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Combat Practice C:

Mission name: Combat Practice
Mission rank: C-rank
Objective: Spar
Location: Thunder grounds
Reward: 200 ryo
Mission description: A genin has put up the ryo for a sparing partner. You look like you could use the training and so we've assigned you.
Mission details: Go to the thunder grounds, there he will talk to you before you can see them, then walk out behind a rock, and will bow before beginning the spar. you may not kill or maim them, but everything else is fair game.

Name: up to writer
Age: up to writer
General Appearance: up to writer
Personality: up to writer
Motivations:up to writer; to acquire power
Fears:up to writer; death
Abilities: The genin specializes in ninjutsu and taijutsu, with suiton and raiton, and knows the entire library for each of them. They can also can also sense anyone inside of the hidden mist technique, as well as can create a pool of water in a 10 meter diameter, as well as has lightning fists that will deal second degree burns upon contact, and has D-3 stats all around. They use a boxing style of taijutsu, and with strength (so C-rank strength)

This was the beginning of a series of contests that would go down in no one's history but that of the boy who wished for more then what people had thought.
Misunderstood and alone as the boy needed to train to become strong, but with all his opponent's being old men he felt lonely in this world until he found his only hope in the form of a small blonde rival, a boy equally small and equally gifted to test his strength and become the pillar of support he needed

This was the small boy's one last hope

Words 100

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"Hey, I heard you a strong young Genin just like me. Let's have a good fight. My name is Kata Renji"
As the strange boy appeared from hiding with his strange red hair and green eyes. His hair was all the way down to his back as he stood there and performed the hand seal for starting a fair fight between genin.

"Pleased to meet you, I am Elin, Good luck"
As the small boy Elin returned the greeting as they prepared to engage in their duel or to be more accurate their sparring session. How this would turn out would be hard to tell.

Words 100 + 106 = 206/1000

Battle Status:

Elin, Lane vs Kata Renji

Genin vs Genin

Fuuinjutsu Ninjutsu vs Boxing Taijutsu

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The wind blew through the hair of the two young genin about to engage in their duel as Elin had not brought all his gear as he did not want to rely too much on his scythe anymore as he only had his special kunai and some wire just in case.

The fight began as soon as the grass began to rustle as they both dashed towards each other as Elin launched a punch at his opponent, who matched him with an equal punch as an explosive force could be heard as they both got knocked back with Elin falling on his back while Renji fell on his behind not quite as far back. It looked a bit stupid, but the young Renji felt a bit insulted that his opponent would challenge him with fists as he dashed towards the boy after getting up as elin felt a stinging sensation in his face as there was a burn mark on his cheek.

It was then that he noticed the difference between them as his opponent got close he placed his hand on the ground as his opponent pounced for a grounded punch. His opponent fell out of view into a hole as Renji hit the edge of the hole face first but also hit a small little crater before falling in the hole landing on the other small boy.

Words 206 + 229 = 435/1000

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As the boy was beginning to come to Elin landed an uppercut on Renji who then came to his senses as he wound up for another lightning empowered fist to defeat his opponent. As the small boy got up his guard he blocked the attack as he coughed a bit. That was when the boy realised he had been mounted and all he could do now was defend or fight back. His opponent gave blow after blow hurting the boy's arms as they began to sting deeply in pain as he then said.

"You can give up anytime, there is no shame in admitting defeat." Was this going to be the end, for the small boy to be defeated deep within this hole that he had created. Had he chosen his fate or could his destiny still change as the force of the blows began to go through his block every now and then as he struggled on it was his moment to show how tough he could be

Words 435 + 170 = 605/1000

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"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" as the other boy hesitated in shock the boy then noticed the pause and finally managed to land a direct hit with an uppercut which knocked the boy up just a little bit. The boy tried to get up as he spun quick as the side of his body hit Renji between the legs. The pain he felt at that moment could not be described as he stood up in pain and kept one hand to protect his future and his other hand held onto the walls of the hole as he watched the boy getting up. Having countered in a unique way by accident as he acknowledged he could not blame that on his opponent he should have remembered that his position was not the safest of all. While it had an advantage it was dangerous once the opponent managed to uplift you in anyway.

They were cramped up in this hole and he felt his boxing style would be too risky without room to put his full strength into his punches as he jumped out of the hole. The small boy stayed in the hole as he pressed his hands hard to the walls of the hole before jumping out as well but not quite so easily as he stumbled a bit and fell on one knee.

Words 605 + 220 = 825

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As he turned to face his opponent with his cheek burnt and his eyes watering from the pain as he stood their with his arms steaming from all the bruises and cuts left from the beating he was receiving as he stood there staring at his opponent as he spoke with what energy he had left.

"I will never give up." As he raised his pain ridden arms to face his opponent once more copying his opponent's stance. His opponent closed his eyes taking a deep breathe as he raised both his arms as well and spoke. "That move you did was pretty impressive, but let us end this before you get seriously hurt."

As the wind blew as pain shot through the arms of the boy who would not surrender and the boy who felt it had long since been decided, as his opponent would charge at him with full force what was it that he could do right now against these odds

As his opponent and him collided the outcome was uncertain but as the small boy awoke in the hospital he found a note beside his bed that said. "That was fun, we should do this again."

Words 825 + 201 = 1026/1000



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