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1 Twisted Mind [Open, Kill Enabled] on Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:17 pm

Chi Takashi


It was a cold day in Konoha. The weather was stormy, as rain was pouring down onto the village. Takashi was sitting in a dark alley close to the marketplace.
He was hyperventilating and sweating all over, as he looked down upon his own arms.

"I was just taking a peaceful walk through town... Why now?!" He whispered to himself as he could his heart beat. He was walking through the streets of Konoha peacefully, however the thoughts of killing those he saw just refused to leave his mind.

"Though.. If I were to quickly one.. Nobody would mind right? Nobody would miss them?" He said with a darker tone in his voice to himself. "But... They did nothing wrong..."He said to himself with a softer tone of voice.

Takashi looked towards his right, and saw all kinds of people walk by.

"Why.. Why should they be able to live like this.. With their smiles on their faces.. Acting like the world is one huge happy place.. "He said to himself with the same dark voice while looking at a happy couple walking by.

"I shouldn't allow this kind of happiness to exist!" He shouted a little bit too hard, possibly making people notice his presence. Under his sleeve he revealed a kunai. "One stab... One stab is enough to end their so called happiness once and for all!" He said, as a wicked smile appeared on his face. "But... I can't do that..." He told himself. "Those people did nothing wrong..." He said, with a more depressed look on his face. "I can't do this!" He shouted, as he dropped the kunai on the ground.

Takashi wanted to stand up, but instead he picked he kunai back up, and started wielding it like a knife. "But honestly.. Just taking one out wouldn't hurt... Nobody will even know..." He said as he stood up, ready to leave the alley and massacre everyone he could see. "Maybe I could take out a couple... If I'm lucky a hundred.. The screams.. The agony.. It will be such fun!" He shouted, as he busted out in laughter, walking towards the exit of the alley, ready to kill everyone on his path.

So this is open for anybody to get involved with. Do note the fact that this thread is Kill Enabled, but stopping him sure is a possibility.

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2 Re: Twisted Mind [Open, Kill Enabled] on Sun Jan 03, 2016 10:26 pm

Yoichi Uchiha


Yoichi usually had a routine of some sort that he followed. If he wasn't training, he was doing missions. If he wasn't doing missions, he was training. If neither were the case, he was resting, or playing Shogi at the library. Or perhaps following one of the interesting genin of the village, to get more information on the up and coming shinobi that hadn't made names for themselves yet. Figuring out which ones would be assets, and which ones would be adversaries. If he wasn't doing that, he was researching more on his Chimera project. But oddly enough, today, he wasn't doing any of that.

Instead, he found himself wandering listlessly through Konoha's streets, devoid of any sense of purpose at the moment, with nothing on his hands but time. He was enjoying an ice cream cone that he had purchased from a vendor, having had a craving for sweets lately, (although, this man gave him the strangest look, as it certainly wasn't ice cream weather, what with all the rain and gloom around, as well as the cold) when he heard someone shout out in a near alley, almost maniacally.

Eye narrowing slightly, there was more laughter, growing closer to the streets, as the culprit started walking towards the entrance to the alley. Yoichi licked his ice cream once more, and decided he might as well kill some time and at least pretend to be an effective shinobi of Konoha. He couldn't care less about if someone was going to be killing anyone, as he planned on a hostile take over eventually anyhow, but this would help him blend in.

Taking a small nibble of his ice cream, Yoichi adjusted his eye patch, and then tightened his head band's knot, pulling out his own Kunai knife. Ice cream cone in one hand, and kunai in the other, he advanced towards the alley, until he could see the person at the entrance.

He stood about 10 meters away from the man, who was about his age, maybe even a little bit older, but not by much. He couldn't make out too much more of him, but he could tell this man was rather on the scrawny side. He couldn't be all that strong at all, but then again, looks could be deceiving.

Taking another nibble of the cone, which was now starting to run heavily, with the constant rain hitting it, Yoichi looked at the man quizzically. "Whatever in the world could have you starting such a commotion?" he asked, a bored tone in his voice. "Some people are trying to enjoy such a beautiful day as this, and here you are ruining it for people by yelling." he said. As odd as that man may have sounded, Yoichi perhaps looked even more crazy, eating that ice cream in the rain, seemingly oblivious to the terrible weather. Perhaps this would be like his fight with Neci. Perhaps he could antagonize this crazy man, and kill him. It would help him secure a spot as ANBU later down the line. Someone with the killer instinct, and the 'drive to protect Konoha no matter what'.

