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Sarutobi Mi


After having met a new friend at Ichiraku Ramen a while ago, Mi Sarutobi was actually a little more pumped for honing her developing skills. Truly, it was because of finding out that her new friend was already at the rank of Chuunin. Those who were worthy to be promoted to that rank had decent abilities, and Mi wanted to be at that level. She just had to get stronger first before considering going along to the next stepping stone. And, for that to happen, Mi brought herself back to the training field for some more training. Her physical prowess was still lacking, so it was another one of her strength bouts. After all, having a capable body meant easier maneuvers through many kinds of obstacles.

Mi Sarutobi walked through the clearing of the field, approaching the center for some warming up of her muscles. It was a peaceful afternoon-- a perfect hour for doing exercises. What she had planned for today was going to be quite a bit to do. Actually, she wanted it to be that way, and more than she had done the other day. Mi casually got to her spot for working out and stretched out her arms to the sides. She then spread her legs to do a few lunges, holding each one for about ten seconds before switching sides. Next were a few arm exercises, which lasted about five minutes. In total, she spent twenty minutes doing warm-ups before finally moving onto the main course of her training.

In front of Mi was a different kind of training dummy from her previous training session. Instead of it being stationary with no moving limbs, this one had a torso that would spin around when hit. The head operated in the same manner-- spinning around upon impact. At the waist of the dummy were two extra limbs, for whatever reason. Mi just assumed that it was to try and up the difficulty when training with the dummy. The only part of the fake person were not mobile were the legs, which kept the object from moving around with the help of a sturdy post. 'The Academy instructors must leave these in the training field every now and then for everyone to use,' she thought to herself as she looked it over a couple times. 'I wonder if they won't mind me borrowing it for today.'

For a moment, she tapped her finger on one of the arms of the dummy, and it moved about an inch to the right. 'Heh, it moves pretty good despite that only being a light touch,' she observed silently, then backed a foot away. This was a good opportunity to further better herself as a ninja, for not everything would be sitting around, waiting for her to hit it. There would be fighting back.

Mi didn't waste any time lounging around, and she got right to work with beginning her second session of shinobi training. Focusing on the top two arms of the dummy, she struck the left wrist with her clenched fist; thus, causing the upper section to spin at a moderate speed. Her mouth twitched a little bit from hitting it. While it may not have been a high quality dummy, the wooden parts truly hurt her hands. "Ow..." she mouthed quietly, rubbing where the sore part of her hand was. It was only a brief pain, so she was able to brush it off as if it were not a problem. The Sarutobi Genin quickly got back into position and let loose on the dummy. One... Two.... Three and four... Five strikes later. The rate at which the dummy's torso arms were moving had begun to pick up speed as Mi punched repeatedly. At the sixth and final strike, she jumped back a bit and picked up her right leg to land a kick to the forearm of the dummy, causing for it to spin swiftly in a clockwise rotation.

She let it spin on and on until it finally came to a stop. Although, not in its original position, but she let it stay that way for the moment. Her arms were beginning to throb from the pain of repetitive combos, and her shin ached, too. There was no doubt that there would be several bruises on her body from the training. 'M-Maybe just a few more, and then I can take a break. I... don't think my arms can take anymore, though,' she huffed, dropping her arms to her sides. Mi knelt down and rubbed her arms for a couple of minutes. 'Ah... I think I'll go ahead and have that break now.'

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-Perception: E-2 to D
-Endurance: E-2 to D
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