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We're going back to school kiddies

Ah, the perks of being in a village. Free Trainers! Wait well are they really free? Akira wouldn't just hand over some training and expect so little to come out of it? Hm, is this another one of those 'loyalty' tests? We've shown we're pretty loyal. Jet was grinning happily, on the inside that is, about a notice she received last night just after she prepared dinner for her new house guest. The notice was sudden, as it normally would, however Jet was a bit wired from staying up for the past nights in her basements conducting her studies, so when the messenger came she took it upon herself to act first and questions later by pulling the man over her body and knee him the chest before putting her foot down on his heart when he crumbled to the ground in pain. Of course he panicked and explain he wasn't an intruder. She laughed and deviled a quick ax kick his chest saying however intruders do break into people's houses instead of coming to the fucking front door. The dude looked like he was going to piss himself in fear with the chilling KI she emitted until he showed his ID, forehead protector, and a letter. Not seeing this weakling as a threat she took the aforementioned items and examined them, once she validated the ID and forehead protector, she let him go, telling him to scram, as she read the letter.

The letter read as follows 'Miss Yuurei Jet, Shinobi ID XXXXX, you are hereby put under the teachings of one of Iwa's newest additions. This training has been requested by several individuals who have noted your lack of discipline and the roughness of your combat ability. Therefore your temporary trainer for the day is here to adhere to those requests. You are to learn how to control yourself, despite affiliations and work on hand to hand combat. No weapons aside from your combat gloves are permitted. Training will begin at XXXX hours at Diamond Heights University, Training room XXX. Good day' An array of emotions stormed inside her beating chest but the two main ones were anger and curiosity. First off, despite her current 'on-going mission' she wasn't something to watch out for by her coworkers. She was less of a guard and more of a homestead providing food, shelter, and some advice since she hardly needed to interfere when helping the man out. Second, almost no one would simply volunteer to train her. She already had a poor reputation as a troublemaker and outsider even if she had changed her ways and had been apart of this village for almost three years now. Guess things will never change. She will never be one of them. Especially after what transpired between Nanashi and her was left to speculation by the public, allowing various rumors to spread.

Rumors varied between plain petty gossip to quite vicious and deeming. Some said she seduced him into her bed and is carrying his child. Another said that she indeed seduced him to her bedside only to slit his throat while committing intercourse. A few say she drugged Nanashi and left him to die in the middle of no where or perhaps she chopped him up and served them to the kage of kumo. Perhaps he was lured to the dark side and left the village to carry out the devils work. Maybe she sold him out to a rival village and framed him. And among these rumors there were not a single truth but even so not even she knew why he would not return. No matter however, rumors mean nothing to her for she could do nothing about them and would do nothing about them as long as they didn't interfere with her work. Instead after setting aside some breakfast for her house guest and getting dressed she left sealing all her weapons in her bandages and wrapping them around her arms, torso and neck. She left with a white muscle tee thrown over her and a pair of black camo pants with combat boots on. Her hair was pulled into a messy bun held together by a couple sebon and she had equipped her combat gloves.

As she made her first few steps on to the property of the university, she could not help but wonder whom was chosen for this. They said new to the village but that would be left up for speculation...


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This arrangement was certainly unexpected. When Akira had mentioned that he had arranged for lodgings for the young former Hokage, he'd expected something along the lines of a hotel room. Nothing fancy, nor had he anticipated it to be, given that he wasn't some kind of honoured guest or the like. But instead, he was invited into the home of one of the village's shinobi... although "invited" might've been stretching the description of their hospitality. Regardless, it was a pleasant experience thus far by all means. He'd a meal prepared for him after meeting his host and a place to sleep, but it was all beginning to remind Takao of how much he loathed having things done for him.

Even so, his time in Iwagakure had been pleasant. Perhaps not in the traditional definition of the word, but having so many people despise him so thoroughly was interesting and, in a way... enjoyable. He'd been paid so few pleasantries that it had started to become a bit reminiscent of his time as a genin in Konoha. No authority, no responsibilities... It was almost a bit like a vacation, though he certainly didn't see it as one. There was business to be done, deals to be made, and legs to be healed. Galavanting about the desolate countryside and taking in the sights whilst under the protection of one of the nation's shinobi wasn't exactly his idea of a vacation anyways.

