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Clan: Ōyorokobidesu

Kekkei Genkai: Necromantic Puppetry

Elements: Members of this Section of the clan, lack chakra natures.

Specialization:Fuuinjutsu / Puppetry

Location: Scattered

Clan History:

Little documentation is found of this chapter of a much larger clan. The Ōyorokobidesu, or Elated Death Chapter, as some know them, work as infiltrators and are a hidden line of defense among villages, and will fiercely defend the village they are stationed in, however, it is noted that members of the various chapters of the clan tend to avoid fighting each other, in order to preserve and maintain their clans presence in the other villages. And most importantly, the "Wandering" sect of this chapter are forbidden to fight, and specialize in the less "savory" job of digging up bodies and collecting the "unwanted" corpses that can be easily forgotten, the  weak with no kekkei genkai.

The only truly known fact of any member of the clan, is supposedly, this clan has had the same clan leader for the last century, revitalizing his body through various body swaps and medical practices, before finally taking residence in a new body altogether. However, many believe that the clan leader has died and someone has taken their name, although no one has been able to prove otherwise.[Plot tool only, this jutsu does not exist for player use]

Kekkei Genkai Description:

"Psychic" Necromanic Puppetry: This is the name that the clan has given their ability to manipulate dead bodies and to be able to wield them with a prowess that most people would not be able to expect, to the point that it looks nearly psychic. In truth, this clan uses a combination of Fuuinjutsu inside a dead corpses body, to trace special threads from the user to the puppet through another series of tags that the user's keep under their clothing that connects the corpses to the user's nervous system, allowing the user to hear see and even feel what that puppet is feeling. These puppets, retain their original chakra type if they were a ninja, and each member of the clan is supplied with a "undesirable" as their first corpse puppet. Usually a young genin that died from another village who had barely begun, and had their body dug up by another sect of the clan and brought to them.

These bodies are similar to the human body puppets of normal puppetry users in the fact they can use jutsu and lose their kekkei genkai when they die(a genin starts with a basic body with one element to start mind you) But these bodies are not invicible disposable tools. The bodies are well preserved by the user's chakra and must be brought to a medical facility to repair any broken bones or torn muscle tissue, because this clan cannot manipulate jutsu through half wooden puppets, save for their highest ranking members, who are capable of having two Corpse Puppets, and a single Human(Wooden) Puppet.

Corpse puppets, additionally, grow as if they where still alive due to the chakra running and being forced through them thanks to the fuuin and puppetry circulating in their system.

Drawbacks: Members of this clan can only control two puppets, until S rank when they are capable of controlling three.

Corpse puppets can only handle damage that the body could handle in the first place, and walks and moves and strikes like a person, so broken bones and paralyzed nerves will shut down a corpse puppet the same as a normal person.

Damage taken to a corpse puppet, while minimized, is still dealt as feedback to the user. for example, while the user might not notice a small needle poking their puppet, if one where to rip off the arm of a corpse puppet, the puppeteer would be in rather drastic pain, and possibly lose connection to the puppet if they are still learning it's ways(C rank) Users of C rank and lower suffer equal mental trauma as their puppets would suffer from an attack as a phantom pain courses through their body.At B rank and higher, it would take the puppet being "killed" to cause a drastic feedback on the user, the damage dealt mentally as phantom pain is treated as 1 less in power vs. Their endurance, if this damage is three ranks or more less than the user's endurance rank, then the user suffers no phantom pain.

Corpse puppets DO NOT have their own chakra source. Any jutsu needing to be used, is forced through the puppet, where the corpse puppet is capable of converting that to a chakra nature if need be.

Genin puppets given to them from the start have NO KKG

Genin Puppets have all the same jutsu as the user, as well as their own skills that must be trained.

Puppets of this clan are the same rank and have the same stats as when they died, and can be trained by their own word counts on getting stronger(Basically, seperate word counts must be kept in mind for each  Corpse Puppet the user owns.)

Corpse puppets can only be modded under the specific condition, that the member of the clan is knowledgable in personal body modifications, and that the doll they are modding is a puppeteer.

Note: A puppeteer body can use puppetry normally, while the main body cannot as they specialize in something entirely different.

KKG dies with the body's original death.

