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Wolfgang was walking through the dense earth, the area around him was rocky and barren, large hills were to his left and right, he breathed in deep, the last village had nothing for him and he was starting to doubt that he was ever going to find the person that he seeked.
He was wearing his armor underneath a long flowing purple Yukata, with a red sash tying it together, on his face he bore his gas mask, with an air filter inside, it helped him with the dryer air that this area produced.

He wore dark tinted glasses on his face, and his bald head was bare to the hot air, though if he was sweating at all he wouldnt know it, do to his life long handicap, all of his nerves were fryed and made his body feel no sensations. most would think that he was trying to find a cure for this, and they would be wrong, he had turned his handicap into a weapon, the only downside being that it caused him to lose a limb in a sparring match, the very thought of that day made him smile. He wondered where toshiko was nowadays, he had not seen in in months nor heard of or from him he hoped that his student was taking care of himself.
From the hills he saw a blue figure running beside him, a large ape like creature. Though fearsome in appearance the ape was as docile as a puppy with Wolfgang; after all he had raised him from a baby. The ape scouted ahead as always to make sure the path was clear for his owner, making sure there were no robbers or thieves that Wolf didnt know about, since outside his own village people didnt know about his fearsome reputation. On the docks he was known as the Pirate Killer, and to Nuke-nin he was known as the Beast in the Mist.

As he walked he flipped through his bingo book as he always did, he saw the regulars, Tame , his Cousin Juro, and Nick saturn, the one he was actually keeping an eye out for. Of course there was a few others, low lives not worth his time or not worth enough ryo, and there was the ones presumed dead that were only in previous bingo books, he had them in his bag but he barely touched them. On his hip he wore his long triple bladed katar, the long thin blade gleaming in the sun, and on his lower back he held all of his torture tools, including many senbons, all hidden under his flowing clothes.

As he walked the area grew greener, the mountains stayed, and the road was surrounded by trees, he knew that these signals meant that he was in the wilderness of Kumogakure, he adjusted his face mask to a different moisture, and with a loud pressure releasing sound the mask adjusted to the area. The sun was right above him and the area kept a nice breeze, the leaves in the wood moving to natures rythm, he breathed in deep once again, his fingers rubbing the tattoed head of his, freshly shaven.

His new tattoo would have itched if he could have felt it, on the middle of his back he had a name tattoed, it read
The name of his last hunt, he took his sunglasses and slid them to the top of his head, keeping a careful eye of his surroundings, a ninja was never to let down his guard.
Where are you, come on out
They were the words he whispered to himself quietly, to no one in particular, but just to the world, he ached for the thrill of battle.
Though none were found this day, he was greatly soured
*next day*
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