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1 An unexpected meeting (Private/Sujin/NoKill) on Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:49 am

Hyuga Miyuki


Miyuki was standing at the training grounds wearing her usual training clothes, consisting of a white sleeveless kimono, black shorts and black boots. It was a bad weather wise, it was around 5 degrees Celsius, and it was raining quite hard. It was around 7 a clock in the evening, and Miyuki had yet to eat dinner. But Miyuki didn't care, she wants to train as much as possible, no matter what kind of weather it is. She doesn't mind the rain too much, as its quite refreshing during training. Anyways, Miyuki was using her byakugan to train. She wanted to learn the Gentle fist style, and she was trying to copy movements she saw others from her clan perform earlier today. Her body was bruised, and her fingers had a few tiny cuts from hitting the tree. "1...2...3...Go!" She shouted, as she started hitting the tree rapidly with her fingertips in the same way she saw clan members before the Eight Trigrams Sixtyfour Palms jutsu, but she simply failed. Her fingers were hurting, and her stomach started making noises.

"Lets call it a quit for today.. Maybe I could ask somebody from the clan for assistance.." She said to herself, as she sat down near the tree, looking towards the sky.

"One day.. One day this entire village will be mine. I can't give up. If I ever want to become hokage... I need to keep on going..." She said to herself, as she stood back up, turning towards the tree again. "Eight Trigrams Sixtyfour Palms!" She yelled out, as she started hitting the tree with her fingertips again. Most of the hits had no effect, but the last hit somehow managed to damage the tree. Miyuki looked at the tree in awe. "Did I just really manage to use the Gentle Fist style, or am I imagining things?" She said to herself, as she sat back down near the tree, staring into the sky once again.

"One day... One day.. One day I might just become the hokage!" She said to herself once again, rain still dripping on her shoulders. She looked around with her Byakugan, noticing that nobody was around. She noticed that people rarely used this training spot. It was on the older side, and it was rarely if ever maintained, and it was quite hard to find, so it wasn't that big of a surprise to Miyuki. She was resting in the rain, as her body was sore, and her fingers were still bleeding from some of the small cuts due to the surface of the tree. But it was all worth it. Miyuki was for sure that one day, she was able to become the hokage, as long as she tried long enough.

After a few minutes of resting, Miyuki jumped back up hungry. Her home wasn't far from home, and besides, she was quite hungry. Miyuki started to walk back towards the village. Her feet were still hurting a bit from training, but she could manage the distance. As she was walking through the forest, she started to noticed how badly drenched her clothes were due to the rain. The first thing she would do after she got home would be to change her clothes, and then she would eat dinner after. She wasn't sure what she would be eating, as she didn't talk to her parents before leaving the house. As she continued walking she finally entered the village.  She looked around, and saw quite a lot of people.

"Those are a lot of people.. I can't imagine having to know each and every one of them.." She thought to herself, thinking of her future as a possible hokage. While lost in thought, she didn't notice she was about to walk into somebody while turning around a corner.

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Another rainy day had hit Konohagakure. So much rain in the past few days Sujin was growing lethargic even more than usual, something his parents had become aware of. So aware, in fact, that they had practically forced him out of the house in an attempt to have him do something. "When we let you back into our house, you promised us that you would be active as a shinobi of the village," they had said. "Right now, all we're seeing is you reverting back to your old self!"

He hadn't anything to say to that. There was nothing he could say. Literally all he was doing was eating and sleeping while his parents did all the work. He only got away with it until then because both his mother and father had been away on missions of their own. With them back in the house, he should have known not to be so lazy while he was around.

so he was kicked out of the house, with nothing to do but walk through the village streets. Normally he wouldn't mind taking a walk, but during the rain wasn't really his ideal time for taking a stroll. However, he didn't have much choice in the matter, so he walked.  Thankfully, he had his trusty umbrella to keep him out of the rain.

His parents had suggested he go to the training grounds and train seeing as not many other genin would be around while it was still raining. While this did play to Sujin's favor of training alone and without a chance of spectators, he still wasn't one to just train to begin with. Laughing was the only response he had to his parent's suggestion, much their chagrin.

As far as the villagers were concerned, rain didn't stop nobody. Sujin was amazed by all the people still out and about. Throughout his stroll down the streets, he only saw one shop that had closed, and it was a flower shop. All the others were still open and attracting customers. Sure, there were less people about than during a sunnier day, but considering the weather it was quite a shock to see so many still outside.

However, his walk took a turn for the worse when out of nowhere, a little girl had stepped out of a corner street directly in his path. Sujin, being the lazy ninja he was, hadn't developed the reflexes needed to stop his own forward motion, or at least change his direction, enough to not hit the girl. The two would bump together, the girl's head would bounce off his chest and his knees hit her waist.

From the bounceback, Sujin would immediately apologize. Not because he was at fault, but because it was a girl and Sujin's experiences with girls, and women in general, meant he should just take the blame to save his own skin.

