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1Kururugi Clan Empty Kururugi Clan on Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:47 pm

Axel Knightwalker

Symbol: [img][/img]

Clan: Kururugi

Kekkei Genkai: Mushikoro or "Mind Worm"

Elements: N/A

Specialization: Medical Ninjutsu

Location: Scattered

Clan History: The Kururugi clan has been around for a long while, but most of the clan members are simply medical ninjas. The clan has been around for at least the past 300 years, but have just recently been conducting experiments in creating the perfect human. They are a clan that specializes in gene splicing, or attempting to place favorable traits from species or strong humans into others, replacing unfavorable traits in the process. These fairly radical procedures are what was used as the original source of the Chimera Technique, which was a perverted form of the clan's research, back when the clan were simply hungering for knowledge. Behind the scenes, they have given birth to various ninja throughout the world, including those with the traits of animals(natural gills, sensitive hearing, powerful jaws, multiple limbs and spider thread, etc.). The research of this clan made other medical ninja able to experiment with dna, and they are still very prominent in terms of medical experiments, although they are not so famous.

Their lack of fame is attributed to their work being the bases of more miraculous or taboo experiments that have been performed, and while they were critical in the field, and most likely the most knowledgeable medical clan in existence, their breakthroughs in medical science were always used for something far more grandiose and they were always out shined. This doesn't seem to bother the clan members to much, as they are more inclined to continue to pursue knowledge and perfection of their craft instead of garnering fame. Within the last 50 years or so, the clan has been trying to perfect a certain project, and this was to invent their own kekkei genkai, and pass it onto the clan members. Most of the experiments were used on lesser creatures, and ended in failure, as the clan has been working with life and chimeras for most of their history, so they are masters at creating organisms. The clan is based in Kirigakure, and were all over the place before, but have gathered to become a coherent clan, although their numbers are dwindled now.

They wanted to create an intelligent life form that would boost the abilities of the host, much like how the Aburames use their clan members as a hive, this was going to be a mutually beneficial symbiosis. Over the course of around forty years, the clan was able to revise their organism, making it more accepting of a host, instead of trying to take them over and kill them. The clan became obsessed with this venture, and because of this, the clan rapidly dwindled as more and more of the clan were sacrificed to try and perfect this operation.  Within the last few years, the clan has had only one success, but now that they have had one success that didn't outright kill the clan member, they can create other successes, but currently, they are simply monitoring the life of the subject. The subject has survived for a while, 11 years to be precise, and is a standing testament that the bonding was a success. Since the subjects of the clan are so important, they are allowed to live normally, as that is what sort of data the clan leaders want, although to properly use the abilities of the parasite within them, they are taught medical knowledge from a very young age.  

Kekkei Genkai Description: A select few within the Kururugi clan are bonded with a specially bred parasite called the Mushikoro, or Mind Worm. This parasite is very strong, but doesn't have a mind of it's own, contrary to it's name. When bonded with the host, the worm burrows into the chest of the subject, and then melds into the user's heart. The heart becomes warped, tougher and more efficient, and then this spreads throughout the user's body, fully combining the host and the parasite. Within a few years, the parasite and the host are completely joined as one, although the parasite's body is still within and around the host's heart. This parasite amplifies the mental capabilities of the host, making their mind run faster, and makes their body more efficient as well, giving them more physical stamina. The real power of the parasite, however, is it's ability to assimilate.

Assimilation: The host has essentially been integrated into the main body of the parasite, and thus acts as a central Hive Mind. The user can use jutsu to manipulate and stimulate the parasite's cells within their body, making them a living vat of medical goo. This means that the user can devour something biological, and incorporate certain aspects of the biological matter into their own body. This ranges from things such as growing wings from a bird to fly after eating the bird, to something exotic, like venomous fangs from eating a cobra. The clan member has great control of which aspects get through, and most of these are jutsu based.

True Assimilation: When the user reaches a high enough skill in Medical jutsu, they are able to perform special surgeries on themselves to permanently give them an aspect of something biological. This could be the ability to create spider webs, manifest extra arms, etc. These are all permanent. This follows the Transplant rules, with the only exception being that jutsu involving these permanent body modifications do not have increased word/ryo counts to learn or chakra costs to perform. During this time, the user will encase themselves in a embryonic sac that partially resembles a cocoon, as their body undergoes the evolution.

