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1 New beginning [open,training, no kill] on Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:13 pm


Shotaro needed training. He knew about that. There was always something to improve. He did his best to catch up with everything. This time he wanted to be faster. He wore his suit and started from his home. He ran through village. He passed friends from academy. They were suprised he actually was doing this. Nobody suspected him of exercising. He was always lazy boy. He had change, when he became Genin. He realised he had only one life and it was so easy to be lost. Each trening could save his life one day. And that is words' of his sensei, who he had never listen to. Now he was quite older. Life was simple no more. He ran across the market. He had to squeeze between people, who were willingly to buy something. This was also some part of his improvement. How fast could he be? He was slow. Very slow. And he got exhausted really fast. He should have started sooner. But nothing was lost. He needed to do his best. He ran next to lake. He stopped there for a while. He decided to rest. He wouldn't get far without breaks. A lots of learning was ahead. He sat on the sand and looked languid. He had time, when he despaired for his future. He didn't see anything positive. He hardly escaped the Academy. He wasn't great or glorious. No one was born perfect. He realised that before it was too late. He stood up using the power he collected during repose. He raced. It was all he needed to become stronger. He focused on breathing. He could not afford being out of breath during battle. He would be killed, if he did. Being faster. It's all that counted in this moment. He forget all he had learnt. He carried only about physicality. It was not a new way of look, like he was told in the academy. All kinds of people from around the world looked after their muscles. He was not really in this kind of things but he appreciated opportunities which was given by that. He continued his training trying to go even faster. He felt how his calf muscles worked. He paused in front of playing field. He took few deep breaths. There was a runway. He could measure how long would him take to do a single lap. He went for it. He placed himself on the beginning of path. He prepared himself well. It was very important. Without he wouldn't get great outcome. And he moved. He was quite rested by then. He did his best. It is, of course, easier say than done, but he was trying. He wanted to become faster with every second. He left no stone unturned. I must admit he developed then. He didn't dream to be self-made man. He wanted to find a squad to play with. He sometimes thought he was crying for the moon. He circled twice full of hope. His training was nearing the end for today. He was in haste. He run again towards public bathrooms. He had one song on the brain which helped him to overcome obstacles. He arived there safe and sound. He took a quick bath so he did not stink. During trainings he sweated a lot. It was obvious he did. He felt fresh and brisk. Someone bothered him, when he was finally dressed. Shotaro did not know what he wanted from him. Aburame chickened out and started escaping. He was quite afraid of this brute. He was some quicker so he slipped away. He was proud of himself. He saw improvement but it was only a drop in the ocean. He stayed on the corner of one street. He did not hear anyone coming. It was late already. It was getting dark. Shotaro was not scared. He knew his training needed to be finished. He found one dojo, where he decided to end all this mess. There was one person. He agreed to help. He atacked Shotaro. He did not use all his power. Shotaro tried avoiding. This ability could save his life. He was supposed to learn it in the Academy. He knew some tricks but there were still some aspects to be improved. The man hit the air few times. Shotaro each time dodged. When the man hastened, Shotaro had no chance to avoid beating. He hit the floor. Thanks to God, it was not serious damage. He came back to home. He called it a day.

Word count: 762
Training: Speed - E to D

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