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3 Re: Twisted Mind [Open, Kill Enabled] on Mon Jan 04, 2016 12:10 am



On days like this, Sujin hated being the one who had to go out for errands. However, he had not yet cracked his habit of sleeping in, so most of his day was in the later half. And if that was not enough to make him break his habit, the rain had only started pouring down once he had decided to get out of the house. And to further his bad luck, his parents wanted him to grab a few more groceries while he was out, with his money. This day seemed to only get worse and worse the more he stayed awake.

Despite all this, he was still rather glad to be outside the house. Even if he did get out rather late in the afternoon. As rainy as it was, it was still fresh air, and the light was still prevalent from the sun. Although, the sun wasn't doing anything but be a source of light as it hung rather low in the sky, a thing his parents once taught him early on was due to the winter season that the sun wouldn't get as high in the sky. The sunlight was enough, probably because it was still daytime, albeit late afternoon, that none of the streets or shops had their outdoor lights on yet. In fact, he could still see his shadow in the wet ground as he walked. Judging by the time of day, if it had been the summer, this would've been what some called the 'golden hour' or very close to it at the very least what with the position of the sun as it made it's arc around the village's sky.

It was his looking down at the ground that got him into the predicament of that afternoon. Sujin had been walking, protected from the rain by his umbrella, and protected from the cold winds by his scarf and jacket. This wasn't to say he wasn't a bit wet, nor a bit cold, but he was much better off than without these things. Yet none of them were as helpful the moment he came across a guy yelling out from an alley.

Sujin was just crossing in front of the mouth of the alley, when he heard the yelling. He had stopped, his head turned to watch the man as he stepped outside the alley. The man's words were a bit haunting, to say the least, especially in combination with that off-kilter look in his eye.

And then a moment after the last of the man's words, and subsequently his entering the street, another guy spoke up in confronting the yelling stranger. Sujin had to turn a bit, stepping back with his right foot so he could turn his head more to follow the sound of the voice to the second guy in the mix. Somehow, Sujin felt he should not have let himself get distracted looking at his shadow.

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4 Re: Twisted Mind [Open, Kill Enabled] on Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:19 pm



Special Jounin
The sound of his ringing alarm clock ripped Kyohei from his sleep. As an initial response to the unnecessarily loud alarm, he would grab the nearest pillow and press it over his face, muffling the sound if even just slightly. The young man was many things… “morning person” was not one of them. He let out a frustrated groan as he raised his right arm up from the warmth and comfort of his bed, stretching it over to the nightstand beside his bed, and letting it drop listlessly onto the small little box that caused him such displeasure. Sluggishly, his fingers glided over the alarm clock, searching for the single button that would bring an end to the loud ringing that acted as the source of his suffering that morning. A click, followed by a brief moment of silence, filled him with relief, but the feeling would be short lived as the ringing would simply be replaced by equally as loud, up-tempo music with high-pitched vocals that were at least as disruptive as the alarm. Wrong button.

His patience with this day already wearing thin, Kyohei decided to take a different approach with the alarm clock, gripping the black box in his hand and ripping it from the night stand, forcibly removing the power chord that kept it operational. Finally there was silence. Without a care from grace or delicacy, the man would drop the alarm clock exactly where he held it before tossing the pillow he had covering his head to the side of the bed as well. Reluctantly he forced himself into a seated position at the side of the bed, sliding his feet into the black slippers that sat before him, and dragging his left hand across his eyes, wiping away the morning debris, in an attempt to wake himself up. “I need coffee,” he muttered to himself under his breath, already sensing in his gut that this day was going to be a bother.

An hour later Kyohei would be bathed, fed, groomed, and mostly dressed as he knelt in the living room and finished tying up his black combat boots. After the last tug to ensure that they were secured properly the Uchiha would rise to his feet and begin taking inventory of the weapons and equipment he had stored on himself: kunai and shuriken lined the pockets and storage pouches of his flak jacket, two spools of wire were stored in a pouch that hung just off his lower back, on the outside of each thigh a collapsed Fuma shuriken was fastened tightly, his Konohagakure forehead protective plate was tied around his upper left arm, covering up one of the two military police symbols that were stitched onto each arm of his black, ¾ sleeve, uniform undershirt. He was fully prepared for another unexceptional day of patrol duty.

