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Shinkiro Symbols-SR1-Clan-Zephon

Clan: Shinkirō

Kekkei Genkai: Genjutsu Inducing Chakra

Elements: Any

Specialization: Genjutsu

Location: Sunagakure

Clan History: Theoretically the Shinkirō have existed since the rise of the Sunagakure, hiding in the sands. Whispers of their existence have passed through the winds and ears of those who heard and passed them on, it wasn’t until the beginning of the Third Great Ninja War that they “Officially” reveled themselves. With their mastery of higher level Genjutsu, they were deadly assets in battle and no one knew they were there. The Shinkirō clan experienced the a “golden age”, they flourish with their genjutsu prowess and natural ability in the art. The Clan Leader at the time, and the only confirmed one, Shinkirō Heki even boasted of their ninja. Claiming that they were unbeatable, unequaled by the other nations.  In the height of their power and hubris, the ninja from the other nations had infiltrated the clan and sabotaged missions assigned to them. When the the Shinkirō clan  found out what was happening it was too late. As well as sabotage, the spies also found ways to quickly negate their genjutsu. The Shinkirō clan had been reduced to a laughing stock among the other nations. With no power and their credibility severely damaged the clan began to lose support.  Worried for the survival for the clan the Shinkirō withdrew from the war, and crawled back to the Sunagakure, unwelcome. As a self-punishment, the Shinkirō vanished; unable to face the KazeKage, or the humiliation. While in their 15 year self-exile the Shinkirō have suffered even more crippling loses, the deaths of some of their most talented ninja, the loss of some of their more power jutsu, as well as the last of the few worldly contacts that supplied them. Leaving the Shinkirō an empty shell. In order to survive they were forced to refine their skills to the point of mastery, even taking on ninjutsu, as well as to come out from exile.
   The Shinkirō returned to the Sunagakure with a shaky welcome at best. While glad to have more military might at its disposal, the Sunagakure hadn’t forgotten the embarrassment the clan made during wartime. Shocked at the state the Sunagakure was in, they realized they may have been better off in exile. However if they did they knew they wouldn’t be welcomed back into the village a third time. So they stayed with the Sunagakure. Slowly the Shinkirō began recovering. Adding more ninja to their arsenal and were more successful on their missions. This is the return of the Shinkirō to the Sunagakure, and this time they weren’t shunned away.

Kekkei Genkai Description:

Those of the Shinkirō clan possesses a chakra that naturally induces genjutsu in others, along with a natural feel for the art of genjutsu, lowering the word count for training all genjutsu by 5%, this can stack with other word count lowering effects. The Shinkirō have also been known to be able infuse this chakra into their ninjutsu, inducing genjutsu in those struck, into their target. Those of the Shinkirō are also more resistant to other genjutsu, lowering the effectiveness of all genjutsu cast on them by one rank.

*While not physically weak, in terms of endurance, Mirāju clans members do take +1 ranked up damage when it comes to bukijutsu.
*There hasn’t been much medical data on the Shinkirō clansmen, as such, medical ninjutsu performed on one is lowered in effectiveness by one rank. Unless the medical ninja is someone from this clan.
*All those within the clan must take the negative characteristic, “Hesitant (Element)”, without a positive counter balance.

Members: Currently None

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Mirāju Style: Shimmering Hallucination
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: 20 meter radius.
Specialty: Genjutsu/Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable / 35:10
Cooldown: 4 posts (+1/rank)
Description: By releasing a burst of their genjutsu inducing chakra and spreading it out in an area, the Mirāju are able to strengthen the hold of their Genjutsu. Genjutsu cast on those affected by this will be harder to break out of by one rank. The shimmering effect distorts the sight of everyone caught in the genjutsu, excluding the caster, and causes a rank down in the affected reaction time and perception. This jutsu takes 35 chakra to cast initially, and 10 to maintain.

