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Jeiku looked over Iwagakure with hope and a purpose in his eye. Today was the first day he had to prove that he was worth being a Iwagakure Ninja. After speaking to the Lord Tsuchikage he found out that he needs to two D-Rank missions and two C-Rank mission to become and honorary member of Iwa. 'This shouldn't be too hard all I have to do is clean this place up' Thought Jeiku jumping off the roof he was perched on.
'Where to start?' Jeiku said out loud. 'Ah maybe I should start by cleaning up the academy, I've never seen an actual academy before it would be interesting to see!'
Jeiku dashed towards the academy quickly picking up any loose trash along the way. As he approached the academy his mind drifted off to when he remembered training with his old sensai and how much fun they had.
Jeiku quickly snapped himself out of it and hurried around cleaning all trash, fixing broken sparing dolls and cleaning all the classrooms.
Next was the Hospital and then the Administration building. Jeiku was cleaning with extraordinary speed. This was only because while living in the wilderness by himself he used to do a lot of cleaning chores for Ryo for food. It wasn't so much a job for him anymore it was more fun than anything.
Next was sweeping, Jeiku dashing around Iwa dust cloud behind him must of been a sight to see but Jeiku didn't care he had one goal in mind and that was to become part of a village, a member of something greater than what he knew of. The most important thing in Jeiku life is to feel wanted and a part of something rather then being excluded and exhiled.
Jeiku completed all the sweeping so fast that he was able to even go help some of the elderly shop keepers around Iwa. He knew that it wasn't part of the mission but he truly just wanted people to know that he would do anything to help someone in need out. He even had time to sit down and listen to some of the old Ninja War stories the older townspeople had to share. He loved collecting this type of information he hated having to read something out of a book by someone who wasn't even there he would rather hear it from the horses mouth. After sharing some tea and sweet riceballs with the elderly townspeople Jeiku continued feeling fresh and rejuvinated the spark of hope glistening even more brighter now.
Washing out the restrooms was the job that Jeiku was least looking forward too. There was one thing he learnt from this job and that is that people are disgusting no matter what class they come from. In his head Jeiku though 'I come from the streets and rarely see restrooms and I would still be cleaner then these guys! They are so gross!!'
A few lost lunches later Jeiku was finally done with the restrooms. When he left the restroom he noticed that there was an old lady carrying he groceries down the street. She looked very frail and her arms looked like they were about to snap. So Jeiku offered to help the old lady to her home. She offered him some cake and he offered to make some of his special tea. But he couldn't stay for long he still had some cleaning left to do.
Hurriedly but efficently Jeiku start to clean the last few things left. He helped to clear some debris that fell from the mountains, he helped with some minor repairs and cleaning around the local shops and village houses and even went back and polished all the windows in the academy, administration building and hospital.
After a long day, Jeiku climbed back on top of the administration building and layed down looking at the stars. He felt so happy and accomplised after completing his mission he didn't even relise how tired he was or that fact he started drifting off to sleep.

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