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Nakazawa, Harue "Tracer" [Plot Mover]

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1Nakazawa, Harue "Tracer" [Plot Mover] Empty Nakazawa, Harue "Tracer" [Plot Mover] on Mon Nov 23, 2015 3:11 am



Nikko (pet dog)


Konohagakure (former)

Satoshi Nakazawa-Uzumaki (father; deceased)
Rin Uzumaki (mother; deceased)
Takara Uzumaki (foster father; deceased)

Love Interests


Shibirin Genko (acquaintance)
Boris Kuma (acquaintance)
Neci Uchiha (acquaintance)
Susumu Uchiha (acquaintance)
Sujin Nara (acquaintance)
Karumo Sekuro (acquaintance)

*PM me if you're interested in the above, if you're interested in my plot, or if you want me in yours!

Konoha Genin

Nakazawa, Harue "Tracer" [Plot Mover] PJ5vE8W

A Quiet Day in Konoha [Complete]
Harue has registered as a Konoha ninja for three months, and is falling short on rent. Still, she refuses Shibirin's offer to pay off her debt, and instead makes a friend out of her fellow ninja, before returning home and reflecting on her time in Konoha, as well as her motives for coming here. 

One Last Stroll [Complete]
Harue meets Susumu, who manages to convince her to join his makeshift squad, in the process redefining her focus to avenging her loved ones. While she is able to persuade him to incorporate some altruism into their journey, it only helps lessen slightly the guilt and burden of leaving yet another village to pursue the path of revenge.  

Drunk in an Alley [Complete]
Harue bumps into an inebriated Boris while on a walk with Nikko, and offers him shelter, food, and a bath for the night. She reflects on Boris' state, which resulted from his failure of avenging his children, which steels her resolve to leave Konoha for her own revenge.

A Demon at the Training Ground [Cancelled]

Snowflakes Melting On Your Tongue [Cancelled]

At the Leaf [Complete]
While returning home with groceries, Harue bumped into an Uchiha, Neci, whose invitation to dinner she had to turn down due to already having plans for the night with Nikko. She was also unable to keep the conversation going for long, partially due to Neci's creepy appearance, but also due to missions which keep preparing her for her eventual departure from Konoha.

Set Fire to the Rain [Cancelled]


Nakazawa, Harue "Tracer" [Plot Mover] NgRnHDC

Deliver Forged Pardons? [Complete]
Under the guise of taking a mission, Harue finally takes the step to leave the village that has housed her for a quarter of a year, turning her back on the few friends she has there, especially one who has been there for her all her life, as she focuses her attention on nothing but the goal in front of her: revenge.

Scholarly Session [Complete]
Taking a break at the Village Hidden in the Stones, Harue visits the famed Diamond Heights University, and chances upon a rare meeting with the headmaster, Karumo. After exchanging a quick intellectual debate on the foundations of chakra theory, Karumo offers a placing in the prestigious university, one that Harue reluctantly and surprisingly denies as she lets herself be spun ever deeper into the web that is her vengeance.

Chunin Promotion:

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