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Mission name: Setting up Camp.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Help the soldiers set up perimeter camps.
Location: Konohagakure wilderness.
Reward: 100 Ryo.
Mission description: Soldiers of the Land of Fire are setting up camps at various locations throughout the vast forests of the nation, these camps are for signalling and testing of communications equipment and they would greatly appreciate any eager young ninja's help with setting up any of the equipment.
Mission Details: You're helping to carry encampment supplies to a desired location and helping to set them up. You'll surely be recanted with many war stories from the soldiers who will be working with you.

The darkness of the passing night begins to dissipate as the creeping light from the sun blankets the tree's and ground surrounding Chigau. The footsteps of himself and three others have been the only sounds for about a half hour until now, the birds have begun singing with the rising of the sun, color flowing over the earth revealing life now where there was once only rest.
Chigau and the others are moving communications equipment to a new camp setup for testing about 2 hours out of the village.

"Ha, I love easy missions like this!" Said one of the others, and quickly replied to by another with "Yes! So relaxing."

The walk continued with chit chat between the three others with Chigau staying silent, watching their surroundings and keeping an eye on everything that moved. With the other three just being tech apprentices if something did happen they wouldn't be of much help so keeping an eye out is the smart thing to do here.

After only an hour and 40 min they can see the new camp they have set out for and begin to quicken their pace to gain some rest once they arrive. Walking into the camp greeted by the members who are already there, instead of rest they are put to work setting up the equipment.

After what seemed like a short time of putting boxes where told and helping connect things with the tech members it was nearly nightfall and a fire had been started in the middle of the camp where everyone was now beginning to assemble, CHigau counted about 30 people in total, all with saki in hand and food roasting on the edges of this big fire, not until chigau was next to it did he realize how big it was, about two stories tall and hotter then anything he had felt before, laughter and voices stealing away the space of the sounds that would normally fill this area.

Chigau sits on a log on the outskirts with a bowl of shrimp dumpling soup and had managed to convince the man in charge of the sake to give him a bottle, listening to the other's stories and drinking, filling up with their past adventures, even tho they were only tech, they had been places chigau had always wanted to go and seen or even been in battles that have been in history books.

As the day turned black and spirit's were lifted by the festivities, even by the orange light of the fire chigau's face grew red as the bottle of sake he had became lighter. Slowly he moved towards the fire and into the conversations of others, listening intently and grasping onto every word spoken while a smile that was so often fought back began to creep onto his face.

Soon laughter began to spill from his lips as one of the tech's began to talk about how he was getting to know a girl and it turned out to be a man. The night continued with joy and laughter till the sun began to come up again, since everything was setup he was supposed to return last night, after all this time he sobered up around noon, tired and with a slight headache Chigau knew he had to return to the village.

The two hour return seemed much longer then when they came here in the first place, tho Chigau returned home with a smile on his face that he did not seem to notice, eventually making his way back to the missions department and turned in his paper signed by the chief engineer at the camp, claiming his reward.

Time to get some sleep! Chigau returned home and slept till the next morning waking and feeling great!

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