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1 At the Leaf(Invite only)(no kill) on Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:41 pm



The soft light of the sun shone into necis room as he awoke slowly, even though it was considered a warm day he was still chilly, due to him being used to hot desert winds and the beating sun, the temperature here was alot more centered, the nights were nearly the same as the days, in the sand the nights were freezing and the days searing, he was getting to like the leafs much more.

Neci walked through the town, he had been visiting for many a week now, and he was starting to like it here, everyone accepted him to an extent, since his family lived here and everythng, he had begun to bond more and more with his brother Misaki, they hung out or trained every few days and he was starting to enjoy this leisure time that he was alotted, though he did missions for the village here whenever he was low on funds or wanted some real combat training.
He smiled to himself and continued walking down the way his eyes covered with sunglasses, since he had found out people here also were creeped out by his black eyes, since the whites were supposed to be white after all, it just made people uncomfortable.
He walked through the streets thinking about what he was to do today, he had no idea what he was going to occupy his day with today, he had no idea what to do, he was near the food market, he was looking around for something or someone to occupy his time.
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Harue took step after step away from the busy, crowded marketplace located close to the heart of Konoha, where different vendors from all around the Elemental Continent selling all kinds of wares gathered everyday in hopes of making a profit. She was dressed as she normally always was, wearing a short-sleeved light blue shirt with vertical white stripes, along with a pair of dark green shorts, coupled with a pair of white sneakers. Today was really just another ordinary day, and she didn’t see the point of putting on anything special for the occasion. Besides, she had run out in a hurry when she realised she was running out of food. Of course, being Harue, she had only realised this during the advent of making lunch when she opened her fridge and found most of it empty.

Nikko, however, had his fair share of dog food as usual, which never seemed to dwindle. Lucky bastard.

So, dangling from her right hand was a bulky plastic bag, containing her grocery shopping for the upcoming week. It had been a test of her restraint when she had seen some fairly interesting ornaments on sale, but her dwindling monetary reserves and the knowledge that she wouldn’t have any place for said decorative trinkets in a few weeks won out against her instinctual need to spend, spend, spend at the marketplace.

Harue bit on the rosy red apple that she rolled around with her left hand, observing the two – now three – bite marks she made. Guess this was all she would have for lunch. She wouldn’t have time to prepare anything more exotic or fulfilling until later tonight, after her afternoon and evening mission. It was hapless but it couldn’t be helped. It was bad business keeping clients waiting, and Konoha’s image wasn’t the only thing on the line whenever she met someone for a D- or C-rank mission; so was hers.

In any case, she could look forward to the promisingly high pay from the mission later on. Maybe she would be able to take Nikko out for a special dinner later that night. The Yakitori place came to mind, even as she subconsciously took another step towards her home. She knew the family there loved her and Nikko, and the two twins who also doubled as the store’s waiters did love dogs, Nikko especially.

Alright, it would be her treat. Tonight, she’d take Nikko to their favourite yakitori restaurant, basically their second home. It would be his only home soon enough, when she dumped the rest of her earnings this month to settle the rest of her loans and outstanding rent in a few weeks’ time, when Susumu finally gave her the word that they’d be leaving Konoha. Until then, she’d be satisfied that she was making enough to make ends meet, even if only barely. It was still a better fate than the deficit she was facing a couple weeks ago, anyway.

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As he was walking someone caught his eye, she was small and short, but looked near his age, she had middle length hair and blue eyes, he noticed that she also bore a headband, with the symbol of the leaf on the metal plate. As he walked by her he turned on his heel, a smile started to play on his face, someone interesting to him somehow came up, and he was happy for it, most days he found nothing to ease his boredom.
Hey leaf ninja, whats your name? He said in a gaunty tone, just as he walked right up beside her, eyeing her, checking her to see if she had any weapons on her, trying to judge if she was a skilled fighter or new. He didnt know how this was going to go, either a sparring match or dinner, either way he would greatly enjoy the day from here on out.