A quick walk around the house informed him that he was on his lonesome. Nobody in the kitchen, the living areas... he didn't care much to check the bedrooms thoroughly, but he hadn't heard a single sound outside of his own footsteps, so he safely assumed that she had gone out.

"Well... got nothing really to do here." muttered Takao as his gaze settled on the front door. His shoulders rolled into a shrug while he rolled up his left sleeve. A hand seal was formed, thus allowing chakra to collect and gather into the intricate seal diagram on the bandages which wrapped a portion of his left forearm. A cloud of smoke erupted around him as chakra pulled the items he desired from oblivion. A white jacket over a dark blue flannel shirt adorned his torso and a pair of simple dark blue jeans that were faded around the knees for style dressed his lower body. Packing for travel had been made exceptionally easy with the introduction of academy level sealing techniques. He ambled up to the front door and sat in front of the black leather combat boots, then pulled them on and laced them up. He stood and stared at the surface of the door. His lungs relaxed and a long exhale left his chest.

"Alright then, let's go see what my adoring public has to say this time." The sarcasm in his otherwise monotone voice was overflowing. He chuckled lightly to himself and forced his left hand into the pocket of his jeans before pushing the door open and heading outside. Cold air hit his face, forcing his eyebrows to furrow and his grey eyes to narrow. He really didn't like the chilly mountain air, but it wasn't nearly as bad today.

The following few moments had been spent idly wandering around, listening to the idle chatter of civilians. Some paid him a lingering glance, a small few made comments as he passed by, but the vast majority didn't spare him a look or even notice who he was. The teen was honestly surprised anybody knew him by his face, which was remarkably unremarkable in noticability. Then again, he knew firsthand the extents that die hard patriots would go to for their country. He was one of them, after all. Protection from them was hardly in order, perhaps due to the stint he'd pulled a day or so earlier with Suutei. Nearly burning a man alive probably put a bad taste in their mouth, but at least it deterred them from taking any physical action against him... not that he couldn't handle them. Ordering him to be guarded by a shinobi of the village almost seemed a bit over-reactionary, but Takao was never one to question caution.

A cigarette soon found its way into the corner of his mouth, though it was kept unlit for now. His mindless wandering had lead him to the foot of a bridge that lead to an island in the middle of a lake. A large building sat at the end of the bridge, and he could see a figure standing just beyond that. Curious as ever, he made the short trek across the bridge, and stopped when he noticed the distinctive green hair of his hostess and apparent bodyguard.

You're a bit old to be going to class, aren't you?” said Takao, words spoken in his usual monotonous tone.

- -

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Suutei proceeded to put the final touches on his classroom it was rather nice of Kazako-sama to present him with his very own auditorium at the University.  At the same time it also was rather awkward since during his first time visiting Iwagakure no Sato he set a majority of the Commons ablaze...accidentally.  It was almost as if Suutei was the center of ironic happenings but these things he could digress upon.  Most of the time.  With the help of his small reindeer companion the two of them began dragging a large padded mat over the raised box shaped platform in the center of the room.  Things were coming along rather nicely with their setup of the classroom as the two continued their decoration of the room.  The most difficult was bringing the mat through the door in which they'd removed and requested a sliding door instead.  Though the Faculty department had not gotten back to them for this request, and it would be stressful with just an open door to the massive building.

A university student much older than Suutei walked through the doorway with a note.  Assuming he must be employed by the Universities Mailroom, because he would not open the class until preparations were ready.  The note was addressed to the classroom number XXX, their auditorium.  Speculating that this note was was a reply to their request from the Faculty.  It was pretty quick since they only requested their new door over 3 hours ago.  As he scanned over the contents of the letter Suutei began to shiver in anger, and the note turned into ashes within seconds.  Chopper sensed the frustration of his companion as he scurried over to a rack holding the reindeers lone sleeveless haori.

Moving the boxes of equipment around was much harder for someone with small legs, and a friend who's anger boiled hotter than magma.  That in turn would cause him to melt anything he touched.  From the back room he could hear Suutei begin to rant about the council's decision.  It was almost as if they asked him to babysit some delinquent individual.  Then a sudden comedic outburst about the said individual's name, "What the bloody fucking hell kind of name is Jet!"  He heard a crash as one of the training dummies broke into 2 and Suutei was seen before it's former stand.  Chopper shook his head as he tried to repair it and shooed Suutei away.  Who then sat at the edge of the platform impatiently scolding the door, in his mind melting it but waiting for his guest to arrive.

