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Nyrax had gone out in to the outskirts of Suna again, wanting to be away from others as he trained. Today, he had set up a training dummy away from the village, making sure that it was secure in the ground before his training began. Once the dummy was set up, Nyrax pulled out some bandages and wrapped his hands up. Physical strength was the stat where he felt the most apprehensive. He was a skinny guy, and rather frail looking. He was of course stronger than he looked, but he knew that compared to most genin he wasn’t going to win any arm wrestling contests. He knew that he’d get stronger, but he wanted to at least have a little bit of a head start before he started to head out on missions for the village.

While the program had been terminated, Nyrax remembered how his master never wanted him to go on a D-rank mission, he was insistent that the boy would start immediately with C-rank missions only. Apparently, his training wasn’t worth sending him on such simple errands as retrieving cats or pulling weeds. Despite his freedom from his master’s wishes, Nyrax still felt that he wanted to follow the man’s plan for him. After all, the man’s council had been pretty wise so far.

Nyrax just wished he had any idea how to train properly. Right now, he was alone to figure out what to do. He currently had no sensei or squad mates, so he was forced to figure this out on his own for now.

After wrapping a few layers of bandages around his hands, Nyrax raised them and faced the training dummy. He breathed the air in his lungs out at a slow pace before starting his intended workout. He started launching out punch after punch, making contact with the body and face of the dummy in front of him. His blows landed (the benefit of having a non-moving target) and he continued the pace for some time. It wasn’t about doing anything fancy, right now he just needed to work his arms and hands in a way to increase his strength.

Nyrax knew that he needed to do more. He’d do leg and other forms of training later, but he just needed a small place to start. Soon, he’d work to something more advanced.

Nyrax was so focused on what he was doing, he didn’t even realize that someone else was making his way towards him. That was one of the hard parts about being deaf, ya lacked a bit of spatial awareness when you focused on one thing too much.

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Sasijmi stepped from his small apartment, wearing his normal mesh shinobi top with black tight leggings, black tabi, and shinobi sandals. On his waist he wore his belt with his hitai-ate integrated into the fabric. On top of that he wore his Kusarigama which was wrapped around his waist perfectly, with the clasp into one of the chain links keeping the weapon about his person perfectly. On his back was his large Gunbai, tilted at a slight diagonal angle to make walking with the monstrosity all the easier. Sasijimi had put his hair back into a ponytail, even the bangs to keep it from his eyes. He smiled softly to himself, departing the apartment complex he called home in the marketing district of Sunagakure no Sato, making his way towards the village gates so he could go off and do a bit of training. He thought about what exercises he would do specifically, but couldn't decide on what he actually wanted to do.

Before long he came to the gates and exited them, waving to the guards just outside of the gates and making his way to the outskirts for his training of the day. He was pumped and ready to get things going and couldn't be bothered to pay too much attention to where he was going or who could be around. A foolish mistake for a shinobi to be sure, but he was in such a spectacular mood it couldn't be helped. Eventually Sasijimi ventured near the crossroads and found another young man training there. He tilted his head a bit and observed. This young shinobi had brought with him a training dummy and was going to work on the poor thing. Sasijimi stood there for a moment, waiting for the other to acknowledge him.

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Nyrax's fists were starting to feel the burn as his blows smashed against the dummy repeatedly. His arms and body were working together to force his hand to become tougher. His physical strength was what he had the least amount of confidence in, and he wanted to fix that. After all, whoever heard of an assassin that couldn't fend off an attacked? With luck and skill, Nyrax hoped that he'd be able to kill without anyone realizing he was there. But he was also well aware that life wasn't so easy. If he went after a high profile target, he wouldn't go down with just one strike.

After a particularly harsh strike at the dummy, Nyrax had to stop. These dummies were made to be durable for a reason. Other shinobi could smash them with ease, but a genin wasn't going to destroy one with fists alone, not before he gained a few years at least. Nyrax reached up to wipe his brow, turning to grab for his water bottle.

He stopped as he saw a figure watching him. Damn, he hated being deaf sometimes. That guy could have been there for an hour and Nyrax wouldn't have heard a thing. That was what he got for being too focused. Still, Nyrax decided to at least talk to the guy.

"I'm sorry did you say something to me?" the genin asked as he picked up his water bottle. "Afraid I don't hear very well."

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