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Harue saw the oddly-dressed stranger walk up to her casually, a playful smile adorning his lips, from which a lighted cigarette poked out between. The man was dressed strangely all in red, but it wasn’t the creepy shade of blood that general stores tried to flaunt as the new black, but rather one which had slight tinges of maroon added to it to form a faded, calm shade of red. He had the same shade of velvety red hair framing his face and draping past a pair of slick, black sunglasses, which all played to give him a classy look. The only thing about him which turned said ‘classiness’ into a more ghastly aura were the stitch marks that adorned his neck, as if his head had been sewn on after an accidental decapitation.

Harue stared at him, confused at what he wanted when she heard him call out to her. She was perfectly content ignoring him – one tended to meet a lot of quirky people when working as a ninja, and stopping for each and every one of them didn’t leave much time for anything else, so one tended not to do that – but now that he had called out to her, Harue didn’t find any harm in taking some time out of her day to meet him, even if she was running on a schedule. Rather, she paused in her steps and turned to look at him, regarding him more closely now, the weight of the groceries in the plastic bag in her right hand all but forgotten, along with the mostly eaten apple, save its core, dangling from the fingertips of her left hand.

Now that she actually regarded him closely, and not just from the corner of her eye as she tended to do things when she was in a hurry, she realised that he had a certain slouch to him. It wasn’t completely obvious, but there was a certain tilt to his body that made it seem like he wasn’t completely on guard, fueling the image of style further. Granted, again with the stitches involved, it seemed more like Shinigami herself had opted to take a break from her daily reapings and stroll down the streets of Konoha at lunch time, seeking a dinner that involved less flesh or death.

What took Harue by surprise, however, was when the man had so easily and quickly identified her as a Konoha shinobi. That was odd, he shouldn’t- ah, wait, she wore her Konoha headband by her waist, didn’t she? That little ornament that she tied around her waist every day almost seemed to blend in with her other daily activities that she almost didn’t notice it anymore. People didn’t often call refer to her as ‘Konoha ninja’, anyway; she was much more used to them calling her by her name, or at least asking about it first, so this was new for her.

Even the girl at Konoha’s administration, Yachi, had been kind enough to address her as ‘miss’ rather than ‘prospective ninja’, but you couldn’t win them all.

Harue was faintly aware that she had a deadline coming up very soon, but a quick look at the shadows told her that she still had some time – of course, she always said she had some time – to spare, and indulging this person wouldn’t be too much of a strain on her daily schedule.

She hoped.

“Hey,” she responded as a greeting. It felt slightly awkward just addressing him like that when she couldn’t wave to him, with either of her hands occupied. “My name is Harue, Harue Nakazawa,” she introduced. “And what’s yours?”

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Hmm pretty name indeed, though you look more like an uzumaki to me, i know the look, as for me, my name is Neci Uchiha of the Red Sand. Im going around konoha and checking the ninja out, though you seem almost completly harmless what weapon do you use And as he said this he smoothly and with a tad of flair pulled his large arced sword out, the threefoot long blade gleaming blood red in the sun due to the special metal alloy, the long black steel handle contrasting the red beautifully, he spun the blade around in a few quick twirls and then rested it softly onto his shoulder, the blade resting on a leather shoulder patch made just for it.

He ran his hand through his red locks and smiled happily, slowly sliding off his glasses and putting them on his shirt collar, His black eyes looking at if he were some sort of demon, the white part being jet black, and his pupils being the red of his sword blade, mainly due to a birth defect. He wanted to get to know this new ninja, he had met only a few leaf ninjas during his stay here thus far and we was happy to get to know more, especially from a girl this pretty, at that thought he shot her a sly wink with a smirk to match.


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‘Neci Uchiha of the Red Sand?’ Harue recited his name mentally. ‘What’s someone from the Sand doing here?’

Harue was about to reply, when he suddenly pulled a large sword out, the blade arced. It looked like a scimitar from Harue’s studies, though she hadn’t seen one in real life before. It was three feet in length, gleaming red in the sunlight, just like the man’s clothes and hair. Harue’s guard was immediately up, though she consciously willed it to go down. As dangerous as a sword like that seemed to be, she highly doubted - hopefully - this man was going to do anything violent with it. Violence as ninja was accepted. Violence with ninja weapons was an unspoken no-no. It was common courtesy for friendly ninja to keep their weapons stashed away, and given the length of that blade and the lack of distinctive armor, Harue guessed he was a ninja (okay, it was a wild guess). Whether he was friendly or not, remained to be seen.