"Ya know Suutei you never know this guy might be cool.  Maybe worth your time and could become a regular sparring partner.  Here I brought your training clothes along in case so you wouldn't mess up your regular clothes.

Presenting his companion with quite a flashy Gi that was laced and outlined in a shimmering gold material.  The main color was a very vivid burgundy and an S on the upper right breast in white.  It was a very unique gi unlike anyone he'd ever seen Suutei was infatuated by the texture as well as the light feel of it.  Slipping into the uniform, and a black and burgundy pair of light combat boots, and slipping on the black wristbands trimmed gold.  Suutei circled the ring and returned to his spot waiting at the door more patiently for whoever this person was.  Leave it to Chopper to turn a sour mood into a sweet one.

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At his sudden appearance Jet merely smiled at him"We can say the same to you hm?"She figured she had left long before him but look at him now, appearing before her very eyes. Could this have been what the letter meant? Iwa's newest edition? Apparently not since she was pretty sure the former hokage was still quite loyal to his little village. The fact he joked about her appearance her was enough to prove he had no knowledge of it. Well it wouldn't hurt to have him join in would it. Getting advice and another person around always seemed like fun. Jet began walking, not quick enough so they would be separate but at a moderate pace he could easily pick up."We have an appointment today. Do you wish to accompany us or do you have other plans?" Assuming he followed her into the building, it didn't take long for Jet to navigate her way around until she reached the hallway where the room was at. The door had been left slight ajar but enough for her to see through and hear the conversation.

Jet watched with amusement. Oh how she hadn't expected to see him again after their last run in with each other back in Kumo for that one mission, a mission left incomplete since the prey had gotten away and they were unable to give chase. They hadn't really clicked nor did they have the opportunity to. Still the fact she was being paired up with him was laughable. While she was notified he had become one of their newest editions, the fact they were paired up was odd. He had less control over himself than she did and she was insane! However this wasn't something to fret about. In fact she looked forward to it. Perhaps they could become friends and she may find use for him yet. Besides that reindeer friend of his seems quite peculiar so she was interesting in finding out what else he could do. Surely Suutei wouldn't mind if she took a sample to study in her lab right?

She decided to have a bit of fun with him so instead of going through the front door like she assumed Takao would she went through a side door, in his blind side. Due to her particular abilities neither her footsteps could be heard nor the creak of the door nor a shadow could be cast. He wouldn't have any sensory jutsu activated for this she figured, at least not one good enough to find her since it had to be at last A-rank nor was he equipped with a dobujutsu. With that in mind Jet passed by his friend, Chopper was it and sneak behind him. For a moment she considered taking a kunai out and stabbing him in the throat but where was the fun in that. Besides she didn't want her oh so important house guest a bad impression of her. After all they were living together. Jokes aside Jet settled for something else. A simple jab to his back. If he tried to attack he would be met with her getting onto the ground and sweeping her leg under his getting him off his feet. If he simply turning around but didn't react poorly she would simply smirk and greet him "It's been awhile hasn't it"


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One of his eyebrows arched upward at her response, and a small smirk pulled at the corner of his mouth. The expression was ephemeral, reverting back to his usual almost frown and placid temperament. A huff of breath was exhaled from his nose in amusement. "We can say the same to you hm?" she'd said to him, eliciting the reaction he'd given her, and earning a simple "Fair enough." in response. Before he could inquire about her intentions any further, she was explaining her purpose.

"We have an appointment today. Do you wish to accompany us or do you have other plans?" said Jet, nearly bringing on another twitch of his eyebrow. Her continued use of the plural pronoun was an oddity. Takao had heard of and briefly read about a clan of persons born with consistent multiple personality disorder, and others literally born with a second being within their conscience, but he didn't feel confident enough in his knowledge on them to make any accurate assumptions. So he remained quiet on the matter, and instead opted to respond to her.

"Sure," he said. "It's not like I've got a whole lot else I can do with my messed up leg." said Takao, momentarily recalling the memory of everything he'd been doing in the barren countryside with his spare time. Training of varying intensities, although it had mostly just accumulated to trying and failing to set things on fire. An appointment, eh. His thoughts became more active in an attempt to push away the memories of fire. He'd really rather not spur up the less desirable voices that followed him around.

