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Ashi had just been wandering, no actual direction to it at first. Amaya had been all but tailing her for the past few days, popping up at random, and frankly Ashi just needed someone to talk to whose face wasn't shoved in a book. She also needed somewhere where she knew Amaya wouldn't be stalking the daylights out of her. She could have avoided her, shook her off for a while if she'd wanted to, but that involved far too much thinking and work. Two things she didn't want to do much of right now.

So, in her wanderings she'd ended up outside of Kenta's office. She was simply staring at the door at first. Didn't knock, didn't make a sound. Just some serious creepy staring going on. She blinked a few times, seeming to come back into the present and actually notice where her wanderings had taken her. She couldn't remember the last time she'd actually gone through the door to Kenta's office, having always taken her preferred free run to the window and gotten in that way.

She wondered now if he was even in there, and knocked softly, figured that was the quickest way to find out without busting in all rude-like.


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He was only even in the room because it was quiet; gloriously so. Headaches from hell; he'd finally shoved the last of the police and various Jounin councilmen out of the conference room upstairs, so he needed some along time to let his creeping social anxieties calm down. Someone knocking... either stupid, important, or family; had to be. Ignoring the pile of weaponry that was stored in easy reach all over the hidden surfaces of his desk; he went for a simple stress ball someone had left there. It was soggy; but it would do. He flung it just hard enough to be heard through the door; but not enough to splatter it. As good as a "come" as anyone was going to get until he knew who was calling on him.


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