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1 Kumo Missions for Fun(WIP-ignore for now) on Mon Oct 26, 2015 1:11 am



Mission name: Cloud Guardian
Mission rank: B-rank
Objective: Protect a lower-ranked shinobi who is Chuunin or below
Location: Kumogakure
Reward: 100ryo if detected by charge before eliminating the threat, 200ryo if detected after elimination of threat, 310 ryo if done perfectly
Mission description: You have been tasked with watching over a genin/chuunin who is still in training and might need protection from disgruntalled ronin who have been annoyed by this or these genin/chuunin. Please do not allow your charge to detect you or it will result in a loss of reward
Mission details: The mission may vary, however the enemy will follow the charge from roughly fifty meters away in first post and uses a stealth that your charge can not see through. The enemy can close in by ten meters per post and if the charge finishes mission before the enemy reaches within close range the assassin charges all out for the charge in a raged attempt to kill him
This ronin has B-rank stats and can use bukijutsu,taijutsu and every jutsu in the Katon/Suiton and Doton Library up to A-rank.

Mission name: Messenger
Mission rank: C-rank
Objective: Deliver up to three messages for the Mail Messengers of Kumo
Location: All of Kumo
Reward: 50 per message and a 60ryo bonus for delivering the third message. 210 ryo maximum
Mission description: You must deliver mail to at least three recipients before the end of the day
Mission details: Go to the head office of mail and receive letters for delivery.
Letter A - Deliver an eviction notice to a punk who refuses to pay rent. The punk is a former genin who got fired after failing too many missions. He has all the academy techniques and C-rank stats. He also has the katon library jutsu up to C-rank. If this letter is delivered first he will leave without much trouble, if delivered last you will be forced to fight him as he had a bad day and will need to force the eviction on him
Letter B -
Letter C
Letter D
Letter E
Letter F

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