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Mission Info:
Mission name: Explore the Land of Fire.
Mission rank: D-rank.
Objective: Explore the country, anywhere you want, and make maps of the places you go.
Location: Hi no Kuni.
Reward: 100 Ryo.
Mission description: The administration building is extending their records of the country's geography and they need people to work as cartographers and make the maps for them.
Mission Details: Explore anywhere you want in the whole country, you just have to make a map of wherever you go.

Beneath the towering mountains, a young Nara stood. Laying with his back against a medium sized rock while drawing a few lines on a white canvas. Sujin was actually out on a mission, in which he had to mark a few spots that were not located on the map which belonged to The Land of Fire. The roads and the majority of the key locations were drawn, although other interesting and useful spots were missed. He was not an expert in drawing, though he was able to make a few rough sketches that would guide those who are in charge of printing out the maps.

These mountains were quite a sight, and as such Sujin was quite pleased about the choice that he made regarding the locations which were available for exploration. This particular region was located north-east of Konohagakure no Sato; not bad for a strategic point, as the mountains alongside him were covering his back and right side, and at their base stood a dense forest, one in which you could easily get lost. The forest was also located at a distance of about 20 kilometers from Konohagakure; an outpost would have worked quite well there.

Even though the mission hinted the fact that it was easy enough to perform, in reality it was fairly exhausting and consuming; all that running from a place to another could easily take the average man down. As soon as the rough sketch for the mountains was finished, Sujin came back at the first rock on which he stood upon in order to retrieve his backpack. With a swift motion the backpack was already placed on his left shoulder; due to its content it was a bit heavy, food and drawing supplies such as ink and scrolls were needed.

Once everything was taken, Sujin began heading towards the main road. Even though he was inside The Land of Fire, traveling off-road might end up confronting some unwanted people, thieves and bandits were known for lingering inside the forest. He wasnt carrying anything of value with him, just a few ryo incase he needed to resupply himself with food on the road. Shelter was also needed in case the mission took a fairly amount of time, the inn was not that cheap either.

After a couple of well passed minutes, around forty, the young Nara found himself against a fairly sized waterfall. The water was gallantly cascading from it, making a relaxing sound once it hit those rocks beneath it. It was remarkable, everything seemed unrealistic. A vividly garden of lowers surrounded it, purple, yellow and red were the colors which stood out the most. With heavy footsteps Sujin began walking towards it, the water beneath his feet was crystal clear, he could actually see the small fishes swimming between his legs.

Those two silver eyes pierced the rippling water, and gazed towards his own reflection for a couple of seconds. His eyes narrowed while letting out a disappointing frown; the conditioned he was in, truly displeased him. Without further ado, the young shinobi marched towards the edge of the lake before placing his buttocks against the grassy land. His scroll, pencil and brush was taken out once more, in order to begin another rough sketch of the environment in which he stood in.

Countless hours passed by him, and he was finally finished. A reasonable number of locations were visited and drawn upon the scrolls which he carried with him. The night bestowed upon him, though he did not wish to spend a night at the inn. Even if the road was full of peril, he continued on with his eyes peeled against every angle around him. The morning came alongside the Nara in Konohagakure; a second was not wasted as he began walking towards the administration building, where upon arrival he dropped the rough sketches and picked up his rewarding paycheck.

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