Since the re-establishment of the police force, the higher ups had committed to making these patrols mandatory for all officers. Something about increasing visibility and good will with the civilian population. Kyohei thought it to be a waste of time, or at least left to the lowest rung of the force. He himself managed to avoid having to do this sort of thing with any real regularity, but doing it, even if just to check off the box at one’s performance reviews was inevitable, even for the most senior of officers.

With his preparations complete, Kyohei would march towards the door, the heavy soles of his boots thudding loudly against the hardwood floor that led to the exit of his apartment. As he reached down to pick up his keys from the drop basket on the way out the door, the young man stopped to examine something on the table: a framed printout of he and Risu in a photo booth making silly faces. Well, at least she was. The Uchiha was always rather intense, even in times that permitted frivolity. The picture was one of the small reminders of her that she had left behind in the apartment during one of her many visits before her disappearance. He had never really bothered to pay attention to the small things like that before, thinking them trivial, but these days he could not bring himself to throw them away. He placed his right hand at the top of the frame, gently running his fingers across the top as he reflected on the picture in silence. Then, in a sudden realization of how sentimental he had become he turned his head away defiantly, pulling the frame down to hide the picture faced down to the table. The past belonged exactly there, in the past. The reality now was that he was once again alone, left with nothing but his own plans and ambitions. Plans in which sentimentality had no place. Out the door he marched. His patrol begins.

The weather was lousy, but it fit his mood. One of the few benefits of weather like this is that people are encouraged to stay inside, making any disturbances he might have to deal with more and more unlikely. He was not one of those young, cowboy officers that was on the lookout for action wherever possible. Boring patrols were good patrols. They meant nobody got hurt and he didn’t have to fill out a stack of paperwork when he got back into the office. Having already been patrolling this section of the city since early morning, the rain proved to have been valuable indeed. His day would be done soon and he had yet to encounter anything noteworthy, just the way he liked it: no surprises. Or rather, it was a quiet day… until people began to move away from the source of yelling in an alley by the marketplace.

Taking to the rooftops to get a better view of the situation, Kyohei would position himself on the edge of a roof beside the alley, not yet making his presence known until he could survey the situation. On the ground below were three young men, two of whom had positioned themselves opposite of each other with weapons drawn. “Of course today couldn’t have just gone on peacefully,” the Uchiha groaned to himself in his own mind as he knew that he now had to get involved if the conflict had already escalated to the point where violence now seemed to be a real possibility.

“Enough,” he commanded, arms folded as he glared down at the men, his deep voice booming down through the alleyway like thunder, “Weapons down. Now.”



5 Re: Twisted Mind [Open, Kill Enabled] on Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:26 pm

Chi Takashi


Takashi was about to exit the alley before somebody with a kunai in one hand and an ice cream in the other entered the alley.

""Whatever in the world could have you starting such a commotion?" The man stated towards Takashi, causing Takashi to change his expression to a wicked smile. What a fool. Wasn't it obvious what he was trying to do? He was glad that the man approached him first, as it saved him the time of searching for a victim.

"Some people are trying to enjoy such a beautiful day as this, and here you are ruining it for people by yelling." The man said to Takashi. Takashi busted out in genuine laughter. The idea of somebody enjoying such a miserable day to him sounded insane. The fact that the man was eating an ice cream didn't help his image either.

"You know... At first, I wanted to kill you in cold blood.. I wanted to start with cutting up your chest before I moved onto the rest of your fragile body..." He said, with a wicked look on his face. At this point, whatever was left of the sane person in Takashi was close to gone, and the insane side of him had already taken over. Takashi wanted to continue on talking, but he noticed the presence of another person, turning his attention towards Sujin.

"Well well.. What do we have here? You just couldn't resist walking away, could you?" He shouted at the boy.

"You could have just walked away. You could have went on, ignoring whatever was going on... But you just had to be curious, didn't you?!" He shouted out once again, this time with some anger in his voice. The anger was his other side trying to get him to leave. "Its not too late... You can still run.." He said, with a more sad sound in his voice. "Actually, it is!" He suddenly shouted, as he started to walk into the direction of Sujin. "Oh boy.. It will be fun.." He said, as he started to laugh as a maniac. "I'll show you the autonomy of your own human body... You will be in for a fun ride!" He shouted out, laughing even harder as he still was walking towards Sujin. He was planning on simply walking up to Sujin, and stabbing him to death forgetting the presence of the crazy guy behind him with the ice cream in his hand, before he heard somebody shout above him.

