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1 Watering the Tiger-Lily. [Training/Closed] on Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:46 am




A sleeping Nora lay rested atop a comfortable bed with a number of pillows and his cover indiscriminately sprawled about. The warmth of the room left him comfortable enough to resist the urge to reposition himself in favor of more sleep. Sleeping was unusually peaceful thing to do in the wake of a night storm that had waned into a lesser shower that morning. Raindrops danced on the windowpanes outside, the sound of which soothed the young shinobi who was exhausted after a day of missions and a night patrol. The muffled bark of a stray outside coaxed the genin awake as he was a naturally light sleeper. He shifted a bit, grumbling as he rose erect with arms spread wide above his head. A deep yawn escaped him as he became more aware of his surroundings.

“Training in the rain?  What a wonderful proposition,” he lamented with a sense of humor before starting his day. Reluctantly he left the comfort of his bed. He scrambled to put on his usual garments: laced ninja boots, cargo shorts, black shirt, and a beige hooded robe. Lighting fixtures put to use during his getting dressed were addressed once more, enveloping the room in near complete darkness before making a hastened exit. Off schedule and in a hurry to make up for lost time in moments Nora had scurried down a couple flights of the staircase adjacent to his apartment and to the road below. Luckily the gates were near and he could make quick work of the journey ahead if he pressed the issue.

The pace with which he moved through the village towards them was hastened but un-alarming to the few villagers that passed him.  His hood concealed his face from view and he evaded any unnecessary interaction, as was his typical disposition although the rain aided him in deterring any unneeded distractions. He gazed upwards as he drew near the gates, admiring the sky above and the rolling storm clouds that were hell bent on leaving him soaked despite their beauty he notioned.

“What are you up to leaving the village in this sort of weather young one?”, a guard questioned him. The voice took him a bit by surprise as Nora was caught up in his musing.  To the guard question he simply smiled softly, he carried an air of confidence as he clarified before laughing abit, “Most will wait till the storm breaks to get to work. Strays don’t know such a comfortable option. I’m just tryna survive yo.”    

There was a brief break from the rain as he reached and passed underneath the gates. His words carried more meaning in them than the senior shinobi could perceive and rather than question him further the man digressed from the shelter it provided, “Be safe out there Nora!” Nora was an orphan growing up, nameless in his origin, a ward of the state placed there in the absence of both parents at the infantile age. What’s in a name? A sense of belonging, a subtle directive,  an identity. This he lacked and as he grew old enough to choose such for himself the boy decided upon Oniyuri Nora. Oniyuri, or Tiger-Lily, a flower that was reoccurring in his dreams and that despites its orange much like his own irises were beautiful but toxic and dangerous to those that mishandle them much as he hoped to be dangerous to those that underestimated him. Nora, or Stray, was a name many thought unbecoming of him and while they thought of the word as insulting, the youth saw it as a testament to his life’s struggles.


Onward his journey continued, now well away from civilization into the wilderness beyond what was hidden in the clouds. The environment, littered with rock formations many of which bore life in the form off thick moss and obstinate trees that grew atop them. What was once a well formed path faded into floral obscurity where nature’s hold was strong. The rain continued, silencing most but not all creatures of the forrest. The shrill call of monkeys could be heard occasionally, and birds grounded by the weather resorted to vocal braggadocio instead. The steam of his breath warmed his lips ever so briefly before abandoning them for the open air of the forest. A familiar, unnatural bending of the tree line created a natural tunnel, a separate path rarely traveled by others that Nora knew only due to his wanderings.

“Almost there!”
, he exclaimed although the weather dampened his excitement. Footsteps hastened, the sound of each became lighter than the next more rhythmic more swift. A stroll became a sprint and the forrest tunnel swallowed the boy whole. A green blur surrounded his procession and as second became minutes and then hours the shower died slightly. The sun began to glimmer from behind its cloudy cover, warming the earth and illuminating his hidden path in an iridescent emerald glow. Before long, the brilliant light near the end of the tunnel called to him beckoning him to hurry.

