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1 Tōkai's Plot on Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:34 am




~ W E L C O M E ! ~

Yes, welcome all to Tōkai's Plot! Which, so far really has no plot becuase we often just go around in circles. Anyway, there really is nothing here set in stone. I love making ideas and love to accept them! Wanna be part of Tōkai's story or have Tōkai be part of yours? Send me a PM!

Tōkai's To Do List:

(Not necessarily all in this order)

♥ Ideas♥
♦Likely To Happen♦
♠Certain to Happen or Currently is Happened♠
♣Ideas in consideration♣

♥ Join a Village ♥
"Eh... It could happen."

♥Join an independent criminal organization♥
"Oh, sounds fuu~un!"

♥Become a Missing-Nin ♥
"But..  Being a full... Time criminal sounds... Like a lotta woorrrkkk!"

♣Find and kill his mom ♣
"I do... Hate the woman."

♠Meet up with some family ♠
"Already in progress~!"

♥Fall in love♥
"Just... Ki~idding!"

♦Do something naughty with someone♦
"But... I gotta find... someone first!"

♦Fine... Find someone to do something naughty with♦
"That's right~!"

♣Commit Mass Murder♣
"Hm, Well... I wouldn't just... Say noooo~!"

♥Make friends in High Places ♥
"Pshh... Who needs... Friends?! "

♥Become a well known traitor♥
"Er.... How...?"

♣Obtain a Pet Rabbit♣
" Aren't they the... Cuuutest~?"

♦Buy a Guitar to do Audio Based Genjutsu♦
"Why would a... Deaf guy... Need an instrument...!"

~ F R I E N D S ~
"I thought we... Agreed... No one nee~eeds... Friends! "

~ F R E N E M I E S ~
"No... Friends and no... Enemies~!"

~ F A M I L Y ~
"Ah... Family, I sure... Do love hate them~"

Otsuka Maikeru
"My little... Cousin!"

~ O T H E R ~
"Not.. Too much of... An extensive.. List...!"


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