The tone of voice shocked Takashi for a moment, causing him to stop walking, as he kept looking upwards. "Alright alright... I'm not looking for trouble.. I won't do anything I promise!" He said, with a more neutral look on his face. It wasn't clearly visible if this was genuine or if he was just good at lying at this point.

"Alright... I need to get out of here quick.. If I don't I will die..." He whispered to himself, his face now in panic. "I need to place the weak looking one in a critical state and get out of here.... Once I do.. I have to hide until midnight, then make a run for it.. "He thought, as he looked back at Sujin. "As I said before... I'm not looking for trouble..." He said. "But frick it, I'm gonna kill him anyway!" He shouted out, as he ran towards Sujin, kunai in his hand, ready to stab him around the heart, allowing him enough time to make a run for it while the others would have to tend to his wounds. The plan sounded to him like it would work.

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6 Re: Twisted Mind [Open, Kill Enabled] on Thu Jan 07, 2016 1:25 pm

Yoichi Uchiha


OOC: Sujin can post before mine. Makes more sense for the combat. I'll post after him, if it's fine with everyone. Besides, my internet's being iffy atm, and should be back up within a couple of days.

7 Re: Twisted Mind [Open, Kill Enabled] on Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:58 pm



From the shouting of the crazed looking man coming out of the alleyway to the ice cream-licking boy just to the side of Sujin, he didn’t know what to make of the situation. With the noise of the rain pitter-pattering on the ground, he had to listen carefully to what was being said. So it was a great surprise when he heard a third voice call out from the rain. The voice came from behind and above the crazier one of the alley. Sujin had to raise his umbrella a few inches to see a tall, dark haired shinobi dressed up in flak jacket and gear. Judging by the look of the man as he stood on the rooftop, or mainly just the uniform that was underneath the flak jacket, Sujin could tell the guy was part of the police force.

While the police shinobi seemed to have the most authority, having a strong enough presence to make the yelling lunatic pause for a moment, it wasn’t enough to completely shut the guy up. Sujin watched the man when he did talk, at first directing his speech to the ice cream-licker. He made some threatening statements, but it sounded as if he had wished he was able to make those threats true. And then he directed similar threats to Sujin. When he heard the threats coming from the man, the only thing that caught his surprise was the crazed look in the guy’s eyes. It was a look Sujin had never yet seen.

The man started to take steps towards Sujin. Sujin only took a half step back, but once his right foot made the step, it was as if he’d stepped in glue for he was frozen in his spot. Maybe it was the odd way the guy spoke, the look of pure insanity etched on his face, or just how strange the whole situation was between the four of them. All he knew was that he simply couldn’t move at that moment.

Once the police shinobi had spoken from the rooftop next to the alley, the crazed man began saying he didn’t want trouble, that things would be alright. The words made Sujin relax a bit, but still didn’t feel quite at ease about things. And rightfully so, as the lunatic shouted out with a sprinting lunge, “But frick it, I’m gonna kill him anyway!”

While he had been in a trance before, the small pause had eased his nerves enough that made his fight or flight mode turn on. He pushed back with his left foot to launch him backwards and away from his attacker. There wasn’t too much room between him and the wall of the stores behind him, and almost none once he leaped back. It would increase the distance the man would have to go to get to him, but nothing else. There was only so much that would trigger in Sujin’s mind as the man charged at him with a kunai blade bare, pointing for his chest.

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8 Re: Twisted Mind [Open, Kill Enabled] on Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:45 pm



Chitsuki stretched as so glared at the ceiling of the vacant room she was in. The entire second floor of this building had been abandoned for unknown reasons. Chitsuki wasn't even sure what was underneath her, although she could assume it was a store of some kind. She mainly kept to this room though, as sometimes people came up to store things or takes things out of storage. That was as much as she knew. The room it's self was mostly just wood, although it did seem like they had had plans for it at some point. Chitsuki had put a few thing sin the room, like a mattress she had taken from the market just outside, a few things of food, and some containers to put them in. Although nothing much. This is where she took up residence for the moment. Of course she had an Apartment, but she got bored looking at the same thing over and ver ago, so she figured she would try something new, and a little more... Daring. Although she was growing readily sick of this place too. It had been more than a week since she took this place up. She figured though once she did get over it, she could use this place to lay low if she needed to.

