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Konohagakure. The Hidden Leaf Village. The center piece of all alliances. It had a nice ring to it. A figure moved in the shadows of the trees and apparently appeared upon the treetop of the small forest in the south. The figure belonged to none other than the Inuzuka, Mujin. He reached to the village for observance and a quick look around. He heard word of the Dynamic Duo from Dengen, an Uchiha and another Inuzuka, of high rank. "An Inuzuka who is the Hokage..." That tickled his system a little. And this Inuzuka always kept the Uchiha by her side. Interesting. As he swiftly jumped from the treetop to the green grass, his eyes gave the appearance of a vicious dog with his fangs still in appearance. The wind wasn't that strong here, causing his black hair to move where the wind blows along with the long, white feather in dead center of his hair.

He was finally out of the Tsuchikage's reign. Hearing that he made a fool of himself and an even worse name for Iwagakure, Mujin had all rights to depart from the village. It smelled of trouble, and possibly a war. He wondered though, if this rouge lifestyle would be good for him. Not taking any orders, free traveling under no surveillance, unlimited training. He might get used to this. No chakra in his path, he was alone. Perfect. "Let's see what Konohagakure has to offer..." He spoke softly. He already had a plan-in-motion, the final piece was simple: Destroy the Tsuchikage. Until then, time for a little relaxation in this new village.

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