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1 Some kind of interesting title! on Sun Nov 01, 2015 2:08 pm

Soichi Uchiha


The unfinished chapter so far:
“Sleepy get up!”Akane growled as she shook her older brother.

“Two minutes…”Isamu yawned.

“It’s 8:20!We overslept, Sam!


Isamu yawned once more before looking at the clock.His heart stopped in realization.He had to get to school in five minutes, unless he wanted to be marked late on the last marking period of school.Akane grabbed her backpack and ran towards Myūto’s room.Isamu barely got ready before his older sister slid down the bannister and flung open the main door.

“Wait for me!”Isamu cried as he tripped at the bottom step and fell on the floor.

He got up and ran out the door quickly.The pair of students jumped into the backseat of their sister’s car and buckled up.Myūto sighed and started driving to the public school.Isamu stretched and felt his stomach rumble.Akane handed him a box of Pocky and the two started casually eating the chocolate snack.Isamu noticed something and groaned in irritancy.

“What is it, Sam?”Akane asked with her mouth full.

“First don’t call me Sam.Second don’t talk with your mouth full.And third you left your bow...again,” Isamu sighed, putting up the number signals in the process of talking.

“Oh well.”

Myūto stopped the car and signalled for them to leave the vehicle.With a quick thanks and a wave the two ran into the school and went to their classroom.Kusumi chuckled and the duo sat down into their row and from there their assigned seats.Isamu smiled when he saw his friend, Sakumi, walk into the loud room.She did a shy wave and sat down into the front row of the classroom.

Cute curly silver hair and violet glasses.You could only be talking about Sakumi if you said these things.And at four feet and nine inches, she can easily be described as a medium height compared to everyone else in the classroom.Isamu was oblivious as to why everyone was quiet at the moment.What was going on?

“Stupid!”A girl’s voice mocked.

Akane growled as Sakumi was hit with the paper ball, knocking off the preteen's glasses in the little attack.Isamu could almost sense the anger forming from his sister like friend.How far was she going to take it this time?Sakumi sniffled and rubbed her head before picking up her glasses from the floor.

“Tora!Buru!Your getting write ups!”Kusumi yelled with fury.

“I didn’t do anything this time I swear!”Buru shouted in defense.

“Well, who did?!”

Tora gulped as she pointed a finger at the culprit.Rokuro blew a raspberry at Tora and jerked his head to the opposite direction of her.Tora had betrayed her leader and was going to pay at some point.Just not now when he had to tell the teacher why he had hit her niece.

"Why would you hurt Sakumi you jerk!"Akane yelled, grabbing Isamu's binder and throwing it at Rokuro.

The impact of the binder meeting Rokuro's face made a small cracking sound.The mint haired boy gasped as blood started spilling from his nose.His hoodie started turning a dark color as it's red drained out onto it.Time seemed to stand still for a minute.

"You look better like that Rokuro.A little red won't hurt you, "Isamu accidently remarked.

"Why you!"Rokuro yelled as he prepared to attack.

"Stop it!Please stop it!"A small voice screamed.

Everyone turned to see Sakumi crying like her life depended on it.Her head stayed on the desk as the clear tears flowed down.Isamu knew Sakumi wasn't one for violence and he had tested her patience.No matter how many limits everyone had, people had their breaking points.

"Sakumi..."Akane mumbled.

"After school!All of six of you!"Kusumi ordered."You'll be lucky if I even let Sakumi help you Rokuro!"

"You see what you did!"Isamu and Rokuro yelled at each other.

"This will be a long day won't it?"



"So let's start with Sakumi,"Kusumi sighed."What is your name and what is your family known for?"

"Um...I'm (Insert Surname of Sakumi) 'Kumi' Sakumi and my family is known for being skilled in the medical arts,"Sakumi whispered.

"Speak up!"Rokuro shouted in boredom.

Rokuro sat in the chair like he normally would.The back facing his front and vice versa.It annoyed Kusumi, but she had to put up with her students no matter what.Or she'd get fired...again.She turned towards the twins.

"I'm (Tora and Buru's surname) 'Trouble' Tora," Tora groaned.

