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1 Temple Run ( Open ) on Wed Nov 11, 2015 4:02 am



| | Adventure #2 | |

It was only mere hours after Burittsu had set out into the forest without hesitation only to stumble upon the burial ground of war. Once more he set out into the wilderness this time it was after a key purpose that of information that may indeed aid the clan and use it to become more power indeed to benefit Kirigakure or even themselves. Depending upon if Burittsu feels that the clan needs the information but indeed knowing that he may use it to solve key puzzles or even contain important documents was enough for himself to put his life on the line. This time Burittsu set out with an empty backpack easily placed upon his back and ready to set out with anything that Burittsu found fit to take back with him and begin to research upon. In hopes this mission would not only be as dull as one in particular played out to be each step he took into the wilderness it felt like it only grew darker and darker. Burittsu didn’t mind he simply continued to wander around until the time was needed to be to climb to the top of the tree and begin to head upon his path. What felt like an hour of walking for the shinobi was nothing but the start to the end it took a while for the male to completely realize that ruins filled with information have a high chance of getting raided and a higher chance of him shedding blood from his enemies. This only threw coal into the fire increasing the lust of combat and hardship.

“I need to hurry and start the fun i’ll eliminate anyone who tries to stand in my path to acknowledgement!”

The smell of smoke danced underneath the nose of Burittsu quickly as his lust for blood left only to be filled by the empty gap of hunger. Indeed it was a great scent that would lead Burittsu astray but the smoke came from a direction up ahead. With a sharp grin Burittsu swiftly leapt into the shadows of the trees above swiftly and quietly from one branch to another indeed the it was a small camp that seemed fit for a family. Spotted up with two tents enough meat to cook and it maybe supplies to repel bugs or even bandages or medical tape just to be safe. It was simple for Burittsu to slaughter the family in their camp but doing that would be meaningless to the shinobi especially if they had any children in the family. He could not take the risk to force them into the life that he lived. Simply crouching upon the branch he awaited for the family to gather around the fire none of which appeared to be shinobi only travelers that most likely are headed towards the Kirigakure itself. His hunger grew as his temptation of slaughter did too it had seem the family consisted of two children each looking about the age of thirteen with two parents the slaughter of these individuals would not benefit Burittsu. Fighting with inner conflict it took him mere moments to realize his choice as he leapt down from the darkness crashing behind the family. Catching their attention as each eye quickly began to focus on the shinobi itself each beating black pupil studying the male until Burittsu decided to break the tension and explain himself.

“Apologies I was out scouting and I caught the scent of smoke so I decided to check it out if it wasn’t anything serious.”

Burittsu decided to fake a chuckle as he stood there for a moment waiting for a reply from the family but was only replied with the four members quickly standing up gazing deeply at the male it only took a while for Burittsu to understand that his choice was wrong. Knowing he should he must rely on cold murder to get his way within seconds the smile of Burittsu faded as his eyes identified each of the individuals knowing the children would not pose a threat as much his first two targets was simple. Cracking his neck as a sinister grin appeared upon his face he began to venture towards the family with intent to kill his eyes widened with lust as his grin grew and grew. In mere moments the step turned into a slight jog and from then a sprint quickly charging at his opponents outnumbered but clearly more experienced with weapons and ready for any situation. Simply leaping into the air Burittsu’s face showed no remorse or expression glaring deep into the eyes of the spouses as only in mere moments the sound of ear shredding screams bathed the night. “Should have responded when you had the chance.. Now look you guys caused a mess..” In cold blood the bodies of the family members lied upon the earth floor each head missing from the corpse due to the fact that Burittsu carried two heads in each head before giving out a faint chuckle as he made his way to the two tents. He indeed found supplies two pairs of medical tape, three bags of barbeque chips, two bottles of water, and a knife. These were enough for Burittsu what caught his attention was another bag that of which contained more pockets and bigger allowing him to carry more supplies as he began to pack stuffing the bag with much needed supplies. Only took mere moments as the shinobi returned back outside looking at the headless corpses once more simply placing the heads on respected bodies of the dead this was all a game to the shinobi. Quickly placing the bag upon his back and allowing the fire to burn Burittsu headed out once more into the darkness only to come to an abrupt stop as he returned back to the fire to pick up a plate of cooked meat that was prepared by the family, for the family. As he headed back into the darkness of the wilderness.

“Should have added some seasoning lousy cook.."

| | To Be Continued | |

Word Count: 1011

2 Re: Temple Run ( Open ) on Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:16 am



| | Continued.. | |

The bright sunlight shined upon the skin of Burittsu as his body stood next to a tree his body enjoying the welcoming morning as it seemed the shinobi has been on the move step after step ever since his slaughter. He neared his destination due to the fact it was only a couple of yards away the temples where he was told that the history of three clans laid dormant. Burittsu’s logic was simple due to the fact that the knowledge of three clans rested in the temple it should be three temples in fact. All his answers would be validated upon sight reaching into the bag it had seem Burittsu was still full from the meat he only had from a while ago simply removing a water bottle from the bag he continued upon his journey sipping on the bottle. Replenishing his thirst as he suddenly seemed to stumble upon a land full of lust green grass with three paths each heading to what seemed to be a broken down construct. Old enough as moth devoured the outside and most likely mother nature twisted and destroyed the inside most likely making the ruins fragile and easy to cave in. Burittsu himself was already prepared to die for such information he only used one of his supplies it seemed the rest would have to wait to be used for emergencies only. With a deep breath it had seem upon each temple was embedded a symbol each different from the other and only one resembled the mark of the Yuki clan resting in between the other destroyed temples. Swiftly jumping upon the path and dashing towards the temple opening only to enter it swiftly without any knowledge of where he is going only the will to push forward. Entering the temple it had seem to be dim light hallway leading straight into darkness not knowing what Burittsu would meet inside he simply prepared himself mentally for anything that he should be able to handle.