Chitsuki was about to let out a sigh because of bored she was. Although she didn't want to go outside due to the rain, but before she could, she heard a noise. Some one yelling in the alley way next to her. The room had 3 windows, One facing the alley way. Which she didn't know why, but she could assume that the building had been built here before all of the other came about, which made sense why it was a story or two shorter than the one next to it. And then two facing the market place. Although to anyone who looked in all they saw was black due to the lack of lightning inside. ""I shouldn't allow this kind of happiness to exist!"" The words were muffled from the rain, and the closed window but Chitsuki could make them out. She rushed to the window, and cracked it slightly, so she could hear the words that were being. She hide her body next to the window, so as to remain hidden. She then watched the scene transpire.

At first, she was hoping the crazed lunatic was going to go on a killing spree in the market. That certainly would have kept Chitsuki entertained for at least awhile. But, then the dude with the ice cream showed up, and after Chitsuki got over how bizarre that was. she was silently rooting for the two to fight. The appearance of a third man showed up, and it didn't change anything much. The crazed lunatic made some threats before she heard the words. “Enough,” Her eyebrow twitched. Someone was going to ruin her fun? The voice was loud enough the chitsuki could tell even without the window open it was right above her. She wasn't going to let someone rob her of the fun. She pressed her back against the wall with her hands behind her back. And in one fluid and quick motion, At least as quick as she could do it. She extended the tips of her fingers so they met at a point, channeled chakra into them and then immediately separated them and pointed them at the roof above her. A force of lightning three meters in diameter shot out for her fingertips and burst forwards, completely ruining the wall behind her, and the roof above her. In almost an instant it would reach the man who was only a floor (3 meters) above her.  She would then run over to the other side of the room to grab her kunai and shuriken. Then she ran back to a part of the wall, that had no roof, but was still intact, as the whole floor above her was crumbling and breaking apart. She Jumped, landed half way up the wall and then pushed of the wall, jumping up onto the roof of the building. Shuriken in their pouch and kunai brandished. Due to the attack the rain didn't start falling in the area for a few moments, and so the rain hit the roof the same time Chitsuki did. She stood wet, on the partially broken roof with an angry look in her eye. How dare someone ruin her entertainment.

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Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B-rank
Type: Offensive
Element: Raiton
Range: 40 meters
Specialty: Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: The user of this technique  starts this technique by extending two fingers on each hand and then connecting the tips. The user then separates the tips, and lightning arcs between them, and then lightning arcs up the arms, with a high concentration at each of the tips of the two fingers. The user then points one hand in one direction, and channels all of the built up chakra into that point almost instantly before she releases it. Then a 3 meter wide bolt of sort will shot forth from her finger at 25 m/s. This technique can pierce through non-chakra based wall with ease, and upon contact with a person will pierce 2 inches into them, break bones on point of contact, and will deal major 2nd degree burns within a 1 meter radius around the point of contact. This technique also paralyses a target for up to 2 posts. The target cannot be paralysed if they are of A-rank endurance or higher. This technique requires an extra 10 chakra to active.


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9 Re: Twisted Mind [Open, Kill Enabled] on Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:47 pm

Yoichi Uchiha


Yoichi's antagonizing tactics worked like a charm, if he did say so himself. It didn't help Takashi's case that he was more than a little unhinged, and not particularly all that sane, so it looked like the bait had been taken, as he busted out into laughter as Yoichi proclaimed that this day was so beautiful. He must have appeared quite the sight himself, enjoying the ice cream on this day, but that wasn't really planned, so much as a happy coincidence. Yoichi sometimes had a sweet tooth, it wasn't anything he could help. Once the man stopped his laughter, he started talking about how at first he had wanted to just simply kill Yoichi, describing how he would do so, starting with his chest and then moving on to the rest of his body. Yoichi's mouth twitched in a small smirk, as this man wouldn't have the capability to do so unless Yoichi was mistaken about his abilities, but wasn't about to say so. In fact, he was about to feign a hurt expression, at having been called fragile, because while he may be thin, Yoichi was anything but fragile, and in fact had more endurance than one might think. However, before he was about to reply, the man switched his attention to a new target, seemingly forgetting about Yoichi's presence.

