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1 What is your Pokemon Team? on Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:14 pm



Alright guys! So I recently did a thing on the other thread of Saga's opening crossed over with Pokemon, and since everyone loves Pokemon why don't we all tell each other our Pokemon teams that would fit our characters? It can be any dream combination you want, as long as you think that your character and that pokemon go well together~

I'll start!

Tsu's Team

  • Bulbasaur- It's a grass type starter and Tsu's genin and a Senju, so makes total sense. Plus they're so adorable and mega Venusaur is boss. Frenzy Plant go!!
  • Bonsly - Bonsly is totally cute~ It's funny cause once again, though Sudowoodo looks like a tree (Senju theme) it's... A rock.
  • Happiny - Because Tsu is a Medical Ninja in training, every little nurse to be needs a happiny that is a chansey to be
  • Horsea - Tsu just needs a water type for whatever reason. Horsea is also a really adorable name and Kingdra is awesome. Plus I've always loved Seahorses and the Horsea-Seadra-Kingdra evolutionary line is just that
  • Flabébé - It literally is a little flower fairy, it is so adorable I can hardly take it!! And Floette are even more adorable!! I would never evolve it into a Florges though because they are not cute.
  • Wurmple ~> Silcoon ~> Beautifly - Tsu actually really likes bugs, but not spiders. And butterflies are always the prettiest.

Eh... Most of Tsu's Team consist of cute looking but not too powerful Pokemon, but a few surprising ones~


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2 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:09 pm



Hmm... Sure, I'll give this a shot!

  • Aegislash: It can change stances for boosts to attack and defense, which is similar to how Gin fights. Also, it's shaped like a sword. Kenjutsu ftw.
  • Steelix: Pretty similar to Gin's sword, Jishin, since it's pretty much a walking earthquake made of metal.
  • Snorlax: High attack, HP and special defense plus really low speed... I think this is a pretty accurate reflection of Gin's stats.
  • Blaziken: Kind of like Gin's Hachidori blade, it's specialty is close range and a good fighting/fire mix.
  • Zapdos: Like Gin's sword, Yajirushi, it's a electric and flying (fuuton) type with high speed and special attack.
  • Jirachi: I think if Soul Cutter were a weapon, it'd probably be Jirachi, with a mix of psychic and steel.

So basically, Gin's pokemon are (much like her) very large and/or very showy. They also reflect certain aspects of her fighting style, like her swords or her stats.


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3 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:40 pm



For Elin his pokemon would have to be uhmm....

Vulpix - Cause his aligned with fire and its like a Naruto pokemon hehe
Diglett - Cause Elin likes making holes so what better way to make holes then a diglett
Rattata - Since Elin made friends with a bunch of rats in the mines, so he would have caught a rat long time ago as an early pokemon in his kit
Magikarp - Since like Elin his got a lot of potential
Ninetales - Since he needs more fire power he would need a super vulpix for those tough times

Mew - Because like him Mew is small but powerful

4 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:47 pm

Yuzu Ren


Oh the moment we have all waited for

Blastoise: Just like Yuzu this tough hard shelled Water Blasting beast of a water pokemon is like him. Durable and able to blast enough water to make an ocean

Electrode: There are times when Yuzu is just explosive in more ways then one, so here is a pokemon to match that

Gyarados: Because deep down Yuzu is still just a raging water monster that flies onto the battle field like a raging dragon. Get it cause Gyarados uses Dragon's Rage lol

Scyther: Dual swords meets dual hand scythes, not counting that both of them are rather fast and have many ways to cut you apart

Arcanine: Classified as the Legendary Type just seems so much like a Yuzu thing

Mewtwo: Maxed out stats and the ability to defeat any and all challengers as long as they do not possess the master ball


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5 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Sun Oct 18, 2015 10:50 pm



Razan's Team

  • Aggron(Mega) - Asides from having one of the highest Def. stats in the game which goes along with Razan +3 to Endurance. It is also a rock type. . .need I say more? 
  • Landorus-Therian - One of the better Ground/Flying Types with decent attack. On another note; it's one of the Force of Nature trios, and serves as their master. In short, he represents Razan's future self.
  • Excadrill - He is based off a mole. Razan's doton jutsu, at least some of them, deals with creating holes and the likes. 
  • Shuckle - Don't fuckle with the Shuckle. Besides a place to store his wine; Shuckle is the team mascot and overall troll. Plus, he is kind of cute. 
  • Sandile -> Krokorok -> Krookodile - Representing Razan's future and his mentality then. Plus, he is another ground type. 
  • Mawile - Just read the Dex Entry 

Dex Entry wrote:Don’t be taken in by this Pokémon’s cute face—it’s very dangerous. Mawile fools the foe into letting down its guard, then chomps down with its massive jaws. The steel jaws are really horns that have been transformed.
Razan is incredibly feminine looking for a blacksmith, but very dangerous. 


