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1 Famous hot springs? Don't mind if I do. on Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:25 pm



Red eyes blinked, closing to half mast as the male slipped his body into the warm bath. The sigh of reliefe that escaped his lips was loud, echoing through the halls of the baths. His skin flushed red in embarrassment, but the feeling was wonderful. This was the first time he was able to relax since he'd arrived from Kumo; and everyone be damned if he wasnt going to relax in the hot springs at least once. It was part of the main reason he came to Konoha, beyond the food and the weaponsmiths...

Those red eyes would fully close, the male sinking down into the bath until only his eyes showed above the water. The floating sensation was welcomed, the along with the sleepy feeling the hot water filled him with. His skin would be red tommorow, but this.. this was well worth it.


In our faces no emotion
With our fists clenched by our side
We let it
Under our skin

And we stand calm and collected
Were so cool and in control
Dont take comfort in this quiet
Because something might
God was busy Guest, so he sent me.

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2 Re: Famous hot springs? Don't mind if I do. on Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:34 pm



Synn arrived at the bathhouse still smeared with mud across his skin as if scrubbed a bit but still. He had just made his way over from the exams he had been a part of. His clothes dirtied a bit but other then that not a mark or hair was on his pretty red head. He moves into the bath house and removes the dirtied clothing. Giving coin to the owner to send someone out for some replacement clothes. No point in bathing to just get dirty again.

Synn slides slowly into the hot bathes like his clan had designed him to be perfection. Not a mark appeared on his body as it appeared to be sculpted by an artist. His red hair flowed down to his shoulders like the red rose petals. His green eye shone like a bright gem. His pale skin marred by the self created camouflage which was quickly coming off in the bath. The hot water cleaning his skin. He however had no mark of a village on him. And his eye patch hid his other eye. The hint of a seal just poking under the patch. He sighs in relief and smiles to himself. He was the only member of the exams out without a mark to him. Still he had lost the match. But he had done so on purpose. He noticed the one other individual but it was rude to watch others in the bath wasnt it? So he turns his gaze away and takes a deep breath.


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