Yoichi himself took but a moment to look at this newcomer, who had simply been passing by. If there was any bit of remorse that Yoichi had, it was that the man hadn't continued walking along, as he'd taken the attention of his would be assailant, and in such a state as he was in, Yoichi would have to draw his focus back onto himself if he was going to be fighting him. Rather, if he was going to make a sport out of fighting him. Cheap shotting him wouldn't be any issue what so ever, but there wouldn't be any fun in that. Sighing slightly, Yoichi prepared himself once again to speak, but that proved to be fruitless as another voice called out from the rooftop. This one much more commanding, a presence seemingly authoritative in the voice itself. His head swiveled to look up through the rain at the man who had called out a cease to the fight before it began, and with eyesight as good as Yoichi's own, he could easily make out the uniform of the Konoha Military Police Force. And the face of a man who could only be Kyohei Uchiha, one Yoichi Uchiha was familiar with, not because of his relation to the Uchiha clan, but because of Yoichi's own relation with Lady Risu. Eye widening slightly, Yoichi knew this wasn't a man he wanted to cross, at least not yet. Scenarios ran through his mind at lightning fast speeds, but nothing could prepare Yoichi for what happened next.

The roof of the building that Kyohei was standing on... exploded with a blast of lightning. It happened in the blink of an eye, but there was no mistaking that it came from within the building, and not from the raining sky, at least to Yoichi's trained eye, judging by the way the debris was falling. "What the- SHIT!" Yoichi managed to get out, completely surprised by this turn of events, and doubly so as a piece of the roof smashed his ice cream out of his hand. His focus now no longer occupied by Sujin and Takashi, Yoichi ran forward, towards the entrance of the alley. Although he hadn't completely forgotten about the crazed man. More as a way of keeping him from interfering with Yoichi's movements, as Yoichi passed by Takashi, he lunged out with his arm, 3 snakes extending outwards, as if to warn him against making any attacks against him, and forcing him to hit the snakes first if he wanted to hit Yoichi, who would already be passed him at that point, in the alley. Once in the alley, Yoichi's snakes withdrew back into his sleeves, although didn't disappear, and he jumped towards a wall, using it as a launching board to propel him to the next wall, continuing on until he was able to land on the roof of the building with a sizable chunk taken out of it. Still in the air, before landing on the roof, Yoichi cut his thumb slightly open with the kunai, enough to draw blood, and as he landed on the roof, summoned Istral out, who curled up near Yoichi's feet, eyes on the prowl.

Yoichi's eye flickered around to assess the situation, looking around at his surroundings, and for another time that day, was surprised. What he saw was little more than a young girl, and while he certainly knew that kids could be strong, he just hadn't been expecting to see it. And then his eyes went searching for Kyohei, to find out whether or not he'd been struck and to see how much damage had been done, if any at all. Perhaps he'd miscalculated, but if Kyohei was suitably injured, then perhaps now would be the best time indeed for him to make his move against one of Konoha's brightest. Despite Lady Risu's involvement with Kyohei, Yoichi was aware of her distaste for the KMPF, which was a move by Sousetsu that had weakened the ANBU's involvement in normal affairs. As far as things went, Yoichi was a Chuunin, and a shinobi of Konoha, so in domestic situations, he could be justified in action, but the KMPF would outrank him in any such a situation. This could work in his favor though, if Kyohei was injured. As far as anyone would be able to say, Yoichi's quick response to action was intended to be to offer assitance to the man, and if he wasn't hurt, he could play it off as such as well. As it stood right now, there was no downside to being up here, and he only stood to gain.

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-15 Striking Shadow Snakes
-25 Summons: Istral
Chakra: 160/200
Jutsu Used:
Name: Striking Shadow Sneks
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: C
Type: Offensive/ Supplementary
Element: N/a
Range: 10 meters
Specialty: Kuchiyose
Duration: 3 posts, then maintained
Cooldown: Duration
Description: This technique allows the user to eject up to 5 sneks from their wrist or sleeve (10 if paying double the initial chakra cost), usually after a punching motion or raising their arm, trailing from their arm. If all 10 are used, the user can only have a maximum of 5 sneks per arm. The sneks are used primarily to attack from a distance and, being sneks, can inflict multiple bite wounds on the victim's body or hold them in place. Being able to extend the sneks created up to 10 meters in total, the user can also retract them into almost nothing, hiding them completely. In this manner, the user can create the sneks on both arms and hold them back at will, to keep them hidden in the case that they would need them. They can extend at a speed of 20 meters per second. Snek bites can pierce into the enemy a total of 1 inch. If used to wrap and contain an opponent, it requires C Rank basic strength to struggle out of in 3 posts, C-1 strength to struggle out in 2 posts, and C-2 strength to struggle out in 1 post, with anyone of C-3 strength or higher being able to struggle out on their own post, although it takes some effort to do so, causing some slight time delays. At least 3 sneks are required in order to immobilize someone, the only difference in using all 5 on one arm is purely for biting purposes.