Nora broke through the portal of light in an instant and found himself humbled once more by the sight before him. Massive rock faces  spanned the entirety of his view, giving way only to a forceful waterfall of similarly huge proportions near the center of the cliff face.  The crystal clear mountain water it poured forth, crashed at its base creating a shroud of low-hanging mist that shone with the many shades of color light possessed as it shined down in spite of the drizzle. The waterfalls huge deposit formed a body of water of varying depths, at its shallowest near the edge of the pool. He approached with a mystified visage yet again, yielding to nature’s show at its bank.

His hooded garment and raven shirt soon rested folded loosely atop one another pinned beneath both shoes as a paperweight would paperwork. Feeling free of civil constraints and in rare form he dove with a giant grin into the clear waters of the small lake. Diving deeper and deeper, his grin subsided and he eyed his aquatic surroundings as if in search of something. A school of fish darted past him, breaking formation only to reassemble themselves as they retreated.  He chuckled at the disturbance he’d caused enough so that he lost a little too much air and had to climb to the surface for relief. His dreads were saturated with water, and couldn’t possibly shake it all free in spite of his wilding swinging them.

A calm came over him, his focus renewed itself and a look of determination took grip as he swam towards the waterfall. Beneath the surge, halfway exposed to it at the surface of the water rested a rock perch that he would assume. Somehow a giant boulder had become soundly lodged there, which as a child when he found this place he’d always imagined was the work of some warrior of immense strength in need of a place to meditate.


Atop his little “mountain” he now sat with legs crossed,  his position was such that   the frigid mountain water grazed his head and back. Both hands gripped his knees tightly bracing him for the uncomfortably cold sensation. With eyes wide open in shock and a grimace he pondered whether this idea of his was worth weathering an element such a this. How else could he benefit from his training he resolved?  The boy willed himself to relax and embrace nature. Orange hues retreated beneath fleshy lids, and he found peace yet again. His muscles bore various scars, mementos of past trainings and tough lessons. His dreads hung freely obscuring, a couple stray locks obscured his facial features and they provided a conduit for water to flow freely onto his upper chest and shoulders.

Silence your mind Nora. You must perceive what you cannot fully see.

Other senses became his method of sight but he hardly could see anything. Smell? The smell of wet limestone dominated this sense. Taste? The only thing he could taste was the mineral deposits in the water that found his lips. Touch? His body numbed by the cold water could hardly feel another presence. Hearing? His hearing was unaffected, although the sound of rushing water break on the rock face beneath him made hearing much o anything else a difficult task.

Sharpen you ears. What else can you hear?

With time he entered a new realm of focus. The range of his hearing expanded. As he began to compensate more and more for the roaring of the waterfall, the inaudible became audible. The sound of minute streams of water that broke through his thick locks became noticeable, the mist wafted about with its own distinct sound, the dripping of water droplets off the rock face to his rear into the pool below became a perceivable noise. Leaves rustled from beyond the shore of the miniature lake. Birds fluttered through the rustling foliage. The predatory call of a hawk above alerted prey and Nora alike to its presence.

“AHAH! I did it!”
He sprang upward out of excitement for his progress that was minuscule in comparison to what stronger shinobi were capable of.  Both eyes and mouth shut quickly as the shock of the flowing water set in again. Perhaps it was time to find a different method of training his ability to perceive he regretfully admitted to himself in thought. He bolted from beneath the water, into it’s larger expanse before him.  A tiger lily only needs watering about once a week. Oniyuri had had his fill.

- WC: [1601]

WC for Above Thread: 1601 Words

750 Words For E -> D Stat Progression
75 Words for E -> E1 Stat Progression

- 750 for Reaction Time [E0 -> D0]
- 750 for Perception [E0 -> D0]
- 75 for Speed [E -> E1]
= 26 words to be unused.

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