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Sarutobi Mi


Mission Details:
Mission name: Catching a Prankster 
Mission rank: D
Objective: Catch the kid who sprayed graffiti over the whole city. 
Location: Konohagakure no Sato > General Board
Reward: 80 ryo
Mission description: A boy has been putting graffiti on the wall of buildings. He has thus far managed to escape custody, and posses skills equal to that of an Academy ninja, able to move around on rooftops to escape capture. Now it is your turn to try and capture him, good luck!
Mission details: The boy has the skills of a Academy Student. He can jump over buildings.

Today, Mi Sarutobi was progressing through her first mission to hit off her ninja duties. Outside of the building where the board was for regularly updated information, Mi leaned against a tree with a piece of paper in her hands. On it was the information she needed to proceed through the mission's course. 'This sounds like a simple task,' she mentally noted, scanning her eyes over the brief information. As it stated on the paper, a young boy was going around the village defacing several buildings and constantly found a way to avoid the authorities of the village. After reading over the description one last time, Mi sighed and folded the sheet before tucking it away in the pouch holding her items. Even though she was very willing to take part in the capture of the rascal, she did wonder why it was so difficult for others to catch him. He was at the level of a student. But, she didn't let the wondering linger and moved on to conduct her search and capture.

The sun was high enough in the sky for there to be sunlight present in just about every part of the village, which would make the mission a lot easier to look for the young boy. Mi was walking through the village, eyes looking everywhere for any sign of the suspected boy, and occasionally saw spots where the damage had been done. Not on all buildings, but on a good portion of them, rude drawings from spray paint were present. Some were actually quite vulgar for a child, which actually disgusted the Genin some. There were villagers, some young and some old, trying to clean it all off with water and soap. She could tell that it would be a real pain to try and remove the paint fully.

Rounding another corner, Mi abruptly stopped in her tracks upon noticing a certain activity ahead on the road. A long line of graffiti pictures on the walls of homes and along fences led to a little boy holding two cans of spray paint. The kid was much younger than Mi, given his smaller form.  It was a quick and accurate judgement-- that was the one causing trouble and defacing the village. She could see the toothy grin on his face from where she stood, and it displeased her. He was certainly proud of acting disrespectful toward his own home. The boy was too busy with what he was doing, so he didn't notice Mi was watching his crime from nearby. That was until she decided to stop his unruly behavior.

"Hey," she called out to him with a fairly quiet voice, which would have been louder if it weren't for certain conditions. It was enough to alert the scoundrel, who froze in place and stopped the flow of paint. Slowly, he turned his face to look toward Mi, who was staring right back at him with a soft glare. But, instead of acknowledging the fact that he was caught red handed, the boy dropped the surprised look on his face and grinned at Mi before darting away from her. "Er... S-Stop!"

The boy had no intention of letting her take him in, and he kept running in the opposite direction without slowing down. 'Maybe I... should have gotten closer before letting him know that I was here,' she huffed and quickly ran after him. As she ran down the same path he took, Mi saw that he ditched the spray cans along the way, but was certain that he wouldn't be getting away regardless of possessing them or not. A couple of times, he would look back to see if she was still hot on his trail. "Waah! Leave me alone!" he would shout back, but his cries met deaf ears. Bystanders would look on, wondering about what was going on, but merely went back to what they were doing before the two dashed by.

"No!" the little boy cried out as Mi closed in for the win. As soon as she was close enough, she reached her hand out for his collar, tightly clenching her fingers to grasp the part of his shirt, and pulled him back to end the running. "L-Let me go!" Despite his crying and flailing, Mi would listen to none of it and held onto his shoulder with her other hand. 

'Whether he likes it or not, I'll be letting his parents and the authorities know about his actions...'

Word Count: 755
Mission Requirement: 600
Mission Status: Complete


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