"I'm (Buru and Tora's surname) 'Trouble' Buru," Buru grumbled.

"And our family is skilled in the study of water and other liquids,"They both said with a somewhat of excitement.

Kusumi sighed in a high disturbance.She didn't want to be here with a bunch of children who wouldn't stop fighting.And this was making her want to pull her hair out bit by bit.With a shake of her hair, she faced Akane and let her go.

"My name is (Surname of Akane) 'Kandi' family was known for...can I skip?"Akane mumbled sadly.

"My name is Akiyama...'Sam'...Isamu,"Isamu smiled."My family is known for taking care of the wolves in the forest around my home."

"And finally Rokuro," Kusumi said as she looked at the younger male.

"I'm (Surname of Rokuro) 'Roko' family was known for the excellent fishing skill we possess..."

Kusumi sighed and left the room to talk to a teacher for a minute.Leaving the children by themselves.Wait, was?Normally Rokuro would be gloating about how important his family was to the whole of their village.But today it was not as important?

"What do you mean 'was', Rokuro-kun?"Sakumi asked.

"Well, how am I supposed to know!?"Rokuro shouted in complete anger."Your Miss.Know it all!Baka!"

Everyone could see as Sakumi stood still in fear.No one would consider hurting Sakumi's feelings in this way.But yet all the hatred felt the same.She opened her mouth to speak before instantly closing it and opening the door to leave.She paused at the door momentarily before walking out and slamming it shut.

Rokuro felt a tiny bit bad.He wasn't going to lie.But it was be the bully or be bullied right?Though either thing never really helped him anyway.He looked at Isamu, who's heart looked like was being pierced by one of Akane's arrows.Rokuro hated this village.And everyone in it.So he didn't care who he hurt.No matter how much they got hurt.

"Kumi-chan!Wait for Akane and me!"Isamu growled as he launched himself out the door and into the hallway.

"Sam!"Akane yelled after her best friend.

Tora and Buru stared at their leader with a bit of concern.Why so violent about someone who would have helped him?And so nice as well.Tora reached a hand in attempts to calm him but was met with a growl.

"Back off," He shot towards her.

"But Rokuro..."Buru squeaked.

"What do you want!Leave me alone!"

Tora grabbed her brothers collar and ran out the door quickly.They didn't want to deal with Rokuro yelling at them for more than an hour.They had to deal with Kai later anyway.Because then, the real problems would really start.


"I want to go back to Tokyo..."Sakumi said as she sat on one of the treehouse's chairs.

"I know you're having issues with Rokuro, but please don't let him ruin your life Sakumi-chan," Isamu sighed.

"Where's Kina?"Akane groaned."I bought some meat from school."

Sakumi fiddled with something momentarily before taking a deep breath and pulling the whistle up to her lips.It seemed to make no noise as she blew into it.A few wing beats later and a small dark blue Osprey appeared.

"H-Hey Sakumi-Sama!"Kina cheered."What's up master?"

"Well Rokuro got us in trouble...again," Akane groaned.

"He did what?!Kusumi-Kun!"

Akane held back a bit of laughter.Out of everyone in the village, only Kina had the nerve to call her sensei Kusumi-Kun.Maybe it was what kept her rebellious nature in check.Maybe it was just a habit.No one could really ever figure her out.Kina's large wings flapped and she left the small treehouse behind her.

"But that aside...I had 'that' dream again..."Sakumi whispered.

"Sakumi...your brain is just kind of confused.Don't worry about it," Isamu reassured.

"But I can't control it anymore..."

Isamu sighed and let his dark brown hair cover his eyes for a moment.He grinned and rubbed her hair playfully.He knew his mostly laidback personality calmed her down in the worst of situations.And this was no exception.He gave her a hug and let her calm down a bit.Isamu got up and started leaving before a voice piped up.

"I-Isamu!"Sakumi whimpered.

"Yes?"Isamu paused as Akane gently landed below him.

"I love you more than a friend!"

" mean as a brother right?!"

"Of course I do...what else could I mean?"

"Gotta go!"



Manipulation only goes so far, looks like hitting is going to extend that boundary

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