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Seito had followed Toshiko to a large rocky plain valley with a few clouds drifting in and out of the sun's rays. The bright blue sky and the burnished brown colors complimented each other to produce a beautiful landscape; a landscape that could only be discovered in the Lightning Country. Rocks rumbled and dust drifted with each passing step that followed with a crunch, condensing the rock and dirt beneath their two feet. This clearing would be a perfect place to spar due to the abundance of land, it's clearance of any trees and the reasonably leveled field favoring no particular side. Seito wondered if he would ever find a location such as this in the Lightning Country again. The country was full of mounds, hills and mountains and none were in the proximity to be cause any effect. The boy took a moment to analyze and appreciate the landscape; one for the books as he embedded the mental image to his memory; another moment in which his life is reaching fulfillment through experience and aesthetics.

Though there he was; there was about 20 meters of space difference holding the two shinobi at bay. His right hand quickly went to unsheathe his Hattori tanto. A trusty little tanto that had a white cloth hilt that matched it's sheath. Grasping it with a firm grip, he posed in a position prepared for combat. His left hand itched, prepared to pounce and use a jutsu. His mind stayed at ease, remembering the jutsu that he learned, which was not much. The range between the two would also deal a problem for him and he knew Toshiko had a lot more chakra than he did. This certainly was going to be an enduring battle; however, Seito had all the energy needed for this escapade.

His eyes peered past Toshiko for only a moment to examine a cactus that stood behind Toshiko in the distance, it towered about 5 feet tall. His eyes shifted back on Toshi. "Are you ready?" He shouted as he hoped the distraction covered his left hand that hid behind his hip at an angle. His fingers flickered in a hasty jump to perform a jutsu, however none had been cast. Seito had to keep the shinobi on his toes and push himself if he was going to win. He stood with a smirk of confidence with an attitude that despised failure. He knew what he had to do, so he was going to do it! The breeze would flutter his coat and kick the back of his hair. He missed this, the feeling of exhilarating euphoria that he experienced for only a moment that occurred only moments before a battle. For one last though, he wondered what made this child so special.


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