids instead of two. It was of little concern at the moment, for the girl simply just wanted to have time to do nothing that day except play around.

"Visiting Ikkyu~! I'm wondering what we're gonna do~!" The habit of humming aloud what was doing had never really left her, at 13 Tsu was still very much a child and was just having a fun day in a new place.



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