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1 Supply Run [D Mission/Complete] on Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:35 am



Mission Info:
Mission name: Supply Run.
Mission rank: D-Rank.
Objective: Bring the supplies to the army training camp in Konohagakure.
Location: Konoha.
Reward: 100 Ryo.
Mission description: The army training camp located on the western side of Konohagakure is running war games and needs somebody to do a supply run for them. Pick up the supplies from the administration building and take them to the Army Training Camp as quickly as possible.
Mission Details: There is fresh ice cream (a treat for one of the officers) in the order, if you don't hurry, the ice cream will melt and you'll have a very sad officer on your hands. If you make it with the ice cream, you may even get to eat a scoop.

“It’s a mess out there, Sujin,” said the missions officer. He lifted himself from his chair and slapped a mission order on the desk for Sujin to read. “The daimyo wants to have a training camp in the village for his own army.”

“Can’t he do that?” Sujin asked, not even looking at the mission order. “He is the daimyo.”

“It’s a matter of principal, Sujin. The army and the ninja shouldn’t be training in the same place. They have their own villages for that. No need to muddy up our village with their pitiful existence. Besides, we’re supposed to be a hidden village, not to be bothered by the outside world.”

“If you don’t want to be bothered by anyone, don’t wake up. That’s what my mother tells me.”

The missions officer laughed at this. “Your mother always did make good points,” he noted before sitting back down at his desk. He pointed to the mission order. “Anyways, you’ll still have to help them set up camp. The brutes don’t have many here until the first wave of recruits arrive, so get going. I’ve got more missions to sift through.”

Sujin sighed hard, letting the small office room slip into a brief silence.  Behind the officer, a large window let Sujin watch a squirrel sitting on a tree branch. The little creature was shaking the branch terrifically in an attempt to snatch the tree’s nut. It’s tiny paws scratching at the nut’s stem in an effort to break it loose. Pulling and tugging, the squirrel finally resorted to its final option of simply tugging at the nut while falling off the tree.  A loud pop was heard through the glass as the squirrel fell, nut in hand.  The noise made the officer look back, but only saw the wavering tree branch.

“You got it, boss,” Sujin took the mission order in hand and left the room.

He walked out of the missions offices with a swift kick at the dirt.  Life just wasn’t so fun when there was work to be done.  Nearly everything he would have to do as a ninja of the Leaf, was work. At least the jobs would be more interesting later on. That much Sujin knew. Still, it was the getting there that was aggravating.  He brushed the hair out of his eyes and moved down the road away from the office buildings.  According to the mission order, given to him, the training camp was nearby the genin shinobi training grounds, which would probably be the first time he would actually go by that place.

The genin’s training grounds weren’t the best compared to the higher ranked ground areas, for obvious reasons, but such was the way of things.  Also, they were always packed with people so Sujin never bothered to go, preferring solitude instead.

Sujin arrived shortly at the makeshift training camp of the army.  There were only two tents up, and when he asked what he could do to help, he was quickly placed on tent making duty for the next four hours.  They were behind schedule for the day and needed ten tents up.  These weren’t your average camping and backpacking tents either, by the way.  The tents the army were going to use were large, two thousand square foot tents.  It took his best efforts to help with putting up center poles and hammering in the stakes, but after a tiring endeavor he finally was relieved of his duty to help.

Relaxing at home never felt so good, especially when combined with a cool showering off before slumping into his bed.  He slept easy that night, knowing one small job was done, not knowing what lay in store for the next day.

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