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Clan Techniques
Suicide Bombing Clone (自爆分身 ~ Jibaku Bunshin):

Name: Suicide Bombing Clone (自爆分身 ~ Jibaku Bunshin)
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: B
Type: Offensive | Supplementary
Element: Nora's Jutsu List Updates 18?cb=20101024211823 Bakuton | Nora's Jutsu List Updates 18?cb=20091012162502 Doton
Range: Clone can travel up to 20 meters from the user.
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: 2 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts
Description: After creating a diversion in order to get their opponent's attention, the user swiftly puts a shadow clone containing explosive clay in their place. This clone has D-Rank stats all around. The opponent will be unaware that it is a clone while the user escapes or moves elsewhere, unless they have perception of A-Rank or higher or if they are using an appropriate sensory jutsu. During the second post, the explosive clay will start to expand, causing the clone to lose shape and form. Finally, it will detonate, resulting in a large explosion that expands at 30 m/s with a maximum radius of 10 meters. If the user or an opponent is within the radius of the explosion, they will suffer broken bones and severe bruising, and they will also be thrown back a few meters. The explosion is very loud, and anyone close enough to hear it (within 50 meters) will be deafened for one post.

Academy Techniques
Transformation Technique (変化の術 ~ Henge no Jutsu):

Name: Transformation Technique (変化の術 ~ Henge no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Ninjutsu.
Duration: -5 every other post.
Cooldown: Duration +1 post.
Description: Given all the missions ninja are assigned to--battle, intelligence gathering, diversions--this is a priceless ninjutsu. It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons; however, the object can be no smaller than 1 foot long in at least one dimension. Despite this, this technique has an abundance of uses. The transformation of a master of this technique (which is generally an Academy graduation requirement) makes the user physically and visually the same as the transformed person or object in question, giving the user the exact mass and physical qualities of whatever they transformed into. This is one of the most basic ninjutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it. This technique does not give a ninja the abilities or jutsu of a person they transform into, nor can give the user the damaging ability of a weapon (however, this can be used as a bluff). Sensory techniques can easily pick out someone transformed using this jutsu: the user's chakra would be active, as well as the fact that their biological functions and scent are not masked by this jutsu. Costs 5 chakra on activation, and an additional 5 chakra every other post after that.

Substitution Technique (変わり身の術 ~ Kawarimi no Jutsu):

Name: Substitution Technique (変わり身の術 ~ Kawarimi no Jutsu)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: One prepared item in the user's clear line of sight.
Speciality: Ninjutsu.
Duration: 1 post preparation. Infinite postponement, Instant activation.
Cooldown: 6 posts after activation.
Description: The Substitution Technique is an age-old skill which enables the user to evade the effects of an attack by switching with an item in the area. (The item---or substantial clone---used for a Substitute must be as large as the user's torso, and must be prepared at least 1 post in advance by infusing it with 5 chakra.) Activating this jutsu for another 5 chakra, the ninja moves at untraceable speed for just a moment, and the item does so as well to take the user's place; the ninja leaves behind a flickering after-image for a second, which, if damaged, releases the chakra which holds it in place in a small smoke cloud, revealing the nature of the technique and the item they have switched with. Higher-rank ninjas' afterimages are able to show some of the signs of natural impact as if it were an actual human, if only for a very short period, before 'poofing'. The user coming out of the technique creates a similar audio and visual cue with a small cloud of translucent smoke and a 'poofing' sound on appearance in the location of the item they Substituted with. This technique causes the user to move at speeds untraceable to human perception, and therefore even the user cannot coordinate attacks during the Kawarimi, or activate any other jutsu. They, however, can maneuver near someone and then attack them after the fast-movement is finished.

Genjutsu Dissipation (幻術解 ~ Genjutsu Kai):

Name: Genjutsu Dissipation (幻術解 ~ Genjutsu Kai)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Defensive/Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Genjutsu.
Duration: Instantaneous.
Cooldown: 4 posts.
Description:A technique taught at the Ninja Academy requiring chakra control. By using Kai, a ninja disrupts their own flow of chakra, then starts it again. This allows a ninja to escape from illusions, provided he or she has figured out that a Genjutsu is active. Ninja can use this ability on their comrades to save them from genjutsu, and possibly other techniques that invade their chakra system. It is possible for this technique to fail, if the user misjudges the power of the genjutsu and does not put in enough chakra to stop their chakra flow.

This is an E-ranked technique, but has variable chakra costs.

  • Genin: 20 chakra for a D-ranked Genjutsu, 40 for C. Genin cannot dispel B-ranked Genjutsu.
  • Chuunin: 30 chakra for a C-ranked Genjutsu, 50 for B. Chuunin cannot dispel A-ranked Genjutsu.
  • Special Jounin: 40 chakra for a B-ranked Genjutsu, 60 for A. Toku-Jou cannot dispel S-ranked Genjutsu.
  • Jounin: 50 chakra for an A-ranked Genjutsu, 70 for S. Jounin cannot dispel SS-ranked Genjutsu.
  • Sannin/Kage: 60 chakra for an S-ranked Genjutsu, 90 for SS. Only Genjutsu that specifically say that they cannot be Dissipated (such as Tsukuyomi) are the exception.

~Kai can dispel multiple genjutsu at once, but only on the user or another person, not both. The highest-rank genjutsu costs the normal amount to Dissipate, then the second costs the normal amount -5, the third -10, and so on. So, if a genin was caught under a C-rank and two D-rank genjutsu, it would cost 40 chakra to dispel the C-rank jutsu, 15 to dispel the first D-rank, and 10 to dispel the second D-rank.

Supernatural Walking Practice (Shūgyō'shikachō ~ 修業歩然超):

Name: Supernatural Walking Practice (Shūgyō'shikachō ~ 修業歩然超)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Taijutsu (Chakra Flow).
Duration: -5 chakra every 3 posts (every 2 posts if using on water).
Cooldown: None.
Description: Supernatural Walking Practice is a basic ninja technique. It involves using chakra flow to channel chakra to one's hands or feet, allowing him/her to walk on, or cling to, surfaces that normally do not allow it. This includes, but is not limited to, walls/ceilings, trees, and even water. Should the flow of chakra stop for any reason, the user will immediately fall off of the surface they are walking on, or plunge underwater.

Item Reinforcing Technique (Hokyō'in no Jutsu ~ 補強品の術) :

Name: Item Reinforcing Technique (Hokyō'in no Jutsu ~ 補強品の術)
Canon/Custom: Custom.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Bukijutsu (Chakra Flow).
Duration: One post.
Cooldown: Five posts.
Description: The ninja uses their chakra to coat an item, weapon, or armor in their possession with a sheath of energy. This protects the chosen item from interactions with jutsu and allows it to withstand impact from a technique and not break, though it will still offer no protection from damage, other than what it normally would. The chakra cost for this jutsu is dependent on the rank of the item being reinforced.

  • D-Rank: Five Chakra.
  • C-Rank: Five Chakra.
  • B-Rank: Ten Chakra.
  • A-Rank: Ten Chakra.
  • S-Rank: Fifteen Chakra.
  • SS-Rank: Twenty Chakra.


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