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6 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Sun Oct 18, 2015 11:13 pm

Masayoshi Mari


Mari's Team!

  • Growlithe ~>Arcanine - I've always loved these fire dogs, and as fire type it would totally fit Mari for support. Also, Growlithe are completely adorable little puppies. Marley also canonically has a Arcanine
  • Shaymin - They are just so cute in landforme, tiny little hedgehogs! Plus in sky form they fly around like little reindeer. Also to remind you that they can pack quite a punch with seed flare.
  • Pancham ~> Pangoro - Pancham starts out as this adorable little panda who thinks he's all that, and then evolves into huge Pangoro like "RAWR I'M A PANDA!" Plus, it has a black and white theme like Mari's clothing and Pangoro is a fighting type while Mari uses Taijutsu
  • Pawniard ~> Bisharp A dark type becuase Mari is kinda a Gothic lolita hello, but steel becuase she fights with swords and these two have literally blades as hands.
  • Gothita ~> Gothorita ~> Gothitelle - Once again going with a black and white theme, plus literally is the perfect combo with Mari's style and pyschic types are awesome
  • Misdrevus ~> Mismagius - I've always loved ghost types, I was debating on whether to give her Driflim ~> Drifloom becuase I love them too, but I ended up picking Little Miss because I loved the design of a witch's hate and how both look a little more ghost-y like.


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7 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Mon Oct 19, 2015 12:55 am



I am actually more interested in what people think my team would be.



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8 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Mon Oct 19, 2015 4:32 pm





  • Skitty ~>Delcatty

Aside from the point Sakumi is a Nekomata,this cat is sweet and small around her general size when evolved.

  • Purrloin ~> Liepard

While it doesn't fit her personality much she can handle Purrloin.But the cruel and more uptight Liepard can be a bit of an issue for her.

  • Meowstic(M)

The hyper little bipedal kitten is no match for Sakumi.Well it is probably more than a match for her if you think about it.It isn't shy or afraid to make noises.

  • Lopunny

Lopunny is a bit shy.So at least Sakumi has something to talk to anytime she wants.


  • Riolu~> Lucario

Aside from it being a great sparring partner at least Hiro has someone to help with her pranks and stupidity.

  • Tyrunt

It's a baby dinosaur may I say more?

  • Empoleon

Sure it may be all regal and stuff but who else is going to wake up Hiro in the morning with water?

  • Dewott

Another of Hiro's prankster friends.And it'll be a great sparring partner as well.


  • Umbreon

Because of it's dark nature it reminds me of her...a lot.

  • Houndoom

From it's hellish design and behaviors who wouldn't be afraid in love?

  • Weavile

I don't think I need to say anything else for this evil beast.

  • Braixen

People see a fox on two legs.Soichi sees a sane version of herself.


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9 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Mon Oct 19, 2015 4:35 pm





Prime Ape





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10 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Mon Oct 19, 2015 4:37 pm



Jet's Pokemon Team: Dollhouse

Lucario-Most can say Jet isn't loyal at all however they are not completely right. She is loyal to a special few. Lucario's loyalty and vision to improve itself makes it a worthy ally of Jet.

Gengar- It is essentially the long lost twin of Jet. It's practically a Yuurei with its exceptional stealth and ability to hide in the shadows. Plus like Jet, it can be very mischievous and malicious. Both like to play with others as i they are toys.

Brozong-Bringer of rain=Jet's harbinger of disaster or savior that washes away the blood of sin.

Delphox- Basically Jet's pet and companion, Kira the two tailed nekomata in pokemon form. Both similar to kitsune, have reasonable foresight in future events (though much more tame and like wisdom for Kira) and katon/fire types.

Tyranitar- Jet's armory. It can holds its own like her Panda Hero armor and deal out some harsh treatment such as her weapons, her katana, knives, and whipsword.

Chandelure- Jet is a cruel person. If she hasn't broken your body, your spirit is very up next. Her moral compass is actively askew and she is well acquainted with torture of the mind.