(Note, Genin corpses start with ninjutsu OR Taijutsu. Other bodies must be harvested through rp)

Members: (Members of the clan can be updated here)

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Spinal Puppetry Art
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: -
Range: -
Specialty: Puppetry
Duration: -
Cooldown: -
Description:This jutsu is extremely similar to the Puppet string jutsu, in the fact that the strings are used to control the clan's Corpse Puppets. This form of puppeteering is dangerous and requires a very specific method of strand connection, connecting the user's spinal column with their corpse puppet's entire nervous system, "rebooting" their body so long as the body is fresh. This form of puppeteering restricts the user to only be able to control a pair of Corpse puppets(Apart from their S rank Human Puppet).

Name: Sealing Art: Portal Through the Worlds
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: E
Type: Supplementary
Element: -
Range: -
Specialty: Fuuinjutsu
Duration: -
Cooldown: -
Description:This is a low class fuuinjutsu that allows the use of two sealing tags to create a two way "portal" that allows things to go in or out of them, and can be written on to specify a particular thing, and in this clan's case this generally means "Chakra threads".

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Just say scattered, things like clan members keep in touch with each other would be things for history.

You're not going to be able to keep the KKG of your human puppets, sorry. It's the tightest taboo on saga and it's likely not going to break without a really compelling reason. If you're getting a human puppet for free you're going to need to put way more work and detail as to the rank of the puppet how much chakra is has etc. To the point that i would almost prefer you to use the Seijutsu guidelines for your puppets rather than the norm. Seijutsu / Puppetry might be a better idea. But you would not be able to train the puppets etc.

Gonna need to describe the feedback thing a bit more, the degrees of pain and if they can be powered through with endurance etc. and if so, what levels and how does it work? Damage to the puppet 2 ranks lower than your endurance has no feedback effect?


1/ Would like this to be D rank. Also, I would just say that this jutsu allows a ninja to align with their puppet sympathetically. letting you control them with subtle chakra control in your own body.

2/ You don't need this justsu, with your threads just mentioning that your particular strings control the puppet through a sympathetic chakra link. adding a jutsu which gives you a portal just for your chakra strings just seems a tad much. Also, if you add the Seujutsu ting i suggested, it makes all the more sense, as seijutsu skills are combination techniques.

3/ You can only have one scaling, and one S rank jutsu, this has to be D-A or you have to remove the mono S rank. Stuns begin at B rank and can only last one post, increasing to 2 at A rank and so on. Also, how do you do this, is there a projectile? what is the speed? etc.

4/ Denied, sorry.


Ōyorokobidesu ["Psychic" Necromantic Puppety]  HiitsmeBaobhan

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1. Edited to Scattered
2. KKG removed, and I'd rather not due Seijutsu for the purpose of being able to train the puppet's stats, as they are supposed to be like brought back beings that are being maintained through a chakra connection forcing their body to live
3. The chakra issue is addressed in the drawbacks. They have no chakra of their own and chakra is channeled directly through the chakra strings of the user, and can be converted to chakra types through the corpse
4. Added in endurance conditions, however C rank and lower level ninja in terms of endurance suffer the same pain as phantom pains to their body as their puppets.
5.Edited to D, but kept as is in terms of desciptors and the reason is I plan to keep the clan as restricted to Fuin and Puppetry
6.This jutsu is for the purpose to "pretend" to have psychic or sympathetic control of their puppets, and it is also a way to let them arrange traps and such such as warping kunai through preset tags in an ambush and the like. The other reason I stress Fuuinjutsu, is to limit the main body of this clan, but to also give them a way of dealing with things so they can seal jutsu or the like at high ranks, if they absolutely have to.



OH, i did have one thing to say about this clan, i forgot, under your clans, you should put (missing nin in kiri) as, oddly enough, necromancy there is actually a crime xD


Does your genin begin with an element? or no? Also, you say they have all your jutsu


"Corpse puppets can only be modded under the specific condition, that the member of the clan is knowledgable in personal body modifications, and that the doll they are modding is a puppeteer."
Gonna need to explain this

I would also like you to have a restriction on this clan's elements, like them only being able to have one. the others they can get from their puppets. Preferably at higher training costs. Cos, way too many elements. Puppets through you should also be limited in elements to their primarys only.


1/ ... add a description please? You dont describe what or how this jutsu works at all...
2/ sounds good to me. removes distance from the equation. I would like some limitations put on it, be it size, living matter whatever. Cos i think it needs them. What can't this transport?


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