“For acknowledgement..”

Taking a step into the temple seemed to trigger some sort of reaction in the temple as if it was sensitive when it came to pressure. The hallway grew brighter in mere seconds as the stone walls and floor became visible continuing upon his way Burittsu trusted that the lights themselves would remain and not turn off as long as the male stayed on his toes. After countless minutes of walking it had seem that Burittsu gained no distance when in reality the male was deeper inside the temple than anyone who had either attempted to raid the temple or even decide to explore it. But his luck would only end in a matter of time the lights upon the walls shined harder as it seemed Burittsu was growing closer and closer to something that should not be discovered by any outsider. With one step out Burittsu’s eyes widen as it seemed the path that was in front of him was cut off with a big wall leading to a dead end Burittsu felt off as if he turned around the truth itself would haunt him later on. As the path behind the male was the same as the one in front another wall it had seem that all four sides was completely blocked off only two ways he assumed above him or below him. The question is would the bit of fear he obtained during this sudden paranormal event affect his mind swiftly gazing down upon the floor it seemed to remain normal his only option was to look above him. Only to realize the room around him grew closer and tighter by the second as if he growing without hesitation when in reality the room itself was attempting to crush the shinobi in. As he quickly began to gaze around feeling upon each wall until realizing his only escape was up feeling upon each tile as he hand swiftly pushing upon what seemed to be a button quickly stopping the walls in their place but also opening up the top showing a black tunnel going up towards the top of the temple. Upon the side of the wall was metal handles going up to the top allowing him to climb up in the darkness leaving that dangerous trap. Took a while really as Burittsu grew fatigue and a hunger as he palms began to sweat climbing up almost even losing his grip a couple of times through the mind of the shinobi this was his very first test to challenge himself. It was a test he was willing to see to the end no matter what the outcome was he was ready to face it head on as he climbed up nearing the opening he quickly gained hope as he raced to the top until having his head pop out of the opening. Gazing around with strong intent only for his eyes to gaze around the area it had seem Burittsu had reached the top of the temple due to the dome shape. The room was lit with a light blue color as he struggled to get his body out of the passage only to witness it quickly seal up behind him. Giving a big puff of air he opened up the bag removing the bottle of water and began to sip enough to drown his thirst than placing it back in his bag to follow up with a bag of chips consuming it in a rapid amount of moments. As he stood up once more upon his feet gazing around the room it had seem there was three large oval shaped windows letting in a refreshing breeze in and out. His eyes continued to wander studying the insides as it quickly amazed the young shinobi he eyes continued to venture until coming to a stop as it widen with shock forcing a grin to appear upon his face. The shinobi had found what he came looking for with a thought or two inside of his head his journey was worth the risk he only began to wonder if this was too easy or was he guided to the top.

“There it is..”

| | To Be Continued | |

Word Count: 1034


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3 Re: Temple Run ( Open ) on Thu Nov 12, 2015 1:52 pm



| | Continued | |

Burittsu quickly stood up straight upon his feet as his eyes themselves witnessed such greatness a stone mural bathed in a sea of letters as the insignia of the clan rested upon the top of the inscription. In front of the mural was a pedestal with a large thick book resting upon it most likely gathered dust taking this into consideration Burittsu was standing directly in the center of the room. As the information he desired was only a halfway point for the shinobi swiftly checking all his gear he prepared himself to be certain that he did not end up in another trap such as the one before. Without hesitation he began to move through the area growing nearer to his goal as his body seemed to be pressed down as if gravity itself was attempting to crush him but it wasn't another paranormal occurrence was attempting to stop the shinobi. Now on both his knees and palms against the floor the only thing he was able to keep up was his head as it seemed he began to sense up a powerful amount of chakra only to take a deep breath as he looked back to the floor. Breathing a deep breath he once more looked up only to see two entities stand directly in his path to his goal the pull upon his body restricted him from seeing passed the entities necks only to allow him to recognize one was a male and the other female. It had seem that Burittsu could not move at the mercy of these two he closed his eyes as he awaited his fate.

“We’ve been watching you..Son..” The two entities said in unison.
“You’ve been alone for so long.. We know you might never forgive us for leaving you so long ago but let go of the past. We acknowledge you for who you are due to the fact we love you.” Once more the two entities said in unison.
“Killing for sport is that you reduced too.. You came from so far to come to the village and grew up to be a splendid young man.. The information you seek is not one to take lightly but it doesn't seem you would listen to us even we told you..Open it for yourself when you have time we’ll meet once more one day..” As then the two entities simply vanished.

Burittsu himself could only reply with tears streaming down his face as the pull upon his body was released he simply got into a ball like position and continued to shed tears he hoped others would never have to see. Revealing his face mere moments later the book on the pedestal was missing as it now was in front of the shinobi a hard cover black book with no title upon the outside but thick enough to have many history and information stored inside. Burittsu picked up the book placing it in his backpack heading towards one of the windows that led to the outside before looking back one last time. As he leaped through the oval shaped window heading back outside to the wilderness as his new goal was to go back to the village and begin his research with only one thought in his head.

“Mother..Father.. We’ll meet again.. And I won’t cry this time..”

| | End | |

Word Count: 561

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