"Oh, I'm sorry," he would say, taking a step back from the girl. "I didn't see you there."

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Hyuga Miyuki


Miyuki, due to her being lost in thought, walked into Sujin head-first. Her head bounced off of his chest, as his knee hit her into the waist quite hard. Normally, she would be able to take such a hit with ease, and she would have noticed him coming, but due to her rough training schedule recently, she took the impact badly. The combination of her own force and the knee of Sujin caused her to fall down on the ground, causing her to lay down on the ground, as rain was still coming back down.

"I couldn't pick a better day for this, could I..." She thought to herself, before opening her eyes, looking at the boy.

"Oh, I'm sorry," the boy started. ""I didn't see you there."" He resumed. Miyuki sighed before answering back.

"Don't blame yourself... I should have watched my step..." She said, still laying down on the ground. She looked up, as rain was still raining all over her body. She wasn't a huge fan of rainy weather, but as she was still tired from her training, she didn't exactly mind it either. She realized that if she would stay like this, she would probably end up being sick though, as she had been in the rain for a while now.

Due to this, she tried to stand back up, but it was at this time that she noticed her right leg was injured. She quickly sat back down on the ground, inspecting her own leg. "I'm sorry for having to ask you such a request, but I'm afraid I can't walk much farther than this... I think you will need to help me up.." She said, as she started blushing. She didn't like asking such a request from a complete stranger, but her body totally gave up on her, so she didn't exactly have a choice anyway.

It was at this time that Miyuki forgot to introduce herself, which were basic manners that she got teached by her parents. "I'm sorry, where are my manners... the name is Miyuki. Hyuga Miyuki." She stated, as she smiled. Her body had a few cuts here and there, mainly around her fingers due to her practice session a few minutes ago. The wounds didn't bleed anymore like they did a while ago, but she could still feel mild feel as a result of them. The combination of the cuts and her leg that just gave up on her made her feel quite miserable. What could have been a great day, got ruined pretty swiftly.

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“Don’t blame yourself,” said the girl while still laid out on the ground from the bump. “I should have watched my step…”

While Sujin had only recoiled a step or two back from the bumping, the girl had fallen flat on her back. He hadn’t thought the bump to be too bad, but with the rainy weather, even the ground would be deceptively dangerous. This became apparent as the girl struggled to get back up on her feet. Something was the matter with her right leg, and she said as much as she examined it on the ground.  “I’m sorry for having to ask you such a request, but I’m afraid I can’t walk much farther than this… I think you will need to help me up.”

At the little girl’s words, Sujin sprang into action. Oh right, what am I thinking? ”Of course,” he said. He would hold out the umbrella with his left hand to stop the girl from getting drenched in the rain while holding out his right for her to grab on. If she took it, he would gently pull, leaning into the pull to best help her up and onto her feet.

However, even as the girl introduced herself to Sujin as Miyuki of the Hyuga clan, he could see from her smile that she was more than exhausted. Being drenched, and looking not just a little rough for wear, he could see she had a tough day. ”And I’m Sujin of the Nara. Been busy today, haven’t we?”

Once the girl was on her feet again, he would hold onto her hand for a bit longer in case she needed help walking all while making sure he kept the umbrella over her head more so than himself. Seeing the girl’s state, he figured there’d only be one solution in her getting up and moving about her day. She was hurt, if not a bit by his fault in walking into her, even if he wasn’t the only one at fault for the incident. ”I’m not so sure you’re up for walking by yourself,” he would say. His tone more assertive than suggestive. “Especially in this weather. Let me walk you to wherever you’re going.”

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The girl only seemed to freeze up upon his offerance of help. He blinked a few times, even moved his umbrella over her as she stood there with a blank expression. Did I scare her? Is she thinking it over? He could not tell what was going on in the girl's head just by looking at her, but the rain was the only thing that seemed to be expressive this day. Having enough of the waiting game, or the silent game, or whatever game the Hyuga girl was playing at, Sujin finally decided he would leave.

"Weird girl," he muttered to himself once he had separated far enough away to be out of earshot. He continued to walk around the village for a few more minutes, but the rain was just too much for him. With the wind helping the rain sneak around the protecting veil of his umbrella, Sujin was quickly succumbing to the effects of the weather. A sneeze or two escaping his lips as he turned to head home.

The weather in this town lately had really gotten terrible. Sujin had a mind for renaming the village's motto to go from the Will of Fire to the Will of Rain. The streets were getting so muddy he actually had to use a puddle outside his home's front door to help clear off some clinging mud before stepping into the mudroom of his home where he could safely take off his dirty shoes without dirtying up the rest of the house. He found his father reading a book on the couch when he walked in, a pizza box lying open on the table. Mom's away on a mission, again. He picked up a slice of pizza and sat down in a chair opposite of his father. At least he ordered one with pineapples on it.

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