Istral: 70/70 Chakra
Name: Istral
Rank: C Rank
Contract Species: Serpent Contract / B rank Personal
Elements: Fuuton
Description: Much like Yoichi's other serpents of this rank, Istral's size is a deal larger than his average snake. Usually, Istral is about 3 meters in length, although he appears to be able to change his size at will, shortening down to only a couple feet long. His thickness ranges from 6 inches to a full foot. His scales are completely black, with a teal colored pattern ringing its way through the snakes scales, while his eyes are distinctly yellow.
Istral's Stats: all C-2

10 Re: Twisted Mind [Open, Kill Enabled] on Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:15 pm



Special Jounin
It appeared as though Kyohei’s arrival and demands had brought the impending confrontation to a halt, at least for now. More noteworthy to the Uchiha, however, was the fact that neither of the men had dropped their weapons. The moment that the man in the alley directly below him moved to face him, weapon still in hand, the Uchiha decided that he was not going to waste his time playing around with some brats that couldn’t behave like civilized people in the middle of the village. If he had to go down there himself, he was going to make them follow orders.

As his eyes met with the man looking up from the alley directly below him, Kyohei’s eyes would take on a crimson red hue, signifying that his Sharingan had been awakened. The power of his heritage, the visual prowess of the Uchiha Clan had always served him well and he expected that to be no different in this situation. If the confrontation below were to come to blows, he would rely the power of his eyes to stay one step ahead.

Kyohei’s vision darkened, rendering the landscape around him akin to an inverted photograph, illuminated by the flickering of chakra sources in his sight. Largely ignoring the small blips that represented chakra sources a great distance away, Kyohei immediately identified the critical chakra sources within his sight. Four sources he counted in his immediate vicinity as he glared directly below. The three men whom he had originally intercepted and an unknown fourth that was located in the building directly below him. It was at the window, a clueless onlooker more than likely.

The officer’s eyes scanned the area, placing particular focus on the man directly below him who was the first to react to Kyohei’s order, but had yet to disarm himself. Suddenly, a large swelling of chakra became visible at the corner of his vision, coming from directly below him. It was being molded into a jutsu. “What the-” Kyohei thought to himself as he leapt off the rooftop and onto the wall across the alley, using his surface walking jutsu to keep himself in place on the vertical surface. Midway through his jump a stream of lightning would erupt violently through the roof where he was standing, blasting on opening in the building.

Kyohei’s eyes would refocus on the chakra of the person who had launched the cowardly assault against him, drawing the collapsed fuma shuriken from his thigh with his left hand, holding it with an inverted grip. “You can’t run from me,” he thought to himself as he launched himself from the wall and into the building through the opening created by the blast. Using the dust and still falling debris as cover he would descend upon his target, a child who had apparently ran to grab their weaponry. Before the girl could reach down to arm herself, Kyohei was already behind her, standing sideways with his left arm outstretched, curved blade of the collapsed fuma shuriken pressing just forcefully enough into the front of her throat to prevent cutting.
“Do so much as twitch without my order and you’ll die, brat,” Kyohei growled as he held his position. He was not bluffing. This person had already demonstrated wanton disregard for his life and was a danger to him and everyone around them. If she moved he would dig the points of his fuma shuriken down into her throat, tear it all the way from the point of contact all the way out through the side of her neck, and then kick her in the back to send her crashing into the wall in front of her to die quickly.

“Now, you’re going to tell me what the hell you’re doing here and why you attacked an officer of the military police,”
he continued, “Choose your words very carefully.” Regardless of the girls answer, once she finished, assuming she did not get herself killed, he would pull the blades off of her throat and thrust the elbow of that same arm forward in one motion, delivering a strike directly to the back of her head, using enough force to knock her unconscious until he was ready to bring her in without cracking her skull open and killing her, although the little brat would have deserved it. He still had a job to do outside.

741 | 1836

Chakra 230/250:

Three Tomoes

This Triple Tomoe, or 'complete Sharingan', is the final form of the basic Sharingan an Uchiha can obtain. To acquire the Triple Tomoe Sharingan, the Uchiha must be a B-Rank/Special Jounin Shinobi, and must go through a traumatic or life-threatening experience. This experience can be done with NPCs, but must have a word count of at least 3000. Once this requirement is met, the event that unlocked your Sharingan must be posted in your jutsu registration and be approved as though you were apping a technique. You must also pay a 2000 ryo fee.