Takao followed alongside Jet into the building and through the hallways. He examined the interior with detail, taking into account the architecture and infrastructure of his surroundings as he walked. Excess pressure was kept off his left leg as he walked primarily with his weight on his right, not quite resulting in a limp but giving the vague impression that his left leg was out of sorts. Jet passed through the door first, and walked without making a sound. He mentally remarked that the woman's stealth was... well, remarkable. A nice nugget of data stowed away deep within the confines of his vast memory to be used for another day.

As she skulked off further down the hall, Takao turned and glanced at the main entrance. For one reason or another, she moved along and left him to enter by himself. He disregarded it as his interested waned, and turned to open the door. Takao was met with the sight of Suutei. An interesting coincidence.

"Huh. Hey, Suutei. Funny meeting you here." he said in his typical monotone, offering the relative of his a slight nod. His gaze fell to Jet as she approached him from behind and aimed a jab at his back, though he hadn't given any noticeable indication of where he'd been looking. Just a wandering gaze.

- -

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It was a rather unexpected sight to see his Clan headsman show up to his classroom, but he was honored to be paid a visit.  Yet he could not find this one called Jet and he was getting annoyed he hated tardiness the most.  Though he was one to talk since when he was back in school he was often skipping class to sleep.  Which actually was better than being late in a way, but he often forgets about school most of the time anyway.  Leaping onto his feet to greet his company he focused fire-nature chakra to the iris and pupil of eyes. Their pupils become reptile-like and his iris turned a mixture of red, orange, and yellow with.  He sensed another's presense their breathe almost down his back and he turned feinting an attack for the face depending on their height.  After feinting he would reappear floating above them preparing to sledgehammer them over the head, and then burn them to Ashes.  

Except he would be greeted by a familiar sight of shining emerald green hair, and piercing eyes.  The hair was the real trigger that shocked his memory of who this girl was and the Jet person.  It reminded him of his first and only mission failure back in Kumogakure no Sato.  It was rather unfortunate their target managed to slip from their grasps due to his inability to kill someone.  With the mission being a bust he was left with no other choice but to return to Iwagakure no Sato.  Jet was the girl's name and he remained in stasis above the girl.  Unnerving himself as he floated cross legged above her almost impressed by her uncanny stealth.  "I gotta say your something else Jet-chan.  I didn't expect you to show up here but, Akira-sama does things in strange ways you know.  So you are here to sharpen your hand-to-hand combat skills, well show me what you got."

Suutei floated to her backside about arms length from her body and stood with his hands behind his back.  Flaunting his skills just a tad bit he wanted to intimidate the girl, and show that her stealth attack nearly was a success.  Except with a reputation to uphold he couldn't allow someone to just show him up.  Whistling to Chopper to appear to the ring side to referee their sparring match he announced to Takao, "Takao-san how about you take a tour of the facilities I haven't finished setting up but feel free to look around.  Whenever you are ready Jet-chan.  Suutei prepared for the girl to attack him and once again like earlier, he'd feint a counterattack and disappear.  Though he wasn't 100% sure how well adept her senses it would still be troubling for someone of Takao's nature to catch him.  He would then appear behind her to deliver a sidekick to her back that would cause her to slide forward just a bit.

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Jet smirked dodging all of suutei's advances but narrowly so. Physically speaking he had height and build over her but she had experience, tolerance, and her mind. A mind not so easily bested. To fight hand to hand however was a nostalgic experience. How many years she wonder, has she been reduced to such lengths? Ha ha, it reminded her of a less simpler time, back when she was still learning the ropes and how to survive. Back when her only weapons was neither chakra nor weapon nor kira's capable paws but rather what her own body could provide her. Still although she wanted to continue there was an issue that had to be dealt. A young chuunin, a kuma user blasted through the doors with a school in hand. He was scrawny and no where as intimidating as his fellow clansmen, tch his hide was for a black mountain bear, cousin of the grizzy family and just as fercousis. She would've called him a joke but she knew how the kuma clan worked, while they may say that they chose their companions, it was actually far from that truth and in reality it was the other way around. And it seemed she wouldnt be allowed to continue monologing for the mission scroll was for her. With a quick goodbye she melted into the shadows and headed to the debriefing.

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Exit Thread.

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