Name: Mirāju Style: Progressive Shifting Mirage
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-S
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: 4 meter radius (+2/rank [The range becomes 15 meter radius at S-rank)
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: Maintainable / 10:5 (+5 for initial per rank:+5 maintain every other rank)
Cooldown: This jutsu cannot be used again for the same amount of posts it was used.
   If “Mirāju Style: Shimmering Hallucination” is already in place, then this jutsu’s initial cost is lowered by one rank. If an B-ranked ninja or higher starts this genjutsu from the C-rank level, every turn the effects will stack on each other. Up to the Caster's rank. Example:
Post 1: C
Post 2: C and B
Post 3: C and B and A
   C/Chuunin: The caster of this jutsu will vanish from sight of anyone caught by this genjutsu. It will take C-rank perception to still see the user of this jutsu.
   B/Special Jounin: Those under the influence of this level of the genjutsu will have their vision start to darken, reducing their range of vision by 10 meters.
   A/Jounin: At this level, those affected by the genjutsu will have hallucinations of anyone they look at wearing a mask from another village. ‘A ninja from konohagakure would see someone in a mask from the kirigakure or another village.”

   Because of the Complexity of this genjutsu at higher ranks, the one who casts this will be unable to perform ninjutsu after the A-rank Variant in this jutsu. The user will also have to slower in order to keep their concentration, resulting in a one tier down in speed. If the caster is struck with a A-rank technique or higher the genjutsu will be released.


Name: Mirāju Style: Inverse World Hallucination
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: Within Reach
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: Max of 5 posts, one post preperation with an 5 post postponement.
Cooldown: Number of posts maintained + 1
One of the ultimate genjutsu of the Mirāju clan. It completely inverses the sight and sound of those caught within its grasp. This genjutsu, like all genjutsu, control the flow of chakra in the brain. It reverses the chakra flow, making the influenced person see things in complete reverse. The user of this genjutsu adds in the other details, such as what is behind them, and the genjutsu will reverse it.

Examples: For those with 360 degree sight, if a kunai was throw at them from their right(From the Front), it would appear for them on their left(From the Back). For ninjas with normal sight, basically, they would be seeing what would technically be behind them in front of them. Say someone, not the user, was about to stab someone influenced by this genjutsu, from the back. The influenced target would see the attacker as they would if they were infront of them and probably move backward, while the attacker in the real world, is behind them. Ended up with the person under the genjutsu being stabed in the end.

In levels of initiation difficulty one could say it was B or even C rank, it is maintaining this jutsu that is the key. In order to place this genjutsu on someone, the user will have to come into physical contact with their target, after the one post preparation. In physical contact. The level of concentration this jutsu requires it immense, the user will be unable to perform or maintain any other genjutsu while this jutsu is active.


Name: Mirāju Style: Trance of Desert Winds
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: 20 meter radius
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Maintainable [25:10]
Cooldown: ‘For the same amount of time it was kept in place.’
Description: Gathering a large amount of their chakra into their lungs and releasing a loud whistle, those who are close enough to hear the sound of the whistle are placed into this simple genjutsu. It shifts anything the user sees in the real world, 20 meters to their weaker side (the side of their non-dominate arm. If the affected person is ambidextrous, then it shifts the sight to the right.). While the technique is activated by sound in order to be affected by it they must be hit by the high wave. Like in oceanic waves where there is a really low wave right before a large wave, this jutsu is the same. The sound is a signal, the real genjutsu comes in a slightly visible expanding sphere that originates from the caster, this comes after 0.1 seconds of the start of the whistle. Those caught by the "blue wave" as caught inside this genjutsu, the "blue wave" expands outward at 40m/s.

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2Shinkiro Empty Re: Shinkiro on Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:36 am



" the genjutsu is of one rank higher in effectiveness than normal." remove this please. No +1's to power are allowed anymore.

So basically, this clan has, 'being hit by one of my ninjutsu, can be a genjutsu trigger.' right?

Also, that clan symbol is already in use, I'm positive.


fine, you can remove one because of the removal of the buff to gen.

you have broken spoilers

1/ A rank can reduce a persons stats by 2 tiers, not 2 ranks (8 tiers total). So, this is a no immediately, as well as it having a buffing effect. Pick one please, the buff or the debuff. Not both. Also, speed of the pulse. And what ind of area.

2/ this jutsu needs a trigger like the other one. how do you hit someone with it? And it's going to need to be hard with these stacking effects. also, i would like a specification, you can cast this as B rank, skipping the C rank effect right? But if you're A rank, and use the C and hit someone, the jutsu gets worse over time? Right? If so, please specify a little clearer.

3/ seems ok

as this uses chakra enhanced sound, it is still going to need a projectile speed that is not 300mp/s (speed of sound) its been determined that chakra enhanced sound and chakra enhanced light is slower, as it needs to be controlled.


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