“That’s an… umm, nice sword. But I don’t use weapons, sorry. The only thing I have is a kunai,” she replied as casual as she could, patting the ninja pouch on her right hip with her left hand (somewhat awkwardly, admittedly). She shifted the heavy groceries from her right hand to her left as the latter returned to its side, freeing up her right hand in case he wanted to try anything. She highly doubted she could do anything to this man but it gave her a small opening to exploit in her defense if he did.

When he removed his glasses and hung them by his collar, however, Harue was stunned. His eyes… they were… they were completely black! Where the whites were had been replaced by nothing more than the colour of midnight, and the only whites were where his pupils were supposed to be. It was… it was freaky! It was as if the colours in his eyes, white and black, had been inverted.

Was this a genetic condition? Harue never heard of something like this before, and she doubted this was what the Sharingan looked like, especially since her books always reiterated that Sharingan eyes were blood red, just like the blood that they always seemed to spill, instead of the white-black inversion she was seeing before her now.

“Your eyes…” she mumbled, half consciously and not too aware that those words had slipped out of her mouth.

His wink and smirk shook her out of her stupor, especially since it looked… strange coming from a guy who looked as such. Harue wasn’t going to judge, but it was difficult not to when you didn’t see a face like that. It seemed so… so… so alien, that it was just impossible to familiarise with on such short notice. Consequently it was difficult to remain completely at ease with someone like that.

A small part of her nagged at her that he was probably using some new bloodline limit, or if his eyes were defective and they caused the Sharingan to look visually different, but the more rational and emotional (paradoxically so) part of her brain shut out that small voice and returned her attention to the man in front of her. “Sorry, Neci, it’s been nice meeting you, but I think I do have to go soon for a small mission. I can spare a few minutes though, if you’d like to talk. So what’s a ninja like you doing in Konoha?”

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Hmm, you could say im here visiting family here mommas from the leaf as it turns out He smiled warmly, Neci loved to use his off putting appearance to use it made most people stay on their toes.
He then learned that the girl used no weapons save for the standard kunai. He noticed that Bukijutsu wasnt a common skill in this village, much more people in the sand used swords, though none like his. Oh Really? whats your speciality in that case? Are you a genjutsu kind of girl He asked with another sly wink.

He then giggled as he saw the horror and shock on her face as he took off his glasses, her eyes as wide as a hunted deer. He ran his hands through his hair once again replying to her quiet ''Your eyes'' comment.

Oh im not that ugly am i? Since i like you ill tell you this here beauty secret, its really just a pigmentation disorder, not as fancy as they look now eh? He said all of this in his most jovial tones, his blade now resting softly on his shoulder pad without the need of his hands, since he enjoyed talking with his hands as much as his mouth, the large red curve fit perfectly on its perch.

“Sorry, Neci, it’s been nice meeting you, but I think I do have to go soon for a small mission. I can spare a few minutes though, if you’d like to talk. So what’s a ninja like you doing in Konoha?” He heard the young girl say, to that he made a tsk tsk sound, stating flatly in hi most sarcastic tone,
Where are your manners? Youre not even going to offer a spar with me? Aha or...even dinner? He leaned forwards and smirked, his dimples showing starkly against his pale skin, either one he would be happy with. One way or another he was going to learn what the leaf ninja were made of.

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“Ah, I see,” Harue responded. It was always nice to visit family. That reminded her though, she should probably visit her old village some time. She still had several friends there who would love to see her again, and she did look forward to tasting the boys’ venison. The deer they caught always did taste fresh.

Then again, maybe not. While it had been awhile since she had seen them, and while she had promised to visit every once in awhile, she wouldn’t have much time to go visit them before Susumu would likely leave Konoha, bringing her with him. It was a quick few days’ of travel on foot, especially if she didn’t want to seem as if she was on official Konoha business (Takara’s village never did take kindly to Konoha ninja, them more so than the others). Besides, she would be hard-pressed to explain Nikko’s disappearance after she left, so it would be awhile before she believed she could meet them again.

