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Help the Village:

Mission name: Help the Village
Mission rank: C
Objective: Help the Villagers of the destroyed Village
Location: Sunagakure
Reward: 170
Mission description: A small Village to the South of the Sand Village has been struck by a fire. Most of the buildings have burned and many of the citizens have been hurt or rendered homeless by the disaster. The Kazekage has asked that a team of three (3) ninja go to the Village and help any way they can. The leader of the destroyed Village has assured the Kage that there is no suspicion regarding the fire’s origins, which means that it was a natural disaster, no one committed arson.
Mission details: Minimum of 1000 words describing what you do to help out this poor village. Please note like before this can be taken by a single genin and is open to more ranks.

I guess this is where I am supposed to be... Mari looked around, she had just arrived in the small town that had requested for help. The reason she could so easily tell it was the place was because she noticed that several buildings shows signs of burning and were covered in black ash. It seemed a small place and few people were milling about. The girl wore her forehead protector around her left arm and it was likely the sign that caused a small crowd of children to suddenly surround her.

"Look! It's a ninja, are you really a ninja?"

"I bet she's super powerful and knows a bunch of cool jutsu!"

"Show us your cool ninja moves! Come on, come on please!

"Eh..." Mari blushed as she held up hands, an attempt to calm down the children and also prevent them from getting a little close. She wasn't quite sure if it would be wise to her "cool ninja moves" at the moment, nor would it exactly be appropriate. A hint of red dashed her cheeks at the cuteness of the kids in front of her. They were acting as adorable as they could be and Mari wasn't sure what she should do with them. She noticed that their clothing was a bit ragged, frayed at the edges with each of the kids themselves having a bit of dirt covering their faces. Surely, they were residents of this village and they also had been greatly affected by the fire that had destroyed most of it. Just as she was about to ask the children where any adults happened to be, an old man walked up to the group.

”Ahh! The shinobi the Hidden Sand has sent us, the great Kazekage does not disappoint!”

Mari looked over to see a wrinkly old man who was missing more than a few teeth. He had a happy demeanor along with a crook in his back and cane in hand. She smiled and waved, nodding her head in response to his statement. “A pleasure to be a service, my name is Masayoshi Mari. Indeed, I was sent here to assist your village in rebuilding after fire. So, if I may ask, how can I help?” Mari held her hands to her side and bowed in introduction to the old man, of whom she could only guess was the village elder.

The old man smiled as the children that surrounded the girl continued to nag her about her status as a shinobi. He soon waved his hand for the children to stop. ”I am called Genji or so they say.” He laughed aloud. ”And I do suppose you’re ready to some work with the other youngin’s here.”

The smallest of the children, a young girl with poofy twintails, began pulling at Mari’s dress, while the other two pulled at her arms.

”C’mon, c’mon. Shinobi-neesan! You’re gonna help us put our house back together!”

Mari allowed herself to be lead away, walking with the older man and the children to whatever job they wished her do. Which apparently, was some construction work.

529 Total Words


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