They can use this method to implant other kekkei genkai or doujutsu into themselves, but the normal penalties and restrictions apply.

The Swarm: The user, once they have permanently assimilated the ability to lay eggs, can create modified versions of different beings they have eaten. This takes the place of a summoning contract, meaning the user can not form a summoning contract, no matter what. This allows the user to create chimeras and other things from their own body, and the beings are linked mentally to the user. The beings created must be in the same topic as the user.

Drawbacks: -1 rank in Taijutsu


  • Axel Kururugi

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:
Devouring Maw:
Name: Devouring Maw
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Element: N/A
Range: Touch
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 Post
Description: A simple jutsu in which the user bites the target, and either eats it whole, or takes a large chunk out of it. The chunk of biological material will quickly be dissolved within the person't stomach, which will give them a plethora of information about the dna of the subject, if it isn't a PC. Anything from a PC can be kept in the stomach for a maximum of 12 hours before it fully breaks down and is unusable.
Name: Heart of the Swarm
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D-S
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A
Range: 50 meters
Specialty: Medical Ninjutsu
Duration: End of Topic
Cooldown: 3 times a topic
Description:A signature jutsu of the Kururugi clan, this jutsu allows the user to incubate a being they have devoured part of(enough for the transplant rules), and recreate them. This allows them to birth chimeras and clones of people they have devoured(PCs are always S ranked). This jutsu will be will be set up for each creature that the user makes, and each one will be different, but have similar things in common. The first thing, is that the user will cultivate the jutsu within their stomach, and then vomit an egg for each being created. The egg will attach to a surface and create an embryonic sac, and inside of it, it will rapidly grow into the being over the course of 2 posts. Once it hatches, the being will be under the mental commands of the user, and the user is able to share it's senses with the beings, making it an excellent scouting tool.

2Kururugi Clan Empty Re: Kururugi Clan on Mon Jan 25, 2016 4:57 am



Hiya, sorry for the delay. Looks like we have an interesting clan here ^^.



I know it is heavily implied but I would like you to specifically state that medical ninjutsu is required in this section.

"The clan member has great control of which aspects get through, and most of these are jutsu based."

Would like you to specify that all of these abilities come in the form of jutsu. Meaning that you will not get access to potentially wide ranging and non-monitorable abilities. Each ability that you want has to come in the form of a jutsu (or you have to go into great specifics in this clan app).

"When the user reaches a high enough skill in Medical jutsu,"

What skill level exactly?

"they are able to perform special surgeries on themselves to permanently give them an aspect of something biological."

Add in that these modifications have to be apped as items.

"They can use this method to implant other kekkei genkai or doujutsu into themselves, but the normal penalties and restrictions apply."

Sorry, can't allow taking another kekkei genkai unless it is doujutsu.

"This takes the place of a summoning contract"

Abilities around laying eggs sounds like medical ninjutsu to me, any reason why it would be tied to summoning at all? Give more information.


"-1 rank in Taijutsu "

What do you mean by this? If you are taking more damage from taijutsu, specify "+1 rank in damage from taijutsu"


Devouring Maw:

Add damage. I am concerned about the "plethora of information" part as this has potential to be used in a metagaming way. I will need this effect explained in much more detail in terms of what sort of information it garners and very definite borders.

Heart of the swarm:

Put in an actual cooldown and put any drawbacks in the description.

"This jutsu will be will be set up for each creature that the user makes, and each one will be different, but have similar things in common."

Way too vague, add a LOT more detail. In fact, I would like to see you break this jutsu up into very specific things and use the rest of your jutsu slots. For example, if you are spawning little creatures to attack for you, you need their damage from attacks, durability, what they look like and what they can do. One jutsu for each type of creature.

"(enough for the transplant rules)"

Not really sure what this means.

"and clones of people"

Sounds like human puppets except much, much stronger. You will need to have this in a jutsu of it's own and I very much doubt that you will be able to control these people fully, like use jutsu and stuff. You could do something like have a non fighting clone sort of thing (like a changeling from starcraft) as long as it was balanced correctly (we can get to that later).

Well, that's it for the first round. Overall a very interesting clan, make the changes suggested and repost in modding request.


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