When asked what weapon she liked to use, however, the wink that he gave her after perturbed her somewhat. It wasn’t always that she met a guy as outgoing as this. While any other person would have been a fairly interesting individual to know, there was something about Neci which put her off. Was it the eyes? They did add a level of creepiness to them that she hadn’t yet dealt with. Something about the way his eyes moved just seemed… off, just because of his oddly-coloured sclera and pupils. Every wink and every smirk he gave her seemed like an invitation to dance with one of Shinigami’s messengers, and that creeped her out slightly.

Ugh, she had to stop making such eerie correlations.

Putting the thought aside for later, she replied, “I actually can’t use Genjutsu either. I don’t even know the art. Instead, I follow in my clan’s footsteps. I learn Fuuinjutsu, mainly those affecting the body’s movements. Even then, I’m still just learning. I’m not really that good, much less as good as I want to be.” 

She then listened to him explain about the pigmentation disorder that he experienced in both his eyes, and the level of creep went down. Not by much, though.

She had never read about a pigmentation disorder that inverted the colours of your sclera and pupils. If it was sufficiently uncommon, she supposed, then maybe the authorities wouldn’t have found it necessary to include it in a normal book on introduction to the human anatomy and the deficiencies that could follow. A book that was specially tailored to rare diseases may come in handy. Perhaps a book on the ocular regions would also have something about that in it. Harue made a note to pick up a book on medical ninjutsu if she ever ran into one.

Granted, she wouldn’t be trying to cure Neci of his disease. It took a level of Medical Ninjutsu that was far beyond what she believed she would ever be capable of, given her less than adequate, arguably abysmal, chakra control. Even so, it didn’t mean that the inner workings of medical ninjutsu would never come in handy, and even then medical ninjutsu was always interesting to read, since they offered the most insights into the hows and whys of jutsu, and that was always what Harue was searching for to augment her current model of chakra theory.

Harue was slightly taken aback when he had responded to her question the way he did, however. If she had been in any less of a hurry (and any less conflicted about leaving Nikko in Konoha), she’d probably have the few gray cells necessary to detect the sarcasm and respond in kind with her own. However, as it was, she was completely subjected to his sharp words, and she visibly winced.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just that I need the money, and the client for this mission pays generously. Also, I don’t think I can go on a dinner with you tonight. I’m already taking someone I know out for dinner, and I’d much rather spend time with him alone. It’ll be awhile before I’m seeing him again,” Harue explained. “Maybe if we meet again we can go for a spar or dinner?”

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I actually can’t use Genjutsu either. I don’t even know the art. Instead, I follow in my clan’s footsteps. I learn Fuuinjutsu, mainly those affecting the body’s movements. Even then, I’m still just learning. I’m not really that good, much less as good as I want to be.” She answered back, still looking him up and down, he imagined that she was still marveling at his eyes, he had gone to many medical professionals when he was young, his mom and dad wanting him to look normal, but nothing worked. He had really gotten used to them at this point, he wouldnt get rid of his black eyes if he was able to anymore, mainly for the amazing visual effect that happened when he activated his sharingan.
Ahhh sealing and what not, interesting, Im more of a Sword wielder myself He shot her another sly wink, his smile never leaving his lips.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just that I need the money, and the client for this mission pays generously. Also, I don’t think I can go on a dinner with you tonight. I’m already taking someone I know out for dinner, and I’d much rather spend time with him alone. It’ll be awhile before I’m seeing him again,” Harue explained. “Maybe if we meet again we can go for a spar or dinner? His smile shot down for a moment, into a playful pout, and in another second it went back to a causual smile, as he shot her another question,
Oh? if money is the reason i have that, i would happily pay for the dinner anywhere you want my treat, its only proper to treat such a pretty girl like that He smiled again and then shot another small question, Is this other man a thing? He raised a single eyebrow, he hoped that she took him seriously.

