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Hyuga Miyuki


Today will be Miyuki’s first mission. Miyuki is a bit on the nervous side, as she has never done any missions before, and this is a new chapter to her life. She will be doing a lot more missions in the future, so she wants to make sure she starts of well. She looked at a page of paper she had with her, describing her mission.
“Teaching a class.. I have never done such a thing in my life… I wonder if this will go well..” She thought, leaving her house. She looked at the sky, and noticed that the sun was quite bright. Miyuki wasn’t that much of a fan of the sun, preferring how the village looks at night under the sunlight, but she still enjoyed a sunny day now and then. Anyways, when Miyuki approached the academy, her former sensei was standing there.

“Hey Miss Miyuki, how are you doing?” Her former sensei asked. Miyuki was surprised to see her old sensei there. “Hello sensei. I didn’t expect you to be the one whose class I was of control in!” She said with a bright smile on her face. Her former sensei started to laugh. “Yeah, it has been a while hasn’t it, Miyuki? Anyways, the class is already waiting for you, I have informed them that you will tell them everything about being a Genin, so good luck!” He said, with a smile on his face as he put his thumb up. Putting his thumb up was a habit her old sensei had of wishing somebody good luck. Miyuki nodded, as she entered the building. It was at this moment that she realized most of them were older than her. When she entered the classroom, the class became silent for a moment. She was looking around the classroom, noticing most of the people inside the class were indeed her age or some even older, with one kid in the back looking to be around the age of 16, maybe 17.

“You? A Genin? Don’t make me laugh!” The old kid yelled at Miyuki, before standing up. “You are probably one of those bratty kids who had everything given to them by their parents, am I right? What clan are you from? Uchiha? Hyuga?” The kid said with a smug smile on his face. Miyuki started to frown, before answering the kid. “The name is Miyuki. Miyuki Hyuga. But you can call me Miss Hyuga.” The kid started to laugh at Miyuki. “Oh please.. A Hyuga… I bet they made you a Genin just because you are a Hyuga..” The kid said, before walking towards Miyuki, now standing in her face.
Miyuki started to shake her head, looking the kid in the eyes. “Well.. If you really doubt my power as a Genin… Have a go at me!” She said, adopting a defensive style. She however refrained from activating her Byakugan.  The kid didn’t wait even a second, and quickly draw his kunai, dashing at Miyuki, ready to stab her right into the stomach. Miyuki elegantly countered the attack by performing a handstand backwards, just evading the kunai. When she came back down, she proceed to land with both feet on top of the kid’s hand, knocking the kunai out of it, and hurting him a little bit. The entire class was in awe, and a few kids started to applaud, enraging the kid. He was about to perform a couple of hand seals to use a jutsu on Miyuki, but Miyuki quickly drew her own kunai, putting it at his throat.  “It’s already over, you lost.” She said, with a smile on her face. The kid laughed, realizing he was beaten. Miyuki returned back to where she was standing before, starting to speak again. “Anyways.. As I wanted to say before I was so rudely interrupted, my name is Miyuki and I have been a Genin since I was 9, which has been 2 years by now.” She started. A few kids were talking in the back, but the majority was listening to her, probably because she left quite an impression with her moves just a minute ago.

“Anyways.. Your teacher, and my old sensei asked me to inform you about what’s it like to be a genin.” She started, before looking around the class. “Some of you might think that I became a Genin due to me being a Hyuga. That it was all given to me right?” She said, looking at people’s reactions, as she noticed a few people nodding their heads.  “Well, let me inform you that that isn't true. I became a Genin at the age of 9 by working hard. Every day, I exercised, I practiced, and I read books… I guess that’s what made me become a Genin.” She said, with a smile on her face. The brutal kid from before shouted through the class: “So all you are saying is that you need to train and study to become a genin? Prove it to us!” Miyuki started to laugh. She wasn’t the type to be cocky, but at this time, she felt like she was right. She had to teach him a lesson after all. “Well... Our little match a few minutes ago tells me otherways, as I didn’t even use my Byakugan.” She says with a mocking smile. The entire class started laughing, as the boy from before started blushing.  

"Anyways, once you actually reach the point of Genin, you are already on your way of becoming a good and skilled Shinobi. Once you become a Genin, you are placed in a squad of three Genin and a Jounin, who is basically your sensei." She states, as she remembered reading it in a book. She wouldn't know, as she was never placed in such a team herself. "You will train and do missions with those same teammates, so you better befriend them, as you will be together for quite a while." She said, with a smile on her face. "Perhaps you should see them more like a brother or sister. Anyways, they will be your comrades, and they will be there for you if you need them. When you are placed in such a team, you will proceed to do missions, and train together to become the greatest ninjas around!" She stated. The bell suddenly started to ring, as her old sensei walked in, clapping for Miyuki. "Great job Miyuki, thanks for teaching the class about your experience. I hope you all enjoyed this short lesson by Miss Miyuki!" He said with a bright smile on his face, as everyone, including the annoying brat from before, started clapping for Miyuki, who started to blush due to all the attention she got. Miyuki thanked her teacher for the opportunity, before leaving the classroom, planning to spend the rest of the day on training her Taijutsu skills.

Total WC: 1162
WC for mission: 600
Leftover WC for stat training: 562
Strength: E-E2
Other stats: E-E1

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Hyuga Miyuki


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