11 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:22 pm



I was literally too lazy to give the reasons for these pokemon for Sasi so here they are now:

Charizard - Blazing flame and adamant in all aspects, Charizard is definitely a first pick for Sasijmi as they both have the intensity and adamant natures to them. Sasijimi's goals as aspirations burn with the same intensity and light as the flame of Charizard.

Dragonite - Power and strength. That's what this pokemon means and that's what Sasijimi strives to have and show others. His power is stronger than even his word and his word is very good.

Prime Ape - Headstrong, and aggressive. Such is the means and life of Sasijimi. He is always brave in the face and danger and is very aggressive to the point of seeming almost too brutish when it comes to time for battle.

Vaporeon - Fluid with a motion that always seems somewhat random yet under that is powerful and efficient. He flows with the same waves as this pokemon and has the efficiency to get things done when he takes the time for it.

Alakazam - Intelligent and Calculating, this isn't necessarily Sasijimi's strong suit as he doesn't take as much time as he should often to think things through but he does always have a plan. Alakazam would pick up where he lacks and give a boost to his abilities in this manner, essentially balancing everything out.

Golem - Unstoppable and explosive by nature. Sasijimi seems a normal man, and this is true but much like Golem, he can have a very explosive personality. While not inherently explosive(Like the Negative Characteristic) he can get pushed to the brink of anger and draw on his power with an unstoppable fervor.

This team would be beast yo.


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12 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:59 pm

Masayoshi Mari


Akira wrote:I am actually more interested in what people think my team would be.

You asked for this and I'm going to say that I have next to know clue what you are like IC and have had little interaction with you OC too. SO MOST OF WHAT I PICK WILL BE AESTHETICALLY PLEASING ;)

  • Luxray- Uh... It has X-ray vision and... Like... BYAKUGAN
  • Onix - Rocks! And it's the Rocks Village!
  • Quagsire - It's a water/ground type... I've always liked them for some reason.
  • Croagunk ~> Toxicroak - You vaguely look like Brock I feel like poison jab and that fighting style fights you (Again no clue what you're like IC)
  • Reuniclus - It's a floating pyschic blob... Who doesn't like floating psychic blobs?
  • Mewtwo - You seem like the type who has a little angsty background, perfect match.


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13 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:19 am



Absol.... because that's all I need.
aka I couldn't come up with more



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14 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:52 am






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15 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:49 pm



Eh, I made a new alt so he deserves a team! And since I have nothing to do (or well not that I want to do anything lol) here are his Pokemon.

Tōkai's Team!

  • Whynaut - Because why not? It's an adorable light blueish colored little thing. I've always liked them and it's a little silly, like Tōkai. Wobuffet are..Interesting to say the least. But, can be extremely powerful and hard to counter. Like Tōkai personality and eventually his Bakuton abilities XD

  • Voltorb - It explodes. Bakuton... Get it? And it's electric type and Tōkai can use Raiton.

  • Minun - A little blue colored adorable electric type. :3 The whole minus thing too because it's negative, and Tōkai isn't too much of a positive person.

  • Carbink - Rocks because rocks. Plus blue crystals. Tōkai really likes blue. I really like blue. And it's a fairy! Who doesn't like fairies?

  • Girafarig - It's kinda two faced, kinda like Tōkai. Giraffes are cool.

  • Kricketune - I actually was debating on this or Jigglypuff XD Tōkai is an musician and he is in need of a maestro! Beethoven was deaf too yah know. That bug does have quite the fancy mustache~


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16 Re: What is your Pokemon Team? on Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:38 am

Sukoshi Kemono


Akira's Team

Charizard - Just how Akira can seem uncaring at times but when you are in trouble he will be there to help you with extra fire power you need.

Mewtwo - Governs with an iron fist.

Sandslash - Remind him of his up bringings in Iwa.

Tyranitar - Tough and also uses earth based attacks.

Alakazam - Because he reminds me of the Byakugan aspect of Akira.

Muk - Because every ex criminal has one :P

Sukoshi's Team

Pyroar - Covering his lion summon contract.

Charmeleon - Because he reminds me of an unruly teen just like Sukoshi.

Lopunny - Sukoshi trains with wild rabbits.

Murkrow - He looks similar to Sukoshi.

Magikarp - Starts off weak but develops into something much more than anyone expected.

Togepi - It reminds me of the hope that Sukoshi has for things to get better.


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