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It was a grey morning this morning in Iwagakure and which was making Jeiku feel a little down. He used every bit of mental energy to force himself up and went to check the mission notice board. Everything looked so hard to do given that it looked like it might rain until he stumbled across one that seemed liked a god send. It was a mission in the Iwagakure Library shelving books. To Jeiku this had heaps of perks, one it was easy to do and most importantly he would be out of the cold, dreary weather.
Jeiku started making his way towards the Iwagakure Library building, you couldn't miss it. When Jeiku arrived at the library he was greeted by the Librarian at the door. Jeiku was instructed that he had to shelve the books like the mission board post said and that if he damaged any of the books that he wouldn't get paid for the mission. Jeiku reassured the librarian that he would not let him done and complete the mission in a timely manner. The Librarian noted Jeiku's politiness and left him to do the task at hand.
Jeiku had never seen so many books in his entire life it was amazing and left him gobsmacked. But there was no time to waste and no better time to start. The place was actually pretty unorganised even though looking clean and tidy from initial sight. So he started by organising all the books in the trolleys into alphabetical order. Darting around Jeiku thought that he must look like a overgrown hummingbird but he didn't stop he needed to finish alot of work before the day was through and he couldn't waste time caring what others thought at the moment.
Jeiku finally finished organising all the books and started pushing the 'A' trolley upstairs. Dashing around he finished the trolley in amazing time. Jeiku thought to himself if he keeps it up at this speed he will be finished in no time at all. So he started on with the 'B' trolley and before he knew it he was up to the 'L' trolley. As he finished with the 'L' trolley he made his way down to the other trolleys but was stopped halfway by the librarian who told him that he could stop for a break and then handed him a bento box to have on his break. Jeiku thanked him and then went outside to the eating area.
Halfway through eating his bento box Jeiku stopped and looked at the grey mass of clouds above his head. He thought of the time he and his old sensai sat down beside a stream and ate bento boxes together. He remembered it was as the day he taught Jeiku the substitution jutsu and how much of a fright he got when his sensai turned into a log. He missed times like that where someone actually wanted to be around him without wanting something in return. Jeiku snapped back to reality relising the time and scoffed down the rest of the bento box before heading back into the library.
The time seemed to fly by for the rest of the day and before he knew it Jeiku was up to the last book in the last trolley. After shelving all the books Jeiku continued to sweep the Iwagakure Library even though it wasn't stated in the mission brief Jeiku liked to try to go above and beyond and try to deliver that little bit extra with everything he commits himself to. After sweeping Jeiku spoke to the library letting him know that he had completed the task. The Librarian thanked Jeiku and returned to the front desk of the library. Jeiku left feeling accomplised and happy that he could make someone's life that little bit easier today.
Jeiku returned to the roof of the Administration Building and laid down staring at the now darkening sky letting the cool breeze put him to sleep. Jeiku fell asleep soon after resting his body from the days work.

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