Powers of the Three Tomoe Sharingan:

  • During this mode, the visual reaction time of the Uchiha is increased by one tier, meaning someone with Reaction Time trained up to D-0 will have D-1 Reaction Time.
  • The Uchiha can see the chakra of anyone within 100m. They can see chakra pathways, and can judge by the flow of the chakra how they are priming an attack and what nature it will be [eg before someone spits a fireball out, the Uchiha can see the chakra traveling up their throat and can tell by it's appearance it's fire based]
  • The Uchiha can see through genjutsu of up to A rank effortlessly, and can tell when someone other than themselves is effected by a genjutsu of S rank and below by the changes in their chakra pathways. This also allows them to see through non-shadow clone duplicates.
  • The Three Tomoe Sharingan gives the Uchiha the ability to predict the movement of their opponent based off even the finest twitches of their muscles. This is projected as a "silhouette" of where the enemy will end up based off their movement, allowing the Uchiha to "foresee" where a blow will land and dodge it ahead of time.

When active, the Three Tomoe Sharingan consumes Fifteen chakra a post.

Name: ~ Supernatural Walking Practice (Shūgyō'shikachō ~ 修業歩然超)
Canon/Custom: Canon.
Rank: E.
Type: Supplementary.
Element: None.
Range: Self.
Specialty: Taijutsu (Chakra Flow).
Duration: -5 chakra every 3 posts (every 2 posts if using on water).
Cooldown: None.
Description: Supernatural Walking Practice is a basic ninja technique. It involves using chakra flow to channel chakra to one's hands or feet, allowing him/her to walk on, or cling to, surfaces that normally do not allow it. This includes, but is not limited to, walls/ceilings, trees, and even water. Should the flow of chakra stop for any reason, the user will immediately fall off of the surface they are walking on, or plunge underwater.


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Skipped Chi Takashi's post due to several days inactivity with no notice. Also, sorry for my own post's delay.

Sujin had created some distance between him and his would-be attacker. The backwards leap gave him time to center himself mentally. This whole day had gotten a lot more crazy with energetic characters that he just was slow on the intake. He had landed with his back against the wall of a shop that lined the street. Straight ahead of him was his attacker and the alley the man had come out from. To the right of his attacker, still stood the man with the ice cream. On the rooftop of a building adjacent to the right side of the building was the Police Shinobi.

However, things really got out of hand when suddenly a explosion of lightning ripped out of the building that the Police Shinobi was standing on. The explosion threw debri into the air, all of which came cluttering out into the street and alleyway. He saw the debri fall onto the man holding the ice cream, the ice cream getting slapped away from him. Some debri fell sharply by Sujin's attacker, but the real focus seemed to be on the Police Shinobi. At first, Sujin thought the shinobi had been hit by the explosion, but merely seconds later saw the man jump down through the hole after the source of the explosion. What would happen inside, Sujin could only guess at as the best he could make from his vantage point.

Sujin had pressed himself against the store's front wall as the debri came down, rattling off the store's awning and saving him from being hit. He then moved along the store fronts using the awnings as cover from the rain and debri to move closer to Yoichi's position and farther away from his attacker. But as he did so, Yoichi ran to the alleyway's entrance and three snakes came out of his sleeve and held them out facing Takashi's position in the manner one would hold a shield up to a sword. Sujin watched Yoichi disappear into the alleyway, at this point Sujin had moved far enough down the street that he no longer had sight of the entire alley, his vision cut off by the adjacent building where the Police Shinobi was presumably investigating the explosion of lightning.

With the streets and rooftops now clear, Sujin realized it was only him and his attacker on the street. The plan to move closer to Yoichi's original position down the street had proven to be folly. He sprang into the open, keeping his umbrella over him to protect against the rain, and make at least some resemblance of a shadow as the sun's light slightly breached the rain clouds overhead. At least it was late afternoon versus mid-day and raining. Otherwise Sujin would have been in a lot more trouble than he currently was. Preparing for the worst, even with his move to get a sizable (ten meters) distance from him and his attacker. There was still the mystery of the explosion to be solved as well.

Post WC: 511
Total WC: 1527

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As the uchiha came down on the girl, she was far too slow to be able to react to such amazing speed. She was slammed to the ground with immeasurable force. However debris had been scattered around the room due to the roof she had blow off, and Chitsuki fell in such a way the back of her head landed on a rather sharp bit of debris. The rock middle went through her fragile skull and severed her brain. Killing her instantly.


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