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1 Eradicate the Cult on Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:12 pm



Mission name: Eradicate the Cult [Plot]
Mission rank: B
Objective: Eradicate the Cult
Location: Rockhenge
Mission description:Intel has surmised that a radical cult has been forming along Tsuchi no Kuni's outer border however they weren't deemed harmful until it was discovered their ritual which include sacrificial gatherings, mass suicides, and various others. With the Daimyo now notified you are to disband the cult, permanently. Securing prisoners is not priority but will be encouraged. Yuurei Jet and party are ordered that no member or trace of the organization is to remain alive.
Mission details:It is the night of the blood moon and it is the prime time for blood to rain. The road to the Rockhenge is blocked by two chunnin each armed with a B-rank bastard sword and C-rank stats. They are the only real note worthy ones so far. Further in you will reach various tents and cages until you reach the main space. There are a total of 30 members. 1/3 civilian. 1/3 genin (stats D-3) and 1/3 chuunin (stats C-2) You have the choice of assassinating the leader and kill off the members or vice versa. No one is allowed to escape.

Main Foe:

Name: Mime
Age: 24
General Appearance: Mime is a slender woman with subtle curves and plump chest. She reaches a height of 5'10 and weighs roughly 135lbs. Her dark aqua blue hair, that matches her eyes, reaches up to her waist though it is typically held up in a ponytail. She wear a simple but sexy black body suit.
Personality: Vain. Crude. Deadly. Arrogant.
Motivations: Power. Money. Eternal Beauty.
Fears: Boss. Death. Being Ugly.
Abilities: Medical Ninjutsu [SS] Bukijutsu [A/Kenjutsu] Ninjutsu [A] Suiton [S] Futon [S]. Can use any nin, sui, fut, med jutsu up to B-rank.
Other:All stats B-1 Wiled an B-rank katana and B-rank dagger.Is a Kurohebi.

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