And i would happily take that spar as well, a little training never did anyone wrong, maybe add a few callus' onto those soft hands He smiled as he turned her hand over to look at the under side of it, in a slight touch he would flash his sharningan, hoping that she saw the black iris with red tomoes that he bore, much different in appearance then other, due to his bodies pigmentation....and of course with a small wink and smile as usual.


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“Umm, money isn’t exactly the main problem…” Harue began. However, she then realised that, yes, money was the problem, which was why she was doing the mission, and quickly moved to correct herself. “I mean, money is a problem, but money is the reason that I need to go on a mission, not the reason that I don’t want to eat dinner with you. It’s… it’s actually much more complicated than it sounds.”

Harue internally groaned. How was she going to tell Neci the real reason that she needed to fill up her ryo banks so quickly? She didn’t need to save up that much cash for just one fancy dinner at a yakitori restaurant whose prices were just slightly above average, not so much over the top as some of the other fancy and exotic spots in the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Besides, her frequenting that restaurant had already earned her a near permanent discount with the family that made it almost advisable to go there, and she would, if the discounted prices still weren’t beyond what she could afford after rent and such, and if she wanted to overindulge in yakitori to the point of being sick of them.

But that was beside the point. The point was that she would be leaving Konoha quite soon, and there was little way to break this news to him so he wouldn’t get the wrong idea. Unfortunately, the dilemma creeping up on her was that this seemed like the only way to break the news to him so that he wouldn’t get the wrong idea, which was a very counterproductive way of thinking. Besides, if word got out that she was leaving the village, there would be zero way for her to leave the village. Heck, there’d be zero way for her to continue living in the village, or to continue living at all, if the Hokage even felt merciful. Leaving the village was a crime tantamount to treason, after all.

Boy, execution was just a lovely thought, wasn’t it?

“And actually, it’s not another man,” she corrected, latching onto his following words, happy to move onto another topic, even if only to distract herself from immediately answering the question at hand. “I’m actually taking my dog, Nikko, out for some yakitori tonight. It’s been awhile since either of us have visited the stand, and I do miss the owners. I was also hoping to take him to our favourite restaurant alone, since it’ll be awhile before I can see either him or the family. I’m going on a long-term mission and-”

Harue nearly slapped herself just as quickly as she realised the lightbulb had lit up in her head. A long-term mission was a fairly respectable choice of words, and it wasn’t even that far of a stretch, since she was technically heading out on a mission to hunt down her mother’s killer, and the Iwa slavers, and long-term was the perfect adjective, since both parties were elusive, neither more so than the other.

“-I won’t be back in Konoha for awhile. It’s also the whole reason I need to save up, since I do need to make sure I can keep myself off the streets during the mission.”

She then heard him invite her to a spar, and she toyed with the idea. She didn’t like spars. No, as a ninja, she was fairly below average in terms of sparring and actual hand-to-hand combat, even if she was allowed to use her seals. Of course, Harue understood the importance of practising to get better and everything that came with it (bo-ring) but it was still difficult to get herself into the mood for sparring. In the end, however, she decided that she would have to do it eventually, and Neci seemed like a cool enough guy.

The way his Sharingan looked though, freaked her out. Hopefully that wouldn’t be too much interference if they sparred.

“I would love to go sparring with you some time,” Harue responded. “I’ll need to check my schedule though, for when exactly I can spar with you, but I still like the idea. Anyway, it’s getting late. I’m sorry, but I really do have to go now. See you around!”

With that last sentence, she was already waving him goodbye, jogging down the road before heading into a small sprint back to her apartment. She’d already used up whatever time she had allocated for talking to Neci, and while the experience was certainly new, there were other things on her mind at the moment, particularly her lovable dog and the thoughts of him never seeing her face again after she left.

Not to mention her, his.

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No other man? good good, i dont like competition. Now on that mission, dont do anything illegal or dangerous...not without calling me first that is He placed his sunglasses back onto his head, and took the hand of the girl and kissed the top of it, in a gentlemanly manner, smiling a last time at her before he turned and began to walk away, not before saying,
I know those eyes, if you are leaving call me to join you, no one should be on the run alone...i already am He turned to her and for the first time gave her a serious face as he walked away.


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